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  1. I had a car loan that had some late payments but was sold to another lender. When looking at the details it shows that I signed up for a 151 month loan. This is definitely not correct. That would be twelve years! Is that reason enough to get that entry removed? And if so should I ask for Validation?
  2. Thanks! It sure can't hurt to try!
  3. I did a search on fico score approvals and one comment mentioned cb. Checked it out and am now so happy I found it! I have found the most valuable information in two days. I wish I had it in January when I started my journey or really way before that. I used to be credit ignorant.
  4. Thank you all for your help! Great advice!
  5. i just applied for another secured card. So with the one card I have now, should it be a zero balance or $2?
  6. Since I am new, can someone explain why three cards works best? I tried to search boards but did not find the answer. Thanks in advance!
  7. Great! Thank you! Just learning and can use all the advice I can get! I will work on that next. I just called all three cra's since I can get the reports for free! Just found on the boards that mailed copies are better than the online versions. Going to have my hubby do the same.
  8. I am well aware that this is not my biggest issue, but it is my most recent. Thank you all for your replies. Truly appreciated. I have been working on cleaning up my credit since January. I removed items through on line disputes. I just recently found this site which is super helpful! Wish I had found it sooner. I just got a secured credit card and waiting for it to report. Also thinking about getting a secured personal loan as I have late payments. Planning on getting my addresses removed next and then tackling some old stuff.
  9. Hi all! Totally new here, but so glad I found this site! My husband and I recently purchased our first new car, even with poor credit. In the process the people had to contact several banks to find one that would approve us. Now, I have 19 hard inquiries all for the same try at getting a car loan. Is there anything I can do? I am sure this looks really bad on my report. Thanks!

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