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  1. Keep up the good work. Congrats on the first big step!
  2. As the other posters have said the utilization is hurting. Great thing once you knock it down (as you've seen) the scores should bump up the following month. How long ago was the late payment? Fortunately it was only a 30 day as that's a lot less punitive than a 120 day late.
  3. As a member of both forums I've greatly enjoyed reading this thread!
  4. +1 Thanks you guys! I'm definitely excited at the moment. I read over on the other site about that "rule". Mixed info whether it was 5 yrs/1 mo post filing or post discharge. In my case it was post filing.
  5. Yes I messed up on the OP and didn't include that. They were not IIB. I did app this morning and got approved for $20K for both personal and business so it was a good day!
  6. Hey guys. Been a while since I've posted here. It's also been a long road since BR but I'm close to getting in my "dream" creditor so-to-speak.... AMEX. I've read thread after thread that they have a "5 year rule" which basically states that 5 years +1 month of FILING you should be good to go. I called them and spoke to a few different people and they said they haven't heard of such a thing. I filed in 12 of 12' and DC 3 of 13' so that means in a few days I should be able to apply, correct? Here's my specs: 739 EX 1 inq 2% utilization AAOA 4.5 yrs 110K Total Credit amongst 5 cards
  7. Just received a $900 CLI yesterday and requested again today and got another 2 day message. I also received a $800 increase last month.
  8. I did too. I got $350 earned since last statement with legitimate spend. I got shut down at too many walgreens to try to deal with M$.
  9. My statement hit and I got $28 in cash back from the apple pay bonus, which is way under what it should be. The rep told me to wait another statement for the rep. I should be nearing $400 in cash back from legit purposes. I will say that my gas cards I've bought with AP through Winn-Dixie have gone though and I did receive the bonus. So if all else fails buy your gas for a year and get the CB bonus!
  10. In true Discover fashion, right after a whole bunch of people sign up for accounts they will say that you only get the bonus if you fund it via wire from an Eqyptian bank account, it can take 2-27 statements for your cash bonus to appear, and you won't be able to tell when it does. I just spit my captain and coke on my computer. Now I can go to Apple and buy a new Mac with AP! It's a win win!
  11. My statement posted and no 10% posted, but an interesting thing I received an email from Disco "reminding" me that I am earning 10% with AP so I'm guessing they are going to come through with it. I certainly hope so!
  12. They are probably trying to figure out how to screw everyone because they probably owe tens of thousands of dollars now, just on this board alone...haha.
  13. Now that's a helpful piece of information! Nice to know they have broken it down on the statement already. Not to put too fine a point on this, But he's talking about "Posted Transactions", (which I assume mean mid-cycle). I've seen the same thing on the Disco site for my account. What remains to be seen is if Discover "DQ's" any VGC purchases from the extra 10% bonus. The whole 1 - 2 statement delay will clarify by mid-November. Yes I mean mid cycle. My statement doesn't cut until the 13th.
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