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  1. Be careful with this. My wife was given this counter offer by BOA when she applied to different times, and both times she sent in her deposit and additional inq. were ran and then she was declined, and deposit was returned. If you dont want additional inq. I would look elsewhere.
  2. haydeno...see my previous comments...I posted how to start a chat in detail in the thread.
  3. yes I used the backdoor number...I have so many accounts with them that I know every single underwriters name... Jill is very nice and will approve just about anything, along with wayne, luke, and endunde. Kristin & Edrick on the other hand are super fast to decline. If I get either one of them I hang up the phone lol
  4. ubercat that is funny...I did the same thing...I got three credit line increases on my walmart account in a 10 day period all for $3k each
  5. Synchrony bank will randomly mail offers to convert on several different cards. They constantly do soft pulls for credit scores and look at your credit limit as well. I do not know what the guidelines are to make them do this. I have the wal mart charge card with a $12k limit and at the time when I called them I had a705 fico. The lady in underwriting told me they can not convert a store card to credit card that you have to reapply on the website and see if it will approve you for the credit card. I know they offer the mail offers b/c I got one for Gap & Brooks Bros. Hope this helps!
  6. Yes it is only avail. during chat hours. I believe chat closes at 9pm or 10pm ?? one or the other. On certain synchrony accounts the live chat button will disappear from the site until live chat is avail. and other sites will just say chat unavailable. I would just call the backdoor number. They are avail. until 1am EST.
  7. I live in atlanta, ga. yes I made gold status from RiteAid. When I called JCPenney there has been nothing said about RiteAid no longer accepting the card any time in the future.
  8. Barclays is not merging with citi...if you would have read my previous post I stated that barclays will be switching the card to an AA barclays card, however, you will not be eligible to apply for the card on their website.
  9. ahh yes you are correct, however, the cards will not officially merge until July. If you are so insistent that you are correct & "claiming" that I have no clue what I am talking about or am quote "lieing" pick up the phone and call them yourself. Because if they already transferred everything the US Airways card application would not still be open...but im just saying....let me know what Barclays tells you, and im still waiting for that email address...

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