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  1. any recommendations on a 0 interest card ?
  2. thanks for the reply, are there any good 0 interest rate ones that also offer good cash back in 2019? As for the tattoo, its actually very good and won first place at the convention, I just don't like it Luckily its on my torso so not visible, but at the same time, its very large and will not be cheap to remove, or lighten enough to get covered up. Lesson learned about getting spur of the moment tattoos.
  3. I am 34, bank of america lists my score as 787 (it was 678 in August 2018 and jumped up alot, 100 points, in feb 2019). I guess it jumped up as my car was hit and totaled, and their insurance paid it off, then I took out a loan to get a brand new cart. Credit Karma also has me at 787 for what that is worth. My debt is 14,000 on a 2019 Kia Forte, no credit card debt. I have 3 cards, a PNC Flex, Bank of America cash rewards, and Chase Rewards. I typically use the bank of america card for everything they pay it off right away from my checking account. I have no savings I live month to month, rent is 800, car insurance is 94, phone is 50, car payment is 270. I am a teacher. I also for some reason have some old discover account under my name on credit karma that years ago people advised me I do not mess with or try and get the credit line deleted because it is good to keep on there as its a very old credit line (no idea why its there). My question, I want to get a tattoo removed, and this will cost some money. I was wondering if it would hurt my credit to get a new card (low interest or no interest) to put this on, and pay it off each month? I know its not wise but I really want this tattoo removed. The treatments are 8 weeks apart and it will take forever so I kind of want to get started now although I don't have the cash saved up. Once I get my masters after 1 more class I will be able to make more $$ and can pay all of the debt off, hopefully, just don want to collect alot of interest and basically pay to borrow money. Any advice is appreciated.
  4. I bought a 2019 Kia Forte about 4 months ago, and I know for a fact I can refinance at any time (I did this with my Elantra last time). My current rate on a 5 year loan 3.9%, and I am paying 273 per month. For some reason my bank of america is telling me my FICO score is 775 (it was 680 according to BOA when I bought the car not sure how it jumped so much in 4 months??). I feel like I could probably get a lower rate, would you refinance? Last time I refinanced I went with Pen Fed (it was recommended to be by this forum). Do they still offer some of the best rates? Anyone else I should look at? Thanks for any help
  5. Hello, does anyone know if there is a site where I can submit my information and it can be sent to multiple companies and I can compare rates? I have been with Geico for a while, but they creep my monthly rates up every 6 months, it was 70 when I started now its up to 91 per month. I did get one quote from progressive via entering my information online, but it was ridiculous. Not sure why? I have had 3 accidents (totaled cars within the past year). I know. Only 1 was my fault. My geico didn't jump up any more than it usually does every 6 months, but maybe potential new companies are holding this against me? So I guess in that case, I may be stuck with geico and them adding 5 or so bucks per month, every 6 months? Any advice is appreciated.
  6. thanks for the replies... so I made some calls.... there are 9 bills total, labcorp has 9 on file 4 are on file with a collections agency (I called them too as they sent me mail about 4 bills).. The collections agency said I can pay them, I told then I wanted to call labcorp first and make sure I am not going to pay these bills twice Labcorp said I can pay all 9 bills with them as a lump sum, and I don't have to pay the collection agency. Is this correct? Should I just pay the lump sum to labcorp and get this over with? Will the collection agency then delete them off their file? I just do not trust these companies and don't want them to double dip
  7. my score is 726 I know this because I just bought a new car, but I want to refinance and possible bump it up, or keep it over 700 (not sure how much of a drop it got when the dealer sent inquires all over the place to get my loan).... For about a year now I have been getting bills from labcorp, and their collections agency (I feel like its still labcorb just under a fancy name to make it look more threatening). LCA collections I believe. No idea if these bills are actually getting reported to my credit or not, but don't want to risk it. The reason I have not paid them is mostly laziness, and the fact I move a lot so these random little bills get sent to grandparents, to where I rarely have time to go to get all my "junk mail" I probably have 10-15 of them, little 12 and 20 dollar bills that add up. What is the best way to pay all these off and have a record of it so I know they are not double charging me? Can I call LCA collections and get emailed a list of every bill with every date of service? Its impossible to track them when they constantly email me 12 and 20 dollar little bills, It would be nice if they would email me the total amount owed or even mail it, but I guess that makes too much sense and is annoying. the funny thing is if they sent this out people would actually see what they owed and for what date and just pay it off. I want to pay them all off, but not pay any more than I have to, and I want a record that I paid the total sum so they will stop harassing me I know this is my fault and thanks for any help
  8. So your saying leave it as is (unpaid), then after I re-finance, pay off the medical bills? I don't want to drop my score in the short term as I plan to refinance as soon as I'm able to (i was told by the delaer it will take about a month before I am in capital one's system).
  9. thanks for the replies so if my score was 726 before the Hyundai dealer checked it (and i guess put a ton of inquires on it), any idea what kind of rate i should shoot for? I used penfed on my last elantra so i will see what kind of rates they have. I was surprised my credit score was this high as i have been getting bills in the mail from LabCorp and ignoring them and many went to collections (just pure laziness on my part). I guess having all my cards at 0 balance has helped my score inspite of that. The dealer said it will take about 1 month before capital one even has me in their system and will recognizes my name, so i guess I will wait until then (and when i get my title whenever that is) to actually do a refinance. Wondering if i pay these medical bills if my score will bump up in only a months time?
  10. after posting this, I looked on the back of my last cars contract (the one that started with Hyundai motor finance and I quickly refinanced through penfed) and the language is 100% the same, so maybe I can refinance just as I did last time?
  11. I totaled my 17 Elantra, got the check, so was in a hurry to buy a new car as I was paying for rental out of pocket as insurance did not cover it today I bought a 18 elantra credit score was in 720s, so the dealer came back with a loan at 5.5% from capital one My total amount financed is $11,999 at 5.5% (capital one), so 230 per month for 60 months 5.5% amount financed $11,999 finance charge $1801 Total of payments $13,800 I had planned on refinancing and getting a better rate as I didn't have time to go around to credit unions this time, and my last Elantra they gave me Hyundai motor finance and I just refinanced right away with penned and saved about 10 or so bucks a month on payments My issue, I am not sure if I can refinance this time without penalty since I am using capital one I read the language on the back and this is what it says.... "you may prepay. you may prepay all or part of the unpaid part of the amount financed at any time without penalty. if you do so, you must pay the earned and unpaid part of the finance charge and all other amounts due up to the date of your payment. the amount you will owe will be the unpaid part of the amount financed plus the interest earned and unpaid part of the finance charge, any late charges, and any amounts due because you defaulted." So it at first looks like there are no penalties, but if it says "I must pay the unpaid part of the finance charge" then I owe the whole $1801 anyway even if I refinance right away? So basically, refinancing would not help me they want me on the hook for all the interest on the contract?
  12. is it that simple? I haven't submitted my turbo tax so I guess I can log in and add 300 to a few boxes, and then drop it back so they are correct when I submit it. Was just looking for a general answer. One time I took money from my retirement account and they supposedly took taxes out when I took it out, then when tax time came and I entered it, they hit me again, hard.
  13. Any idea how much will be taxed on the 1099? Will it still end up being worth my time, or will it actually make me pay more so it's pointless? Forgive me, I know very little about how taxes work, as a single, male, not in college, non-home owner, no kids, I usually pay $400-$500 each year.
  14. Under my Bank of America card I see they have a deal where I can get $300 if I switch to open a checking and savings account. I am currently with PNC. However $300 would be a nice bonus as im not exactly rich. I have heard though that this can be taxable, does anyone think this would cause me problems at tax time? Will I get a 1099? Any reasons to, or not do, this promotion? I have in the past switched from PNC, to suntrust, and then back to PNC and got promotions like this, and didn't suffer any negative consequences. But I like to hear others opinions. I realize it may sound petty to switch for $300, but $300 is a nice little chunk of spending change and I may like BOA better than PNC.
  15. Thank you for the reply, my insurance is GEICO. I have never thought that they really had anything to do with this, as this is a claim for pain and suffering. My vehicle was already fixed by his insurer, but I don't know much about these things. After I posted this, I did call the firm. They were not open so instead of talking to an answerer (no idea their title but the people who just answer the phones and know nothing about nothing), I was given an extension to my lawyer. I left him a voicemail that was not rude, but very frank about how I am frustrated and the paralegal gives no no information. He called and apologized and said he would get right back to me (he was brief as usual). THen I got an email from a third lawyer with the firm saying that he will be contacting me from now on, and I don't need to talk to the paralegal again. THen my lawyer called me back right after. IT appears they are having issues with getting the medical records from 1 provider in Maryland, and he said something like he would threaten to sue them or something if they don't hurry up. I don't get this as from what I know, they get a discount from these providers so threatening them may be pretty stupid. Also, I don't see why they would withhold the records, the chiro is supposed to be in cahoots from the lawyer, so this makes zero sense, they themselves do not get paid until the case is settled. Its good to get some communication, but it still makes very little sense.

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