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  1. Really pisses me off at the amount of money I throw away every month due to interest, not gonna happen again! Thanks!
  2. Thanks! In terms of paying highest APR first; would it be better to pay off fully or just to <25% util to improve credit? *edit* read a bit more, going to PIF
  3. Also, spoke to Navy Fed and a personal loan interest rate of around 14-18% 60months would be around $450/mo on 18000. I would wait to apply after a couple months of paying off all of the above debt except the NF Flagship and Navy Fed CLOC.
  4. Was wondering what would help me the most.... Most of my cards are near 100% utilization, and all are 20%+ APR. I have 10k cash available to me at 0% for a year (family member loan) that I’ll be making monthly pymts on @ $833/mo I’m thinking of doing the snowball method but also thinking of bringing everything under 90% util. Heres a list: USAA $250 secured card Best Buy $1000 Comenity Bank $1300 Synchrony Bank $2000 Navy Fed Cash Rew $2800 AMEX $3500 Navy Fed CLOC $9500 Navy Fed Flagship $15000 Thanks!
  5. Yes, still have access, going to pay it thx!
  6. I have an outstanding bill with sprint and an unreturned phone. The account has been past due for several months but got a call from their CA offering to settle for $500 as opposed to $1000 with Sprint. I am leaning towards paying the OC just to be sure that my report doesn’t have a collection listed. Also, if I pay sprint I can probably request they unlock the phone so I can sell it, resale value is ~300. Thanks for the advice!!
  7. I have a copy of the writ of garnishment, which has the case number on it and I was able to look up the court records online to see some info. What I don’t understand is that this was submitted to a couple of my employers over the last 5 years. I think I’ll go to the court and try to get more info about why this is still active, and see why my previous employers didn’t pull the funds. $800 of it is interest charges over these last 5 years.... Is there any chance I can negotiate with the collection agency / junk debt buyer to get this closed out, and if so would I also be able to get them to remove the half a dozen negative trade lines off my report?
  8. It looks like this is from a judgement back in 2014, if I don’t want this handled by my employer then can I just call the collector and settle? Original amt was 1500 plus another 800 in interest.
  9. My employer sent me an email with the court document / judgement dated about 10 days ago. Looking at my credit report it appears this is from medical collections from merchants credit Corp. Wondering what I should do about this, and since my employer has it is it to late to stop the garnishment. thanks!!
  10. About 90% utilization each month and PIF before statement.
  11. Kinda bummed as I was really looking fwd to the nice CLI, called and they said they are leaving the limit as is and that they typically want to see 6 months history before a CLI. Currently I have a 2800 limit and PIF every month. I guess I'll just have to see what 3 months brings.
  12. Got the judgement deleted from Equifax, only 7 small $<100 medical baddies left till Equifax is clean, score is 651 right now. I'd like to try my luck with Penfed once i take care of the medicals. Did you dispute with Equifax to get the judgement removed? Yes.
  13. turbobuick


  14. Recon on Citi didn't work, but was able to get NFCU to use the same HP for $10,000 CLOC.

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