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  1. It's weird with discover. I started new too. Applied for a journey student card from cap1 got approved for starting $300. That was the only cc that approved. Cap1 journey is easy if he's a student. The second month i was told to get kohls and that was auto approval for 300 too. All this before i found the forum. I also applied for the discover card in the beginning. Tried it again after my 5th statement on my journey card with no balance and perfect payment on my journey. That's when discover approved me for $500 starting. And that's how i started with my first 3 tradeline reporting.
  2. When i had a thin file. Chase approved me after i had my first card turn 6 month old. Cap1 6 month at $1300 limit, kohls at 4 month at 300 limit, discover was a month old at 500 starting i believe. All with perfect payment history. Apped for chase freedom and amazon visa card. They gave me 4k on each card. Was my highest card limit at the time. I did not have anything on my credit when i started. Also apped for a qs1 at the same time and they gave me a crummy 500 limit. Since then I've been in the garden.
  3. Yup last payment that i did thru the site, it didn't even credit the balance until 2 days later and added to available credit after like 5 days. No big deal to me, it still showed as paid when it reported to the cra.
  4. A 1989 vehicle is unlikely to get any kind of auto loan. Unless it's a specialty car with special financing. No regular bank is going to touch it or loan against it. You can barely get the bank to tote the note on a cars in the 90s.
  5. Hell no. Your better of applying for a second capital one card after you've had the first one for 6 month. Stay away from all the low low cc like credit one, merrick, first premier, etc.
  6. You can try. But probably not going to happen since the eo office doesn't do cli anymore.
  7. If I'm reading it correctly, you've never been late. So it's not a charges off account. So no reason for credit card company to settle for less.
  8. What other cards do you have? And what is your profile look like currently? Those will be the first questions people needing to know to help.
  9. Don't forget to use the sp luv button for capital one if you are eligible for a cli. Then combine the card after. Since combining of cap1 card is considered a cli also.
  10. Just like buying a car, depends on who and how many bank that they send your info to. Each bank can pull whoever they use for approval. So officially no way to know for sure.
  11. How did you not change the payment method after it happened twice to make sure it doesn't happen again. I know i wouldn't trusted anymore if it failed on me more then once. Getting it over turned is very unlikely when it is closed by the fraud dept.
  12. Happy birthday, yes I'm the second person. Thanks for all the contribution on this forum. I've learn alot from everyone on here.
  13. It's only a short time before your clean, even if you can get a cli i would wait until your clean. You'll get a better result with a clean report.
  14. Backdating has been dead for a while. So no more free years and years of free history.

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