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  1. As hege point out there are other options for minimum spends., but If you're applying for a SUB, without other obvious spending opportunities, .5% may be acceptable. To each thier own - you're bright characters and can certainly decide for yourselves.
  2. This process ONLY works if you pay OC. If you pay CA you're not using this process. If you pay CA with a *WRITTEN* promise to delete for payment, that is a different process and *MAY* work... but that's discussed elsewhere in the forum.s If you're just going to pay the CA and hope they delete it... you 99.9999 out of 100 times will be disappointed. Not a snowball's chance in hell that will happen. I'd encourage to re-read the thread to understand this process. What to do next? It's discussed earlier in this thread, but... ...have you attempted online bill payment TO O
  3. Thoughts on using Melio Payments for minimum spend? This is a service that allows you to use your credit card to make payments for whatever, including rent, then generates a check on your behalf, mailing the check to the vendor. Says there's no subscription fee; 2.5% charge. For many credit card spending bonuses and/or 2% cash/points back cards it seem this might be an interesting option. Thoughts?
  4. So... the SUB counts towards the 110k needed for companion pass? The announcement stays 65k SUB: "Customers who spend $1,000 in the first three months after opening the account get 40,000 bonus points. And if customers spend a total of $15,000 within the first year, they get another 25,000 bonus points on top of that." So 65k SUB, 15k from the spend (assuming 1x category). You'd only be 30k away from >12 mos companion pass.
  5. Interesting, hadn't considered a 2nd Freedom. Thanks for the suggestion
  6. Chase sent me a Preferred when they closed out thier Fairmont. I've already got (and am going to keep) a Reserve. I already have everything else from them except Slate and the only reason I'd want the Slate would be for 0 fee transfer - a signup benefit they don't award for product changes. Figure I'll transfer the credit line to one of the other cards, but... is there anything I'm missing? Any other reason for holding both Preferred and Reserve?
  7. Minimum spend completed, travel points awarded. Starting to lay out the logistics: choosing final destinations, Time off, arrangements for what needs to be handled at home to free me up for this trip, planning award hotel stays as I'd like to keep the cost to as close to free as possible. Anyone have experience with out-of-pocket expenses for something like this? Food / local transportation / local entertainment? Thanks for those sharing what worked for them; thanks for those who "get" what I'm trying to do here: bucket trip, within *my* real-world limita
  8. Nice. I just booked three nights at the Fairmont in Chicago in September for a quick trip to visit friends. I was hoping to find a couple of stray unexpired upgrade (or other) certs in my Presidents Club account, but there were none. I haven't had the card in a couple of years, so no surprise. They mailed out info on the additional certs. They're all legit (and if you care to actually charge a few more nights you'll automatically get them again for next year). CV, I just stayed at Fairmont Millennium. Upgraded to a suite using my cert (which was a very nice suite). But I
  9. He's never asked for a CLI on any of his cards. *Assuming he can get his spending under control*** (No sense in just racking up even more debt.) Which of the above lenders is he most likely to receive CLIs from; and which would he risk having his accounts shut down from asking with such high UTIL? ​Lowering his UTIL for a low interest loan, along with paying min+$10, along with snowball debt payoff
  10. Appreciate that Korad. That's exactly the idea. And I'd be all for taking a few months off for the trip... if I can get Mende to front me $20k to cover taking the time off Excellent points. I'll factor it in. ​For me this is a bucket list item - round the world trip (NOT "retire and travel" or "take 2 months off"... I'd like those too, but those are separate bucket item) and the possibility in this exchange 125k points for 22,000 miles of actual flight distance,12 flight segments with potential for 8 stopover in one direction sounds a grand adventure... even it means onl
  11. Very cool. My largest was $35k, which was cannibalized for a new line; down to 2 $30k lines now. Would love to start to get a few $50k lines
  12. 75k Biz Gold - first year fee waived, no 1x/lifetime language, $5k/3mo. spend, targeted, but still active
  13. Here's the goal: a 2-week (or more) Around-the-World trip. Read the article this morning about this s̶t̶e̶a̶l̶ deal allowing you up to 22,000 miles of actual flight distance,12 flight segments with potential for 8 stopover and has to be one direction (East to West or West to East). The deal depends on you trading 125,000 American Express points. I've currently got ~70k. Managed to catch a targeted offer, applied and was approved for an AmEx Biz Gold card awarding 75k after $5k/3mos. minimum spend. I *likely* already have enough free hotel nights. The preliminary itinerary: - Seattl
  14. Happy with credit pulls database reports of limits: $10k-$20k, but interesting, Alliant says rates "as low as 0%"... what does that mean!? I don't feel like wasting a HP to SEE what xfer rate they'll give me. Plus the card's normal apy is 10.49%–22.49% APR - quite a bit higher than Inspirus'. (Although I don't intend to run a balance, you can see from present circumstances that, from time to time, I do)
  15. I'll look at Alliant. Thanks for the head's up. Navy is actually where I'm transferring the balance from - about $10k at this point.
  16. Funny, when I was declined it didn't even occur to me to ask for reconsideration... despite the fact back in the day I'd do that regularly. Water under the bridge at this point (I think it was about 3 months ago). Re: AmEx... already have it... Browsing the current reviews for "best" 0% apy balance transfers, there wasn't anything else that really stood out... Mostly just wondering what are typical limits granted by this lender as a $5k or $10k card isn't going to do much for me.
  17. Thanks, but yea: BOA recently turned me down for another card (unsure why, but no sense in trying again) and I'm WELL over 5/24 for Chase. Likewise the 0% apy for months sounds good... but what I'm more interested in right now is 0 fees...
  18. thanks, saintly, that'd be the Signature 2% cash back. I'm looking at the Platinum, just for the balance transfer
  19. Resurrecting the topic: any thoughts on this card since it was introduced? Am considering the 0 fee, 2.00% APR balance transfer for 12 months (along with the lower 8.00% - 14.00% normal APR). There's no data in Credit Pulls so I'm also curious what initial limits typically are
  20. Regardless of *overall* util... what was the highest util of any ONE card? BC that was the issue for me. But centex may be right if you've had significant amounts of new accounts or CLIs. ​Closed by granter doesn't matter except *possibly* in a manual review (and even then it would be minor assuming other substantive credit). ​Cascading closures by Comenity are usually only caused by serious issues with your credit - you've offered there's nothing wrong with it and, if so, I wouldn't worry My best advice is move on and focus on top-tier lenders. Comenity is sub-par (despite me having a
  21. I think it's probably more about what a lot of people suffer, which is difficulty confronting past problems even when we have the right answer. I have some of that in me also, and it's never served me well. Best CreditBoards post ever. Nice to see some empathy. I'd swear the sink-or-swim/bash-em-on-the-head/I'm-so-much-smarter-and-snarkier-than you culture that has existed on CB in times past simply doesn't serve our aims. Dealing with credit issues can come with a bunch of shame; and implying that others are salamanders, lazy or stupid doesn't help those of us with credit issue
  22. You should try "Pay OC, not CA" with both utilities: the cable and Sprint. The deal is you have to get creative. I had a Comcast bill more than 2 years old had already gone to collections. Comcast phone customer service couldn't even find it, until the 3rd attempt found a rep that was willing to dig deeper and provided me with the account number. Looking it up online the Comcast online system still had an online account for it... but would NOT allow me to make payment online. So I used my bank's bill pay to FORCE payment for the account. Bank record the next day reflected that payment had
  23. As Occam said... it's not about the inquiries. Comenity ​is EXTEMELY sensitive - over sensitive - to debt ratios and other indications that a creditors credit is going sideways. Their customer service often doesn't have any info; Comenity (in my experience) never reverses the decision... DESPITE the fact that, as soon as you rectify whatever IS appearing to show your credit is tanking, they'll grant you the same exact card with an even larger limit. Same exact thing occurred to me: New Sportsman's Warehouse, $2k limit, only a few weeks old; working on minimum spend for bonus and ran a
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