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  1. Should people file a dispute after receiving confirmation that CA received certifiedM or can the dispute be filed at the same time it is sent?
  2. Here are my Baddies: S-LOanz = Navient: CA - DOFD : 01/2012, STATUES: CO - DOFD : 08/2012, STATUES: CO AES: OC - DOFD : 03/2014 , STATUES: 124+ pastdu FEDLOAN: OC - DOFD : 03/2014 , STATUES: 124+ pastdu [ 1st D: all validated ] ________________________________ CCs = RadShack: OC -DOFD : 09/2013, STATUES: CO CIT CC: OC - DOFD : 02/2009, STATUES: CO [ 1st D: all validated ] ________________________________ UtiliBillz = VRZ - DOFD : 07/2012, STATUES: CO - DOFD : 02/2013, STATUES: CO - DOFD : 08/2013, STATUES: CO - DOFD : 04/2011, STATUES: CO - DOFD : 10/2011, STATUES: CO PENNCREDIT: CA - DOFD : 04/2013, STATUES: CO ENHANCED RECOVERY COMPANY: CA - DOFD : 12/2012, STATUES: CO [ 1st D: all validated ] _________________________________ SETTLED ACCT= FRED MEYER-FOX: OC - DOFD : 06/2011, STATUES: CO / Closed: 09/2011 _________________________________ NOTES: Bunch of addrss that do not belong to me or have not lived there in long time. What should I do? Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks once again, Once I get the reports I will post information regarding all the negative tradelines so I can continue to work on those with all of you guys' help.
  4. Thanks for responding. I already ordered paper reports, so they should be on the way. But Before doing that, I filed disputes with all CRA for all negative items. The validation came from Experian for that specific item. It was reported 08/2015 as collectn. The dispt reason that it was not mine. I don't recall owing them for this specific service. Should I just wait for the results from the others disputes as well from all CRA and what should be my next step if they all get validated? Thanks!
  5. Hello there, I'm very new to this post. But for what I've seen I started my Dspt proccess the wrong way. I have dispted all negative items on my CP. One debtor already valitated the debt. I know I should have sent a letter 1st then dispt. What should I do now that everything has been done. How do I respond to this validation? Should I dispt online again or which route should I take? I will appreciate any successful suggestions. Thank you.

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