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  1. Isn't it technically illegal to refuse cash? IE This note is valid for all debts public and private or am I mistaken?
  2. I did the permanent opt-out with though optoutprescreen signing the form and mailing it in with identification, can I still accidentally get opted back in? The HIPPA letter insert A appears to be what I need to pay those within 2014. That should take care of about half of what I have out. What do you recommend I do about the collections from 2013?
  3. I don't have any NFCU branch's around me, the lady on the phone said the system can sometimes automatically verify people so you can be verified without ever having to send anything in. Even if they can't do it automatically, I have documentation so I'm not worried about that. I would be the only one on the mortgage for about 65K owed to the bank. The house was last appraised at 90K and about the same amount for the original loan. I have no debt beyond those medical bills and my yearly income is between 30-45K after business expenses. I posted over in the medical forum about the taking care of those collections. So assuming I get everything taken care and my report stands clean, should I garden what I have already or am I missing something else I should do?
  4. Hello all, ​I need some advice on my credit and the best plan of action going forward. A little history first, A couple of years ago my Dad passed away and my family moved into his old house to pay the mortgage while the estate was closing with the intent to buy in the end. Our family just closed the estate and Its wrote up I have 12 months (10 now) to get my own mortgage and buy the house or the bank will sell it. In my other thread, the people advised me to come over here and ask about some medical bills I currently have in collections that are not showing up on any of my credit reports. That might come out of the woodwork if I apply for a mortgage. I searched the forums and found some people saying that opting-out will prevent your information from being sold when you apply for a mortgage and some people who say it won't help at all. I don't know if matters but I'm opted-out from the CRA, LN, Sagestream, ARS, donotcall, DMA and so on. All old information was cleaned about 2 years ago and all my credit reports also only have my current address, name and phone number. I have two different CA's with about 8 bills between the two of them, almost all are 4 years old and in my states SOL (IN 6 Years). I have the original copies of the bills, the EOB and CA letters. So I'm pretty sure everything is in order amount wise. From my understanding of the Whychat process, if the collections were on my report, I would dispute with the CRA and wait for the response and then if not deleted send DV to CA. Then once i received DV from the CA I would pay the OC with the hippa letter. Now since none of these are reporting to any CRA, I have nothing to dispute with them and wouldn't sending the CA a DV letter now be like reporting myself? Does that even matter if I apply for a mortgage and they all come out anyway? Can I contact the OC and offer to pay them directly? Thanks for any and all help.
  5. Well first off, I would like to thank everyone on this forum for the time and effort put into helping others, from the owners to members. Its rare a website can change so many peoples life's for the better and this one has truly accomplished that. So with the the brownie points done , now on to my post. ​I need some advice on the current state of my credit and the best plan of action going forward. A little history first, A couple of years ago my Dad passed away and my family moved into his old house to pay the mortgage while the estate was closing with the intent to buy in the end. Our family just closed the estate and Its wrote up I have 12 months (10 now) to get my own mortgage and buy the house or the bank will sell it. So getting a mortgage is top priority for me but I understand you have to build credit to get there. ​ ​I have a thin credit file. From reading the forums a couple of years ago, I cleaned up some medical baddies, I did the opt-out of everything, delete old addresses and opened a secured Discover IT card with a CL of $1000. I have one 6 year old medical collection that has just dropped off from Transunion and Experian last month but is still reporting on Equifax. I'm currently using Whychat's hippa letter program on that item and it should age off my report in Feb 2018 anyway. I also have two semi big medical baddies with a CA that have never been on my reports and will reach my states SOL in Feb 2018 and the 7 year mark in 2019. Poking the sleeping dragon consideration with looking for a mortgage? ​ ​After reading up on utilization here and I paid down my Discover to $21 or 2%, it would have been $3.01 but I had a floating charge that month. That sent my FICO scores sky rocketing. ​ ​Transunion FICO 702 from 574 in August ​Equifax FICO 624 from 575 in August ​Experian FICO 734 from 629 in August ​ At the start of this month I opened an Alliant CU account, got a secured share loan and paid it down to $40 so it should report 8% or so when it reports. Since my Experian score was high I looked over the credit pulls database and applied for an American Express Blue Cash and was approved with a CL of $1000. I also applied for an Alliant Visa and was approved with a CL of $2500. This gives me 3 CC's and an installment for FICO scoring. ​ ​​My new accounts haven't reported yet but the inquires have and are reflected in the FICO's below. My file currently looks like this. ​ ​Transunion FICO 8 702, FICO 4 684 ​Discover IT card, 2.6 years old and one 30 late 2.4 year ago ​ ​Equifax FICO 8 624, FICO 5 627 ​Discover IT card, 2.6 years old and one 30 late 2.4 year ago ​Medical collection for $238 as noted above. ​ ​Experian FICO 8 715, FICO 2 730 ​Discover IT card, 2.6 years old and one 30 late 2.4 year ago ​ ​After I did all this, I was looking through some old family papers my brother gave me and realized both of my Grandfathers served in the army. So I called NFCU this morning and asked if I was eligible, she said yes and setup my account over the phone. Now I have a NFCU membership with savings/checking waiting the wings. ​ With my time limit on me getting a mortgage and surprise NFCU membership, I'm at a lost what to do next. ​Is there a NFCU product I should get now and then garden? Should I go for the 5 CC's for FICO scoring? Should I garden what I have now until Feb and then apply for a mortgage with 4 months left? Should I apply for a mortgage sooner and make sure the baddies don't come out at the last minute? Something else entirely? ​ ​Thanks in advance for any help or insights.
  6. I'll give a thumbs up for discover. I literally had no credit score, a clean file except for one medical collection reporting. No fico score, Credit karma was the only one that could even generate a fako score of 552. Capital one wouldn't even give me a card... Discover approved me for a Discover IT secured card that offered the same rewards as the unsecured version. I've called them a few times for verification and activation and have never been on the phone longer then 2 minutes talking to a real english speaking American. I think its been said before but discover likes thin files. I've read a lot that they tend to short people on rewards but I have no experiance with that yet.
  7. A few years ago my father co signed for my brother's car, the loan officer at the bank told them my father was only a few points away from a perfect score. He offered to help him get those last few points but at that point my father was older and had the I really didn't care mentally. A bit of background, my father owed and operated his business for 35+ years. Getting a "note" (As he always called) for 5,10,15,30k was fairly common for the larger contractor jobs to cover short term expenses, payroll, etc and was normally paid off in a matter of months. I remember him telling me he only had 1 late payment in all those years and that was because he didn't receive his cell phone that month and overlooked it. He called them up and chewed them out because he was a customer for 25 years with a perfect payment history and promptly canceled his service.
  8. Hello, everyone. I was affected by the Anthem breach and have signed up for the AllclearID Pro offered from Anthem. Since I signed up, I've started working on building my credit and updating things. I've pulled my reports from all over the place and have failed every direct EQ verification. I've changed and added addresses and phone numbers to my report, I've applied for 2 credit cards and had my CU run my credit, and have had 4 hard inquires due to my own activates. I even went as far as to try logging into AllclearID using incorrect information and deliberately failed all the authentication steps. Keep in mind I had no activity on credit reports until I signed up. Credit Karma sent me all kinds of notices and I haven't heard a frecking peep out of AllclearID yet. You would think after everything I did they should call me or something. What are everyone else thoughts? Should I just buck up and pay for some good credit monitoring? It doesn't seem like AllclearID does anything at all.
  9. I didn't think a collection would either but I literately have nothing at all on my report beyond the collection account from 2 years and 3 months ago and 2 hard inquires. The lady at my bank also said it was the only item that could be reporting an age when they pulled my credit a week or so ago. The app said I had 5 days to complete the deposit information and complete the app. It also said that it was a one time deposit and could not be added to. Thanks for the information on the HIPPA process, that's how I originally found this site. I have medical bills in collections that are not reporting at all and never have. I'm trying to get some some good lines built up just in case they show up before I can get the OC paid. That way I be can still be building credit if they do get reported at some point. Trying not to poke the sleeping dragon until I'm completely ready .
  10. I just applied for the Discover IT card based on the pre-selector. Was denied for the unsecured and then offered the secured version. 1. Did you have any satisfied or unpaid judgments on your reports at the time of offer? No 2. Did you have paid or unpaid collections at the time of offer? Yes, 1 unpaid Medical for $274 on all 3 reports. This medical collection is the only thing establishing my AAOA at 2 Years 3 months 3. Did you have unpaid or paid charge-offs at the time of offer? No 4. Did you have any current positive revolvers at the time of offer? If so, how long was the history? No 5. How long approx was your most recent late payment? No accounts to ever be reported 6. Was there a bankruptcy listed on your reports? (if so, did you include Discover?) No 7. Anything else important that you think affected your approval? Very thin file, with the only thing reporting a CA. 2 hard inquires total at the time of the app. Large gross income of 80K+ not counting business expenses. No real lines of credit ever. I save the app and it said I had 5 days to come back and complete it. I think I'm going to go ahead with a $500-1000 deposit. Good luck to all and hope this helps someone.
  11. I could be wrong, but to the best of my understanding of HIPPA they cannot refuse to give you your information or a dependents for any reason. Quoted from http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/hipaa/understanding/consumers/index.html What Rights Does The Privacy Rule Give Me Over My Health Information Health Insurers and Providers who are covered entities must comply with your right to: Ask to see and get a copy of your health records Have corrections added to your health information Receive a notice that tells you how your health information may be used and shared Decide if you want to give your permission before your health information can be used or shared for certain purposes, such as for marketing Get a report on when and why your health information was shared for certain purposes If you believe your rights are being denied or your health information isn’t being protected, you canFile a complaint with your provider or health insurer File a complaint with the U.S. Government You should get to know these important rights, which help you protect your health information. You can ask your provider or health insurer questions about your rights. I would definitely follow up on that website and read the HIPPA law. Its my understanding that they cannot for any reason withhold your records. I worked in a nursing home for 3 years and complying with HIPPA was a HUGE priority, meetings and inservices constantly. My wife is in school to become a nurse and her best friend is also a nurse, I do absorb things from time to time .
  12. Thanks for the reply. A little more background information. I live in Indiana and all these bills are from the last 2-4 years so they aren't very old at all. I have letters from 5 different CA's comprising of the 13 different medical bills I have out. Out of all these accounts, only 3 accounts were reported as in collections on my TU credit report earlier this year. After checking my TU and EQ report from creditkarma, the two DEKA accounts disappeared completely for no reason 3 years early. They were only reported a year or two ago. I don't understand why the DEKA accounts dropped off. The only thing showing up in collections currently is a bill from GLA. With the exception of the 3 accounts above, none of the other accounts with the CA's have ever been on my credit report. They've never been listed and I found that very odd. I did notice my birthday on my report is incorrect. Is it possible I have somehow have 2 different credit reports? So now I have 10 accounts with 5 CA's that have never been on my credit report at all. Right now since none of these have ever been on my report, could starting the HIPPA process change that? I'm really at a lost as to why these accounts don't appear on my report as more then a year has passed with all of them.
  13. Hello all. I've been reading the forums and have read whychat's guide to the HIPPA process and my head is spinning as what to do next. Long story short over the last few years I've managed to accumulate 13 Medical bills in collections and I have a few other older (2-3 years) medical bills that I don't know where they stand. I pulled my credit report from TU earlier this year and had 3 items listed in collections, One from GLA and two from DEKA Financial Services. I've just recently went through all my old medical bills and then grouped the collection notices to correct medical bills. I have a total of 13 accounts listed with CA's. I just pulled my credit report with creditkrama expecting the worse and now the only account showing in collections is with GLA. I don't know why but the two DEKA accounts have completely disappeared years before the falloff date. Beyond the one account in collections, I have nothing else listed but a few soft inquires into my credit. I'm extremely happy that all these collection accounts are not showing on my credit report and I want to do everything in my power to keep it that way. My original plan was for me and wife to get a small loan from our bank and pay everything off. After reading on the forums, I've discovered the HIPPA process and that seems to be the correct way to go but I'm unsure. Since none of my bills in collections are actually listed on my credit report, would starting the HIPPA process open a can of worms with all the CA's suddenly reporting accounts in collections? If I pay off all the CA's would they report payment as a paid collection or not at all? Should I contact the hospital directly and inquire about my accounts? Should I use the HIPPA process instead? Will the two collections that disappeared off my report come back? Why do none of the other accounts in collections show up on my report as collections? Although I'm extremely happy that all these accounts are not showing on my credit report, I want to do everything in my power to keep it that way. As far as the HIPPA process goes, I have had already opted out and started working on removing old addresses. The more I read the more questions I have. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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