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  1. What do you have reporting on your reports if you dont mind me asking? Just to give some of our members and idea of when to apply for this account
  2. Kristofsmom would you please send me the info if its not too late to get the contact info for karen thank you in advance!!!
  3. Brbiz what do you consider high dollar 100 1,000 10,000?
  4. i currently have amazon pay in full net 55 was declined for their revolving credit anyone know any other revolving accounts for business that arent so hard to get thank you
  5. reason why im so interested in revolving is because im on second tier for business credit and looking to get revolving accounts to report on my business credit so then i can move onto cash credit cards so want to know which revolving business accounts are available and fairly easy to get approved for thank you for the replys on my sig i have multiple vendor accounts if they are not listed i have quill, seton, grainger, reliable, uline, msc, and maybe like two other cant remember at the moment
  6. Which revolving accounts do you guys have that got approved easily so i can apply?
  7. Been in business 6 months got approved for amazon net 55 $5000 thats a start but got declined for revolving account my whole company didn't fit in the business name space provided how can i go about changing or converting my net 55 to revolving any help thank you
  8. But in order for her to pg any account for me she would have to be an officer or owner or does it matter? as of now im the only owner on my llc so need advice on this thank you everyone for the replies
  9. its not so much for business credit just need some capital to buy inventory meanwhile i build my business credit but wanted to see if my spouse would be able to personally guarantee any of my accounts as i was saying her personal credit is better than mine
  10. So since my business is fairly new i haven't been able to get the credit i would like I want to personally guarantee an account so that I can get a trade line with a higher amount shown on my reports do I have to personally guarantee the card or can I have someone i know personally guarantee one of my accounts and have it show on my business credit report? Or once they personally guarantee it does it beat the whole purpose of trying to build business credit under the business name and will only report under that persons personal credit report? My spouse would be the one personally guaranteeing the account since my personal credit is out of the question please advice thank you for all the info.
  11. i have net 30 terms with them and confirmed with them. first order was net 10 then i asked for net 30 terms and was granted

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