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  1. Congrats on the new approval! Does Jiffy Lube report? I saw that stroked 89 has this account, so I would bet that they report. I have 4 reporting with DNB. I'm not sure about experian or equifax.
  2. Is there a certain pace that should be used when applying for credit? Does it matter how many applications you submit in a certain period of time? I was just approved for a Jiffy Lube Fleet account with a $1600 limit. Thanks to all of you here who share information so freely. I didn't know about this credit opportunity until I signed up for CB.
  3. Did you have to give your SSN? Most of the gas card applications I have seen ask for it. Did you apply online, by phone or fax?
  4. In business for 1 1/2 years I have 5 trades reporting. Each is $50-$100 Industry is Real Estate
  5. What other information is needed? My apologies for leaving anything out.
  6. I was considering applying to Fleetcor or Chevron Texaco. Both applications ask for SSN. This cannot be skipped with the online application. Should I fax the application and leave the SSN and other personal information blank?
  7. I am new to the board and am pleased with the free sharing of reliable information. I currently have Quill, Reliable, Grainger and ULINE reporting. I just applied for Jiffy Lube Fleet. Do I need to wait for a response from Jiffy Lube before I submit any more applications? Also, I enlisted the help of a credit builder company. It appears with the information here I probably don't need them. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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