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  1. Fl yes I know FDOD for all accounts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Did a round of disputes, TU has improved from 551 to 594. I am waiting on the outcome of 3 collections. I have a number of old accounts that are showing as paid as agreed with a zero balance, but these accounts were late in the past. (For example Walmart, JCPenny, Kohl’s, credit union personal loan, capital one credit card). Then there are my open accounts that have lates in the past ( Lexus Financial, Mortgage, previous sold mortgage) #1 Question - How do I continue to repair my credit, what is my next move? I thought about getting a new secured credit card. What else can I do to improve my score? Many of my past accounts are with big companies will they remove lates? Still working on Experian and EQ too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Ok the disputes are scheduled to end 12/24, I will wait for the final dispute report Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks! Before doing the disputes I applied for a secured BOA but was turned down. Yes I am sure the baddies were removed, I am hoping you are correct that it may be temporary. I was hoping for a score increase
  5. I did a few disputes I am getting updates but I can’t tell what has fallen of my TU report is there a way to see TU reports with paying for them? Just curious!
  6. Received FICO alerts today, well the good news is I got 4 baddies off my TU CR, bad news is they were older account so I lost age. Still can not tell which baddies were removed until the final investigation is over with TU. What should I do next continue to remove baddies or try for new credit? Help!!! My scores are really low EXP 560 TU 558 EQ 537.
  7. I had a car that was financed with them back in 2010. It was a voluntary repo DOLA should be 4/2011 They updated my credit report with the DOLA as 11/2017. This loan should be falling off my report 4/2018 but they have updated it with the wrong damage, what can I do to fight this???
  8. Quick question how accurate is myFICO score for TU and EXP? My EQ score was 100% accurate, it matched the score on my decline letter from Discover. I was wondering if myFICO was also correct for TU and EXP? If not how far off is it? Is my FICO typically higher or lower? Just curious! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I’ve fired off a few disputes Would like to see how the changes are impacting my score.
  10. I am trying to rebuild my credit again, applied for a secured card. Was declined by Discover. Just got an alert that my FaKO score increased 5 pts on EQ how is this? Am I being punked? [emoji21][emoji50] I need a cheaper solution that allows daily pulls. Boy do I miss the back door days with EXP. And being able to pull my score every 24 hours.
  11. even with 700s pass on USSkank Thanks I know now. I always pass on Capital One offers.
  12. US Bank Pre-Select offer. I am always shocked by these offers, my score is in the 500s why am I selected? I will be wasting a hard pull. One day I will get a good card Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. AAOA includes closed accounts. AAOA is far more important than the age of open accounts. Closing an account will not impact AAOA until the closed account falls off the report, most commonly 10 years later. I’ve just disputed a few collection accounts and GM financial the account is older than 7 years but it stills remains on my files. EXP will not let me dispute it as older than 7 years. WTH! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Thank you! Many of my closed accounts are reporting pays as agreed for the last 24 months, before then they were reported as late. I will try to re-open them but I do not think I will have any luck. Any suggestions on new re-builder cards? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk They are still negative accounts. I would suggest dealing with the medical collections first since they are the easiest to deal with. Go to the medical forum and start a thread so Why Chat can help you with his process to get them removed. While you are following his dispute method, you aren't supposed to dispute anything else FYI. Thanks will do! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Thank you! Many of my closed accounts are reporting pays as agreed for the last 24 months, before then they were reported as late. I will try to re-open them but I do not think I will have any luck. Any suggestions on new re-builder cards? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Regions( original home sender), credit union ( car financed), credit Union ( personal loan), Walmart, Credit First, JcPennys, Kohl’s - all show pays as agreed but at one time each showed as paid late. All have been 0 for more than 3 years. 8 Collections- GM Financial, AT&T mobile, medical bills,Jefferson Capital Several Student loans- most show as pays agreed 2 show delinquent Department of Treasury- not mine in dispute Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Thanks! My credit file is different from before, I don’t immediately know how to fix it? Need advice! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. I am trying to rebuild my credit all over again. I successfully rebuilt my credit back in 2010. Brought a house, now my credit score in back in the tank for multiple reasons i.e. late payments, old paid credit cards still reporting and 1-3 collections. I have pulled my reports. Trying to figure out what I need to do to improve my score? Should I apply for credit card? I have no open credit cards, I only have two open accounts;my mortgage and my auto loan. Both are reporting as “Pays As Agreed “ I know I need to remove all the credit cards with 0 balances off my reports. How can I get these removed? Started paying my open accounts on time about 9 months ago. So disappointed that I am here again. Help me CBers!! FICO scores are EQ 517 EX 551 TU 541
  19. Should I dispute it or negotiate a delete? Many are credit cards.
  20. CB members, I have previously negative accounts that I have paid off over 4 years ago, These accounts still show in the negative category. If these accounts have been paid for years why cant they now show in good standing. Many of the creditors are no longer reporting. What can I do to improve my profile? Should I dispute these accounts? My credit profile looks worst than it really is, feeling hopeless.
  21. Thank you I am in Florida
  22. Payment is 678 now. With late fees it is 729. The original payment was 525 the added gap later which increased it to 678 for 6 months. It will be 678 for 2 more months.
  23. I did, they agreed to change my due date only after I make my payments early on, the 15th of March and the 15th, of April and the 15th of May. Then they would review The account to decide if the due date would be changed to the 15th of the month commencing with my June payment. Really!?! Subprime lenders do not require this much. I am sick.
  24. Can someone share a dispute phone number for EQ?
  25. I have a car that is financed by a local credit union, I have been recently paying my car between 28-29 days late. I recieved a letter from them yesterday stating that I had to pay by day 27 or they are going to repo my car.. I can not pay until day 30. They sent a repo guy out for my car last month even though I paid on day 29. I am in Fl I can not take it anymore this is too much. I have communicated to them that I will become current as soon as I receive my return. Unfortunately my credit score has dropped , I tried to trade it but the negative equity is over 6k. Because of the negative equity no company will refi. My interest rate is 7.99. Because my score is so low, I feel trapped. I make over 100k but recently had to pay many expenses which made it difficult to catch up. I need to get approved for a trade so Iwiccan end this relationship with the CU. It is really stressing me out. Americredit was better than them. I think they are putting pressure on me with hopes of getting a payoff from a re-Fi or trade in. I will do anything to end this relationship with them. My lam going to call my local dealer to inquire about getting a second car loan. Any insight? I know I will get a higher rate but anything is better than this.

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