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  1. If it truly is for living expenses, pay your bills ahead. If that represents three months of expenses, then pay that electric, gas, etc. ahead. Just one answer that isn't illegal.
  2. TerryDMillerMBA

    The Dining and Food Thread

    Ate two dinners today. About six, I had americanized Italian -- leftover spaghetti. At about nine, someone bought americanized Italian -- pepperoni pizza, so I had three slices. #Stuffed
  3. It would be much more clear if the credit limits of each of those accounts were also listed along with those balances.
  4. TerryDMillerMBA

    The Dining and Food Thread

    I usually just adapt, but I have had a few times over my fifty years on planet Earth where I simply HAD to have a certain food craving met. I guess those people are like that all of the time.
  5. TerryDMillerMBA

    Credit Card Stacking

    Put the name of that company who told you to stack cards in a search engine. See if they have any issues.
  6. "I can't believe it's not! But, her?"
  7. TerryDMillerMBA

    The best cash back credit cards

    No porn links allowed. :-/
  8. TerryDMillerMBA

    Do Banks Really Mess Up Like This

    Don't deposit that check. Sounds like some sort of scam. Information not matching is enough of a flag for me.
  9. TerryDMillerMBA

    Best strategy for utilization ratios?

    Based on what you want to do, and your statement that balances are at 90% with the exception of the Wells Fargo, I came up with the following: Pay off the three smaller balances, and pay $900, $700, and $700 towards the Chase, Navy, and Navy CLOC balances. This gives you three accounts with a zero balance, and three of the credit cards with under 90% utilization.
  10. TerryDMillerMBA

    Dealer sold me a car they don't have the title for.

    "Bait-and-switch financing?" It seems like they have been playing this game before. Be careful.
  11. TerryDMillerMBA

    OC Creditor removed and Portfolio still on report

    In situations like that, you simply threaten to sue, and be willing to follow through. Some version of the above letter is fine.
  12. TerryDMillerMBA

    Is this a ploy by Midland to get me to respond?

    They told you they won't sue you. They told you they won't report your non-payment. (They won't even report your payment!) What are you afraid they'll do? I wouldn't waste anything on them (phone call, postage, time typing an email, etc.).
  13. TerryDMillerMBA

    The Very Worst, Most Annoying Songs Thread

    I win the thread (and lose at the same time!):
  14. TerryDMillerMBA

    Massive amount of inquires; no new accounts

    With all of that information that was stolen, be thankful that they didn't get any accounts approved. Messing with inquiries may be opening a can of worms, as was said by others.
  15. TerryDMillerMBA

    Getting The Runaround About Loan Contact Info :( Help?

    I don't know what you studied in school, but as a former instructor, I am giving you an "A+" in persistence. Read this excellent, straight-forward explanation of the hardship reversal situation: https://tateesq.com/keep-tax-refund/ Things being tight for you is one thing. It appears they need dire circumstances (foreclosure/eviction/utility disconnection notices, etc.) before they will refund your refund. Still try, though.

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