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  1. I didn't. I wanted to open a few new accts. Had been waiting for 9/15 for it to be 2 yrs since my last round of apps. But then Sallie Mae getting nerfed and some upcoming travel bumped up my timeline. Ultimately, it's a little frustrating b/c it appears that's why I can't get Citi Auto CLIs every 6 months, as I had been trying to do. But really, I locked it all down as fast as I could at the time b/c it was genuine identity theft. It's not like I can change my SSN, so it's still out there floating around for whoever to try again someday. I'll leave the fraud alert in place. I knew I would need to do the temp lift of the freezing, I Just hadn't been expecting the future problems the fraud alert would cause. That's why it was a PSA and less of a question. Thanks guys!
  2. In October 2015 I had my identity stolen (thanks OPM!!). Before I had even straightened anything out I put fraud alerts on and paid to freeze my credit reports. B/c it was identity theft they would have done it for free, but @ $5 I was more interested in getting everything locked down before I could get a police report number for the credit reporting agencies. Almost 2 years later now, and I went to open a few new cards. For travel rewards (I started w/ cash back cards), and b/c Sallie Mae got nerfed. I'm not an salamander, I thawed ahead of time. But it is still a pain in the butt! Nothing can be instant online anymore. My credit is great thanks to you all, 800+ w/ all 3, so I wasn't concerned about rejections. But I'm getting 30 day messages! Each application means they need to call me and have me answer security questions before the approval. Fine, I appreciate the security. But it's messing w/ my strategy. I started w/ Chase (b/c of 5/24) for a United Mileage, and got the 30 day msg. Didn't want to move on to another app til I knew, thinking they might look at any point during the 30 days and I didn't want them to see OTHER new cards pushing me above 5/24. I had 4 new cards ALMOST 2 years ago (9/24). They finally called and it's all okay. Approved @ $28K. Moved on to Citi - same deal, a 7 day msg, but no phone call. Hesitant about moving on to Discover next. Not sure whether to do it or wait to hear from Citi first. so PSA - it's not JUST a matter of thawing. The security freeze will mean no more instant on line anything anymore. I suspect that's why I can't get a soft CLI on my Citi double cash anymore either. It worked once, just never again despite it being way over 6 months now. The security is worth it, just wish I had known, and had researched about how to factor this into a strategy.
  3. Not sure how this would go over, and even if it would go over well it's a process. But if VA @ 100% (close to $3K/month) is his ONLY income, then there IS a way to get the VA to recognize him as incompetent and get a guardian appointed to receive and manage his checks for him. That would be one route to getting control of his credit, as you could just do it for him.
  4. First, his VA paperwork should have an address on it you can use. Second, You said 100% service connected AND pension - 100% service connected is compensation, but pension is a WHOLE separate thing, and you can't get both. You have to elect to receive one or the other. He'd be nuts to elect pension if he's 100%. Straighten that out first - 100% should be close to >$3K/month. Pension would never exceed the poverty line, which is an annual amt. Can't remember the math but it would never exceed $1500/month. All that said, income in NOT his problem, at 60 he's w/in 2 years of adding SSA income to VA compensation. So third, DO NOT get him in contact w/ VFW, DAV, or American Legion. Those are good organizations who do some good work on lobbying Congress to increase VA's budget and getting new benefits established (like re-writing the regs to address TBIs or post 9/11 GI Bill). They get all due credit for their work like that. That being said, the rank and file members who socialize at the local level have some weird ideas. I used to work for one of those orgs at the national level. I left that job b/c basically, I ended up realizing that my job was straightening out what local level guys had started when the cases came to the appellate level. This would NOT be the first time I saw a guy at 100% filing NEW claims based on advice from someone down at the post bar or a county service officer. His best bet is to sit on that 100% and let it become protected at 20 yrs. Filing new claims at 100% is just cruising for a reduction. And there is a HUGE difference in $$ between 100% and 90%. Further, getting to 100% is NOT easy, getting back there again would only be harder. If he's eligible, and you still want to put him in touch w/ a Veterans Service Org (VSO) - try the smaller ones like Vietnam Veterans of American (VVA), Paralyzed Veterans (PVA), Purple Heart, or Blinded Veterans (BVA). If he doesn't qualify for any of those and you STILL want to put him in touch w/ a VSO try Wounded Warrior Project. Hell even the Red Cross is a VSO.
  5. Yeah got my limit today - wondering if I could somehow trigger that AMEX offer to upgrade from BCE to BCP to get back a card for my grocery & gas spend. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=582430 Not sure there's a way to get back to 5% on Amazon. Sucks....
  6. Opened Citi DC 9/15. This link worked for a soft CLI in 4/16, @ 6 months. Hadn't tried any sooner, who knows it may have worked if I had. But it's been another @ 10/16, and the link will NOT work for me again. Tried it every few days or so since 10/16 & keep getting this: "By clicking "Continue" you understand that we will obtain a credit bureau report to evaluate your request. Our credit department will notify you of our decision or let you know if we need more information." No other Citi accounts. I'm mildly frustrated. Supposed to be gardening for 2 years (since 12/15) & hitting everything I can for soft CLIs during that 2 yr period. But I'm also not going to submit a hard CLI request right now. When my 2 years are up next December I'll submit a hard CLI, just not right now. There is a new USAA card I'm considering, but also considering skipping for the same reason (that I'm letting everything age for these 2 years 12/15-12/17). https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=580442&hl= Any ideas? Otherwise just adding my data point.
  7. Same here - full member & used to travel wildly. Still will in the future, but since I bought the house all the available $ is getting shoveled into one remodeling project after another. Guessing I didn't get this b/c 1) I'm not in one of those states, &/or 2) I'm opted out & frozen. Since I'm not travelling I've been focusing on cash back. Plunking $5K down for a basement egress window, or $700 to have the kitchen & bathroom exhaust fans vented out through the soffit just under the roof, or $1K for blown in insulation, or whatever on Citi DC has yielded some nice cash back so far. 2.5% for this stuff would be phenomenal!! Planning on a remodel for the already finished basement at tax time, which will include a bathroom remodel. Also possibly getting a new A/C unit between now & then. Possibly some smaller electrical projects that will require attic access before the blown in insulation gets installed. I'm supposed to be gardening for 2 years, I went a little fast & hard opening stuff in the year before & since I've bought the house. I'm generally all set for the moment in terms of new accts, and don't want to spook any of the issuers. But I clicked the link anyway, logged it, and it looks like it would let me apply if I wanted to. So is that just a programming glitch? Would it reject me if I actually applied? Is applying even a good idea? Would I need to thaw EQ or b/c I have an existing relationship w/ them do they already have PP? 2x USAA cards opened 2/14 AMEX BCE & Barclays American/Advantage opened 2/15 Student loans consolidated 5/15 Mortgage 8/15 US Bank Cash +, Barclays Sallie Mae, Chase Freedom, & Citi Double Cash all opened 9/15 Car financed 12/15 Nothing opened in the past year, a few soft CLIs during that year (AMEX, Citi Double Cash, US Bank) but no hard CLIs. Not carrying any balances other than the mortgage, student loans, and the car. Mulling it over, don't have my heart set either way
  8. Yup - In October of last year. Found the inquiries, one at each CRA, almost immediately b/c CCT. The bank/lender was Capital One (that's why there was inquiry at each CRA). Cap One had created the acct, but had not sent out the card or reported the new acct to the CRAs yet. My situation falls into category C of Ican's list above. Cap One was helpful in agreeing to close the acct, and never did report the new acct to the CRAs. But Cap One could not halt sending out the card, and took a CFPB to w/draw the inquiry. EX w/drew the inquiry on the phone when I called in to CCT upon getting the protection alert for the inquiry, before I even had a police report. I had to send in the police report & FTC report to TU & EQ. EQ removed the inquiry upon receipt of those reports. TU also required CFBP complaint to remove the inquiry.
  9. Thanks! Both are true, I have no negative accts anywhere, and for some reason EQ has none of my old/closed lines. Everything is positive, but the old store cards (closed due to inactivity) are only showing on EX & TU. Not sure why. None of my accts are negative. The HSBC car loan that transferred to Santander looks like 2 cars instead of the one loan transferred half way through. The status says closed rather than transferred, so it's a little misleading, but still positive since they both say paid w/o any lates. For whatever reason, on EX one old/closed store card and the HSBC half of my last car loan say status unkown rather than closed, but I'm assuming it's still positive since they both also say paid w/o any lates. Thanks again!!
  10. Thank you Direct, Fury, and behsipley!! Direct: I've driven Nissan before and like them. Need to check them out, I just REALLY don't want to end up w/ a cube car. Need to see what else they have. From my last Nissan (stolen in 2007, I think it was 2000 when I bought it new?), I remember them being comparable to Honda for a bit less. Honda had NOTHING other than a base model fit, b/c I insist on manual transmission. If can get something little & hatchback w/o being TINY or a cube car in a 4 door stick, I'm in. Fury: I'm in MD, which is east, but not exactly North. I'm willing to give Subaru a go if it's TU & 1.9% as they said 2 weeks ago when I was in the dealership. I've seen 1.49% in the last week on their website, but 2 weeks ago they mentioned 1.49% as only available for a 36 month loan. I'd like to keep it to 60 (or 65 via DCU) months rather than 72, 36 is probably short enough to make a crazy payment. There is complicated (at least for me, I'm math stupid) budgeting going on. Student loan payments rise every year in correlation to pay raises, and I'm trying to figure out next year's payments based on how this year's taxes are looking since the Dep't of Ed uses adjusted gross income from your 1040 to determine income. I may have screwed up by cashing some stuff out for my house down payment in August. Now it looks like I have $15K more income than I really have available on a monthly basis for student loan payments. Makes me seriously rethink having a car payment on top of that! 72 months is 6 years, and by then my student loan payment will have more than doubled, and I'll be at a point where I can't get the deduction for the interest anymore. I want the car paid off by then. Hopefully it lasts the final four years til I can get the student loans completely forgiven.
  11. Thanks, TD and USBank are both options I had no idea about!! That is why I love this place!!! Just checked again, & Subaru (via their website, not the dealer) is offering 1.49% (underwritten by Chase). Need to figure out who Chase/Subaru pulls, and check the rates @ TD & USBank. Ultimately the rate will win, even if I have to suck up ANOTHER EQ inquiry. After this I have no intention of filing another single application for 2 years. Possibly HP CLIs, but that's it. I have a good collection of good rewards cars for my spending patterns, a house (w/ the mortgage), and will have a new car. I can just let my stuff age & grow. Just need to do my homework on this last big transaction. You guys help w/ that & you rock!! Here's to rising interest rates for my savings accts starting in December; w/ low rates already locked in for my mortgage, student loans, and car loan!!
  12. Was originally planning a new car for March when some inquiries will fall off EQ, some new accts will hit 6 months, and other existing accts will hit 1 yr or 2 yrs. But my car is starting to have problems. I just don't want to put money into my existing car KNOWING that I'm not keeping it, or get stuck in a position between now and March when I HAVE to buy on the spot b/c my car died. FICO scores are EX 766, EQ 760, TU 790. Obviously, I'd like to use my high TU score. Those are FICO8s via CCT. Unsure of my auto score, but there are 3 paid prior car loans on there. It's reporting oddly, actually 2 paid off cars Nissan & HSBC who transferred to Santander. All good, but the second car looks like 2 loans w/ the transfer. If that would change anything for my auto score. DCU has good rates right now @ 1.74%. Seemed comparable to my bank (USAA), after their auto pay discount & discount for using the car buying svc. But I've used USAA before. Got a "pre-qualified" ad in the mail for one rate, then applied & got a higher rate. Between the two I'd go w/ DCU. Just curious what my other options might be out there? The dealer is offering 1.9 (Subaru). Even if using the dealer, is there a way to do the loan ahead of time online? Looking to avoid the finance dept shopping me around, just apply & hopefully qualify. Just had my identify stolen at the beginning of October, and inquiries are a bit of a problem on my reports, especially EQ, from the fraudulent applications. EX removed them immediately, and none were through banks that had pulled TU. Looking for a new car, $18ishK, $3Kish down (after trade in, nothing owed on the trade in). Thanks!
  13. Yeah, I applied almost 2 weeks ago. Haven't actually received the card yet, but already had a Barclays Aviator Red. My online acct shows both cards, and I had to talk to them over the phone to allocate money from the Aviator limit to get the Sallie Mae approved. So far the terms and conditions for the Sallie Me show the 5% or 5x points or whatever for gas, groceries, and bookstores. Hoping this means I have the old version, and it will be grandfathered in. Although, I checked a few days ago; now I'm feeling the need to check my online acct again, and sprint home from work to check the mail for the card or the terms & conditions. Already have an AMEX BCE for 2% & 3% on gas and groceries. Not sure which is which. This better, even if capped. My gas will fit under the $250/month cap, but groceries won't. If this card gets emaciated, I'll be PISSED that I JUST opened it for this specific reason. I guess in that case, I'd sock drawer it & upgrade my BCE to a BCP? Although, this w/o the annual fee is MUCH better.
  14. I read the article, and originally guessed "nerfed" meant they'd stop offering the card. But then your comment says applications might reopen? Clearly, I'm still not understanding. So nerfed?

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