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  1. Actually, now that I review the benefits more closely, looks like the preferred doesn't have any trip evacuation/medical insurance. That might just move the needle enough to make me keep the card. Or, I might go ahead and downgrade and just purchase separate trip insurance. Hmm.
  2. yeah. I don't put enough through the card to make the difference worth it. The chase card will no longer be my main spend card. I will keep it for the free trip delay insurance and some travel spend, but not for rewards.
  3. I will definitely be downgrading this card. The new benefits have absolutely no appeal to me. Does anyone have experience with downgrading to the preferred after the annual fee hits and after the $300 travel credit has been applied? I read something that seems to indicate if you downgrade or cancel within 30 days of the annual fee posting, you're eligible for a refund even if you already got the travel credit.
  4. Browse any well-run forum and you will see a noticeable lack of necro threads. Necro threads are impolite precisely because posts made a decade ago are 1)no longer current 2)involve posters who are not present 3) result in a random mess of data that is not cohesive or useful. It's as if you took a book, cut all the pages out, strew them about in random order and removed the page numbers. Good luck with that.
  5. Etiquette exists for a reason. Links absent commentary are spam. We can all easily go to google if we want links on any subject. Online etiquette involves including a comment and/or a discussion starter for any links. Online etiquette also involves not necroposting. When those two things are not followed, the forum becomes cluttered, disjointed, and current, pertinent discussions are buried, requiring users to sift through the clutter. That disrespects our time and increases frustration.
  6. https://en.scratch-wiki.info/wiki/Necropost They get old, as well as the spammy threads containing a single link with no comment. I have virtually quit coming to this site as a direct result--yeah I know, great loss. 😛 Just a suggestion--perhaps modify the software to disallow posts on threads that haven't had a recent comment--say 6 months? If someone needs to continue the topic, they can always start a new thread with a link to the original.
  7. Odd. I checked app and it is still Fico there, but not on website.
  8. Today when I logged on, the Fico link was gone, and was replaced with a link to American Express MyCredit, which is a Vantage score. Anyone else see this?
  9. I have used the 150 off 750 at cruise lines this year twice.
  10. I bought my $2 ticket. Relatively cheap entertainment. It is fun to fantasize about what will certainly never happen. But hey, someone has got to win, right? 😛
  11. If you have a hard inquiry lasting more than 4 hours, you should consult a physician.
  12. Were those payments all made from the same account, and is that account the same one you're trying to use for the redemption?
  13. I am under the impression that most cash advances charge interest from the posting date.
  14. I was just browsing Credit Karma and saw this: https://www.creditkarma.com/credit-cards/best-offer-guarantee/ If you apply for a card through their site and are approved and then subsequently find a higher sign up bonus, they will issue an Amazon gift card for the difference. Seems interesting, but the utility would undoubtedly be limited. I would think most people paying attention to sign up bonuses will find the best before they apply.
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