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  1. Okay i totally get you and owe you so much your guide over the years... but, here is the thing, it "is valid". Meaning, I went to this hospital and I never paid. it is from 2 years ago. Now i guess the tricky part is: is there a possibility it shows up on my CR at a later time? I WANT to pay this and be done with it. its only $100. What is my best course of action?
  2. I received a letter from CA stating I owe them money. I realized that I totally forgot to pay the hospital from many years ago. This is a valid debt in my opinion. It is NOT being reported on my Credit Report. Question: should i pay the hospital or the collection agency? I called the hospital and they said I should pay the agency.
  3. WhyChat - CFPB came back and said that Equifax responed, here is their response. Is there anything else I can do? I have the option to dispute this one more time with CFPB. Should i do that? Company responded Equifax Information Services LLC said: Explanation of closure Equifax has reviewed the complaint and its records. Please be advised Equifax disputed Collection Agency account number XXXX on your behalf on April 3rd, June 20th and June 27, 2015. Collection Agency has advised Equifax the account belongs to you. They have confirmed that your name, current address, social security number and date of birth match their records on file. For additional questions or concerns regarding this account, please contact Collection Agency directly at (800) XXX-4XX1. As a result of your complaint and/or concern a copy of your Equifax Credit File was sent for your review. Please allow 7/10 business days for delivery. If you should have any additional questions or concerns in regards to your Equifax Credit Report, please contact us directly at (866)222-5901.
  4. Just wanted to provide a quick update for people who have been following my thread. I removed my paid collection as well as 2 unpaid collections from my TU and EX credit reports. I am working to still delete the paid collection from my EQ report. I ran my FICO credit score (based off EX credit report) prior to this whole process, and just again yesterday. Prior to the process my credit score was at 670, yesterday when i checked my credit score sky rocketed to 808! This is completely due to the negative marks being removed from my EX credit report. Thank you one more time to WhyChat and this entire process. It has been extremely helpful, and it's been extremely rewarding to see the results. Crossing my fingers that I can get the EQ paid collection removed from my reports, then i'll be 100% clean.
  5. Thank you. it has been well over 30 days since i wrote to Equifax. I have filled out the FTC and CFPB complaints. I have a quick question. You said "Send a copy of the complaints with another dispute to each CRA." Where can i find a sample of this "additional dispute" that i will sent to equifax. I printed out my complaints, so I will send them. But i need some assistance on what I am writing in my "another dispute". Thanks.
  6. Just checked Equifax report. They have not responded to me. Also, the paid collection still remains on my credit report. What is my next step?
  7. Update: I went to the hospital and paid them in full directly on my credit card. They provided me a receipt. I guess I'm good? If i see it on any future credit reports, I can simply dispute it pretty easily?
  8. I would really like to use a credit card to pay this expense. Do you 100% advise against that, or is there a chance that it may work. Thanks for your help in advance.
  9. WhyChat. I have a problem again. I had a procedure done in March 2015, and I received my bill on 5/18 regarding an amount I owed. I called the hospital to see if I could go on a payment plan, but they said no. While I was getting money together to pay this off (900$), I just found out today that it was sent to collections. I'm not sure that the collection agency has reported this to the credit beaureus yet. What should I do to ensure this doesn't hurt my credit? I am capable of paying 100% right now. Should i simply send in my bill to the hospital with my payment? Any advice will be helpful.
  10. Experian deleted my paid collection today! I have not heard back from Equifax yet. If EQ deletes my paid collection I will have 100% removed on all 3 CRAs Whychat I can not thank you enough. I will update again when I hear from EQ
  11. Yes, I am sure I did not pay my co-pay. I forgot my wallet that day - regret that now... I have an UPDATE from the paid collection. I received a letter yesterday from the CA stating that they are "in compliance with HIPAA. They also provided a conditions of service document that is signed by the hospital, which is dated 1/1/13. The letter from the CA also said that "they will not respond to future duplicate disputes by me, as it is an unnecessary cost for them".... Am I out of luck? Thanks.
  12. I think i may have messed up... How was I supposed to verify that the CA and OC have a current relationship? I thought I was supposed to do this through the medical DV to the CA? Is that wrong? I sent the medical DV for my unpaid collection, and sent a follow-up to the CRA.... I am currently waiting for a response from the CA. Once I hear from the CA that they "have a current relationship with the OC", I will pay the OC with insert A. Did I indeed mess up the process? Or, am I good?
  13. Yes, these are valid bills. They appear to be co-pays that were not paid. I will send the medical DVs and the follow-up to the CRA now. When should i submit payment to the OC? That would be a future step? I was hoping that I could just ignore the CA and instead pay the OC and them write to the CA and show them that it's paid.. I'm guessing that's not such a good idea b/c from your previous statement then it may show up as a "paid collection"
  14. Is this ONLY reporting to Eq.?? 1) Yes, for this unpaid collection only EQ is reporting. 2) Additionally i have another unpaid collection only EX is reporting, the date of service for that was 5/2014 (this one was deleted from TU and EQ already) What was the date of service?? 1) Date of Service was 7/2014. 2) Date of service for the second unpaid on EX was 5/2014

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