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  1. My understanding is that Walmart is a real TU FICO'08 score. (I don't have the card myself.) That's awesome!! Good to know.
  2. Are there any lates ever on her card? She's never late. Does your GF carry a balance on the card? Shes spends approx. $100-$200 a month on this card and always pays in full. When was the card opened? Card opened in 2007. An AU card can help with FICO scores - but will not help with manual review (e.g. mortgage app). If there are any lates, do NOT add it. If she pays in full every month, then it could help your scores. If the card is older than all of your cards, then it could help your scores. AU cards usually report, but not always. Do you and she have the same address? Yes we do.
  3. UPDATE: ADDRESS REMOVAL Successfully removed old inaccurate names, addresses, phone numbers, employment history, ssn's from Trans Union & Equifax (online). Called Experian last week and got inaccurate names, most addresses (2 addresses left to remove), phone numbers, employment history, ssn's removed. Today I called to try to remove the 2 inaccurate addresses, one removed with no problem. I was told the other could not be removed because it was being reported by on an open TL (Midland). I followed the "script" exactly and was then told by the rep that it was against federal law for an address to be removed that is being reported by TL. The rep was then apologetic for my inconvenience with this matter but was adamant that nothing could be done. So, I responded with, so you're saying it's lawful to report an address that I have not resided in for 18 years as accurate information and he responded with it's against federal law to remove an address that is being reported by an open TL. He asked if anything else could be done for me today, I said yeah remove the old address because it's not accurate and I haven't lived there 18 years. Of course he was adamant again about not being able to remove it and the conversation ended as I had nothing else that needed to be removed. Should I wait 2 weeks and try again or go ahead with the CMRR letter to Experian for this address removal?? So, I did apply for Discover It and was denied due to the collection reporting on my Equifax CR. So, I applied for Capital One QS and a WalMart store card and was approved for both. I now have 3 revolvers, Cap1 QS1($300(Credit Steps), Cap1 QS($1000), and WalMart($700) cc. I haven't received the QS or WalMart in the mail yet. I have put a lot of spend (use it for my weekly spending, gas, grocery, misc) and PIF (every Friday) since receiving it 4 weeks ago. None of the other positive TL's stated in the original post have any balances. My long time GF wants to make me an AU on her BankAmericard Travel Rewards($5000), I asked her to hold off on that until I got some more feedback from CB. So, what do you think CB?
  4. Always a good call! I just started apping again after my last baddie dropped off and my scores went from mid-600s to mid-700s, so I'm not so sure what a mid-600 will get for you. Do your research, and develop your plan, then come here and share it before actually moving forward. If there's one thing CB has plenty of, it's people ready to warn you before you make a mistake Awesome!! I'll be organizing my to do list to make sure I have everything planned out. I'll also be reading over some of the address removal forums and jotting down notes on what to say while on the phone with a rep from a CRA. And researching credit cards and maybe signing up for a credit score monitoring site (I've seen that there is a 9.95 deal somewhere on these forums, I'll have to backtrack through my history) . I know patience and persistence is key to success. Going to finish up my list of things to do and get to reading.
  5. I've watched this particular conversation evolve here on CB along with tweak. Right now, for your next card, I don't think it's really an issue for you, as you need to get another new card this month. If you bank with BofA I'd highly suggest their Better Balance card for you right now. As long as you pay more than your minimum payment each month they'll deposit $120/year into your BofA account. And it has no annual fee so, even after you're at the point where you don't want any balances reporting (yes, pros, I know about the $2 - this is a newbie situation here) you can still hang onto it to keep the age. Personally, I'm a fan of Cash Back and I'd guess the Citi DoubleCash is within reach for you as well which basically gets you a 2% rebate on all your spending without any thought or effort on your part. I bank with BB&T here in South Florida. I app'ed with BB&T late December 2014 and was denied. And I banked with BofA in my early 20's (I was really chaotic in those years and I don't know when I closed my checking account with them, I had a history of closing accounts due to my mother telling me closing would be better than maxing or overdrafting anything ). My FAKO score from CapOne is 648. I was going to check out the CreditPulls database for a few minutes to get an idea of where to start.
  6. What are you looking for in a credit card? High Limits? Cash Back? Travel Rewards? Low APR For my future, I'm looking to be mortgage ready next spring. Any advice on what card would be any benefit to improving my savings would be helpful. Thank you. All of CreditBoards, Thank you.
  7. ^ I agree. Before you apply for any cards, I would freeze EX. Personally, I would suggest looking at Discover it. - I think you have a very good chance of approval. - They'll give you free TU FICO score updates. - 1% cash back, 5% on quarterly categories. Wait for suggestions from others before you apply. - There are some good credit unions that you may want to look at. - If you want high limits and shop at certain stores, Synchrony cards can be useful. Go ahead an start triage on the reports you have. The additional info on paper reports is helpful - but you can start with what you have now. A co-worker of mine would say she keeps EX on ice, now I understand a bit about what she was talking about after reading so much here. I will continue to go over all the reports I currently have for any inaccuracies and get a bit more organized with filing in separate folders. I will wait for a few more suggestions on what card to app for. I will call at least one CRA tomorrow to start the inaccurate personal info removal.
  8. Okay, I will be Ordering paper copies of the reports from the 3 bureaus Mailing letters to take care of inaccurate personal info Looking into adding a new credit card Wait to receive new reports with more information and triage those reports Wait for updated reports with correct personal info I am so glad I found this site.
  9. This is fine for now. You can go ahead and dispute addresses, names, and other personal info from these reports. Just so you know, 1) Any report from annualcreditreport.com (online or mailed) will give the CRAs 45 days to investigate your disputes instead of 30 days. 2) The paper reports you receive in the mail contain more information than the online versions. I would say go ahead with the address disputes, etc. When those are done, you can ask the CRAs to mail you new copies of the updated reports. The DOFMD is not an important date. What you need is the Date of First Delinquency (DOFD). Your EQ report will tell you this date explicitly.' Is this Midland account from a credit card? Or from a utility or something else? This is a TMobile account on EQ report DOFD is 12/2011
  10. I have received all 3 bureau reports via www.annualcreditreport.com , in PDF format. (If this is not the way to go, please let me know, I'll start over and pay for paper copies, have no problem paying for the reports.) I have opted out at www.optoutprescreen.com. I have scoured all 3 reports and I am ready to prepare letters to each of the 3 bureaus to remove all name variations (2 with wrong middle initial, 2 with 2 middle initials), names that are not mine (my father's), wrong SS#'s (my father's), wrong phone numbers (11 to be exact and the only ones I recognize are my current cell & my Mom), old addresses (some may be attached to good TL's I think??), old employment history (I've had the same job for 8 years now). This will be my first step in my credit repair. As for rebuilding, I did open a new account in January, a Cap One QS1 from a pre-approved offer in the mail before I opted out. I received this offer after ordering the credit reports. Will this be good for start of re-build or do I need to app for another card? I have 7 TL's on each bureau reporting in good standing and basically reporting the same information on all 3 reports: CarFinance Open Current/ paying on time every month SnapOn Open Current/Last used in Oct 2006 Express Open Current/Last used in Apr 2007 (only one showing credit limit $500) Capital One Closed Current/Oct 2005 (Inactivity) Chase Closed Current/Dec 2008 (Inactivity) CareCredit Closed Current/Mar 2009 (Inactivity) BrandSmart Closed Current/ Feb 2008 (Inactivity) And my one negative is: Midland Funding LLC, Open/data factoring company/ 1 month term /DOFMD 04-2013
  11. PsychDoc's Credit Repair for Beginners = Awesome Reading Material. It was like reading a good short story. I couldn't put it down. I'm looking to be mortgage ready by next spring. I only have 1 baddie (a collection from Midland). But, I have no real revolving credit (1 auto loan, 2 credit cards= 1 Express card I forgot even existed, last used in 2007 and 1 CapOne QS1 opened Jan 2015). Moving on to more reading material, Jen's Guide...
  12. Wow, I've been reading and lurking for a few weeks now. I'm ready to begin my credit repair journey. I will be doing this for myself (2 CO's and 1 collection) my DH (1 collection). My credit is a worse than his. The wealth of knowledge on this forum is unreal. The more you know the better. We never really paid to much attention to either of our credit reports or credit scores. Now it's just time to pay attention to all the little details in life. Thank you CreditBoards. The beginners section is awesome. Awesome reading materials & links to reading materials. Time to get this journey started. Patience is key to see what my credit will be a year from now.

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