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    Hello Family! my little cousin is a member and is willing to sponsor me...... He lives next door so my question is should I use his address or have him change his address to mines...... we don't have the same last name so I would go in as household member....... Please help! Thanks Family!!
  2. @BRBiz one that had business credit in the past but accounts went bad...... @DiegoC Stop what?
  3. Hi! Can I file a new corporation using the same address I used for another corp that didn't go so well with a different suite? Or can I use a PO BOX just to incorporate and change the address when trying to start business credit?
  4. Not the website login the credit card login
  5. Can someone please give me the Costco login in link........ I updated my computer and all my favorite site disappeared..... Thanks Family!
  6. Instant Approval for $5000 no pg Thank you BRBiz!
  7. is this the Capital One card or another one? Capital One........
  8. How did you apply for this account and get an instant approval? I only see net 30 which I applied online, received a call about the app then had to respond "yes" to an email and it's still processing..... can you fill me in on where to apply?
  9. Limit was $10.000 asked for $15,000..... got an email new credit limit $15,000.....no pg had the card for 7 months
  10. Lowes sent accounts receivable cards instead of the Gold business card I applied for.... I called in, a rep told me to go online and apply for the business card. If I don't get an account number call back in so they can help me with the app....... I applied and of course no acct number just reference number. so I called back in was transferred to 2 different ppl...... she put me on hold 3 times came back and said she left a voicemail on my business line.... call back with the code she left and we'll go from there... called back got the same lady on the phone gave her the code.... approved for
  11. I would try it..... It won't hurt
  12. Business incorporated 12/11 started obtaining business credit 01/15........ started with net 30 Uline, Quill, Etc then moved on to Dell, Amazon Etc.................. How long was ur business open and do you have any trades reporting on Ex, Eq, and DnB?
  13. Applied online for Lowes Business account NO PG... sent a denial letter in mail stating can't verify business name. called in was ask to verify business name and phone number, placed on hold about 3 times while she verify the business phone number. asked if someone was in the office.. I said I am, she then called me on the business line and said I completed the verification app approved for $4000
  14. Has anyone ever gotten an increase on Amazon Business Revolving?
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