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  1. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/announcement/61-this-is-a-politics-free-zone/
  2. Those things do go towards alleviating their concerns about whether someone is a potential scammer, but not all creditors require them. Your setup isn't very reassuring to many deciding whether to extend business credit to you.
  3. The Nazi SS was a group that vetted spouses/significant others, if I recall. Not good company to keep, as far as methodology.
  4. This was a guy setting up infrastructure something illegal. I smelled that TWO miles away.
  5. Here's a way to explain it: It isn't wrong for you to think that the debt is gone, and to let bygones be bygones. Conversely, it's not wrong for the credit union to want the difference between what they received from the collection agency, and the original debt. They can't legally come after you for it, but they can block your re-admittance to their private organization. My wisdom: Look elsewhere. I can imagine them getting your money, and NOT letting you join.
  6. You put in the work, and you have a chance to reap the rewards. Thanks for sharing--your experience can encourage others.
  7. Sounds like some self-righteous, control-freak nonsense.
  8. If he/she had just paid off an account a month ago, for example, two months ago doesn't reflect the true situation. I have had that sort of situation work in my favor in the past, though.
  9. For a technology-based company to fail like this is VERY troubling.
  10. Ah, DNB. The used car salesmen of business credit information. I tell all of my clients (I am a business consultant) to simply go about focusing on operating their businesses, and not to fall for the sales tactics of Dun and Bradstreet. You may need to see a report in the future, but not now. The emails they have sent you are the equivalent of a dating site saying "Ahksana wants to meet you!" in my opinion.
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