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  1. I believe they pull all three.. not sure about my TU score. I know for sure they pulled EQ and EX.
  2. Hello, Just wanted to share my approval. So excited. I was discharged November 2013. I have received a few decent cards since then, Quicksilver with a 2.5k limit, and some other fee-free cards. Really surprised to get approved, and for 10k!!! Maybe it's because I charge everything on my Quicksilver. Anyways very happy. My Equifax FICO is 682, Experian 656.
  3. When I sign onto Citicards.com and use the BT option. Below the area where you enter your credit card info there is an area where it says "Put my in my bank account" but it looks like they will mail you a check.
  4. Well recently Chase lowered my CL from 10k to 5.4k. They claimed "recent delinquency" and "too many new cards". I called them(at the number on my "notice of adverse action" letter and I said there were no deliquencies on any of my reports. The rep apologized and put me on hold.. then she came back on the line and said she increased it back to 10k. I asked if I could have more and I got bounced around about 4 times. Finally the rep pulled a new report(i haven't seen any hards pulled yet) and she raised it to 25k! I was so happy. I don't really use the card though.. just for my intro 0% B
  5. I think the CLD just happened today. I'll keep my eyes open!
  6. Chase does suck. My limit was 10k. I've had the card about a year with a 0% BT. My balance is just under 5k and they just lowered my limit to $5400. I've never paid late/gone over limit, etc. I have no negatives or lates on my report and my utilization is under 50% on all my cards. The only thing I can think of is that I have opened several new credit cards. Any thoughts? I had even called me Office of the President before to get my limit raised(that was when it was 10k!) But no luck. What should I do? I emailed them asking why cuz I hate calling. I could close the card because
  7. A little update. I just was recovering from my denial and I checked my mail today and what a suprise. A Target VISA card they said I was declined for. It only had a $700 limit though. I just wanted the 10% off discount anyways.
  8. Oh my god.. i got denied for a Target Visa and my equifax FICO is 761. They pulled equifax. It said I have too many recent accounts(true I guess) and high ratio of department store account debt to available credit. First of all I don't have any department store debt and the only other credit card debt I have is 1900 out of about 35k in available credit. It's on 1 card with a limit of 4k. I didn't even get the guest card.. crazy
  9. When I closed my Target Guest account it went up two points. So happy. And I was worried it would go down..
  10. Well this is my first post woo-hoo. I was approved for a Target Guest Card in March 04. $200 limit. I have used it regularly. I called for an increase and they had to pull a report cuz the system wouldn't give me an auto-increase. They raised it to $300 with a score of about 690 in April 05. I called for an increase recently they denied me so I asked to speak to a supervisor. She told me I didn't use my card enough. I said I use it every month. She stated that I had only paid finance charges once. I'm like.. OK.. I told her My credit score is 734 and she replied "If you score is so
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