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  1. Good to know...about to be in this exact situation....
  2. Only thing I don’t like about using their cards and their banking is that you agree to let them have access to any of your non retirement accounts if you become delinquent. A bit scary that if something happens, they can take cash our of you checking account directly.
  3. They knixed mine from $6k to $2k...sucks for utilization. I rarely use them any more because of this...
  4. After cleaning up some things and letting some old stuff drop off, I have been watching my credit grow into the 720+ range. Now, out of no where, 30 point drops across the board due to a medical collection I have NO IDEA what this one is, but it hit all 3 boards. The only thing I can think of would be because we moved out of state recently and missed something, but I doubt it....where to begin....
  5. Interesting to follow...I don't travel as much as I used to, but my new home is ATL and I am shifting from AA to Delta. I was also offered 100k sign up bonus.
  6. That's what you got from this thread? Pretty much! Actually, I learned a lot, but I was under the assumption the military member has to have an account, not just be eligible. I walked into a branch, they asked II was DOD or Military and I told them my father was retired Army. They didn't even ask for proof.
  7. This is all good info. Must moved 1/2 across the country and the new house has a NFCU branch nearby. I may also look into having my Father in Law join, then add us.
  8. I have been trying to get back in with MyFICO and their customer service is saying that Equifax is denying the records check....I wonder if they are just having issues.
  9. I used 800-916-8800 and was denied a few more lingering lates that are around 6 years and 9 months old. Will be trying for EE later.
  10. Nope...Still nothing showing why it dropped and their customer service was useless. My utilization is high right now, but several drops totaling 40 point in 2 weeks is just odd...going to renew MyFICO and see if they show. They have always given better information.
  11. My Experian score has tanked this week and it doesn't show me why....Wth?
  12. He way embellished, but it's still a cool idea. I assume they contacted the people and provided documentation so that others come after them later. It was all past the SOL, so at least he took away some of the ammunition of the truly sleazy ones.
  13. Awesome...I am hoping for the same soon...another 6 months or so and everything should be clean....no to get my utilization back down

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