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  1. I mainly use my cards for gas, shopping, and we plan on starting to take family vacations soon. So what donyou think I should be targeting.
  2. I was looking at the BCE or the Cash Magnet
  3. Ok I will. Do you think I should try AMEX? I didn’t prequalify for anything but didn’t know if it was worth a shot?
  4. Well they pulled it yesterday would that make a difference?
  5. Would they run a second HP?
  6. So I decided to give the CSP a try. Had to answer a few security questions, a few seconds later lady thanks me and says i was approved for 5k woohoo.
  7. Those are alittle outdated. But I’ll probably wait even thought that CSP calls me
  8. Also so I was looking at the Your offer section with Chase and it has a selected for you offer for CSR. But I don’t want to pay a $450 annual fee. Do you think I’d be approve for the other CS card?
  9. Shifter thanks. Hegemony, I have a small collection that is under dispute and my utilization is at 64% currently. The Discover was mainly to pay for my kids daycare cause that’s the only credit they accept. I didn’t think it was going to be that high of a limit. Was expecting like 1-2k. Was shocked when they told me 7k.
  10. So after closing on my house I treated myself to a new credit card. Haven’t opened one in 2 years so I was trying to decide what to open. Checked a few prequal sites and decided to try Discover. Applied for the Discover IT Chrome and was instantly approved for 7k. I really want to try for either AMEX or Chase(I have the Freedom card now $500) All 3 scores are currently 667-670. Should I give any of those a try before my mortgage hits or am I reaching for the stars still?
  11. I applied for my first credit card after closing on my house. Applied for the Discover IT Chrome and was approved for 7k. My highest limit.
  12. So they sent me back a letter validating that the debt is mine. The have offered to settle for 50% but no where does it state that they will remove the tradeline. They said I will get a letter stating the tradeline has been satisfied. What would be my next move?
  13. Well I sent the letter on Wednesday offering to pay 50% for deletion. If they decline what would be my next option?
  14. Yes only he CA is reporting. He debt is about 7 months old.
  15. Shifter it’s a company called Security Credit Services. The original company was called Why not lease it, i was leasing a bed and I lost my job.

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