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  1. Yeah, all Walmarts around me just became hardcoded against purchasing vgc with a cc as of yesterday. That sucks as options in my rural area are few and far between.
  2. I've had them take as long as 6 hours. I usually get the black packaged Walmart kind. Sometimes its almost instantly but other times it takes a bit. I've just gotten accustomed to not using them until the next day.
  3. Just go here and do the accounts receivable app. Don't fill in the pg part. https://www.lowesforpros.com/l/business-credit-center.html?int_cmp=Credit:A2:Credit:Corp:Lowes_Business_Credit_Learn_More
  4. Ill add that my in laws used a TA last year and they booked them in a crappy non chain airport hotel before the flight out that I am certain the agency must get a kick back to book people in there.
  5. Finding and booking flights and trips is half the fun for me. And usually Im using some combination of points. And for most hotel status benefits you need to book directly with the hotel. The only time I used a TA was after we booked a Disney cruise and they mentioned we could change it to be through a TA for a $200 credit from the agency. Otherwise I think the internet has replaced most need for travel agencies.
  6. Amex held a grudge against my my wife for a returned payment (my fault, too many bank accounts) for over a year. No more approvals or CLI's for a while, maybe even close to two years then finally approved for charge cards first, then eventually another credit card a few months ago.
  7. Like cv says in our area the assesed valued the county will show is 1/3rd the estimated value and then its taxed at a multiplier. But that still is not its appraised value. Anyway you need comps to get an idea of its value. What has other land been selling for. Of course you can try to negotiate. Also know that a bank will generally require a much higher downpayment for the land if you are financing it. It's different than buying a house.
  8. Sams is no PG, they have a section on the app if you want to PG but it's not required. Make sure you don't fill it out as the reps at Sams are a bit clueless about this. Too bad it's seems to be the only one... They are clueless. I had to really work to convince the Sams lady to enter the app without the PG portion. She was positive it would never go through. Luckily a younger girl finished me up and I got her to "just try it". Approved for 9k. The first lady was shocked. Lol. I have a 3 yr old LLC with other Synchrony net accounts and a decent looking D&B record so I was pretty sure I would get approved. Just make sure you have some business credit reporting first before you attempt.
  9. FYI - Prorated fees are no longer a thing. https://www.doctorofcredit.com/amex-eliminate-prorated-annual-fee-refunds-starting-septmeber/ They are still for product changes... as of this past year. I may attempt this and find out then.
  10. I have a no PG net account with Lowes opened last year. I couldn't get a revolving account without PG. If you have Amazon net account than you should be able to get Lowes. Both Synchrony bank.
  11. FYI - Prorated fees are no longer a thing. https://www.doctorofcredit.com/amex-eliminate-prorated-annual-fee-refunds-starting-septmeber/
  12. Can you split it up? I haven't looked but you used to be able to get pretty cheap cash flights inside Japan. Or cheap flights using Avios. That might make it easier to book the SAN-DFW-NRT through Chase or Amex. Just lose the convenience of all being on one ticket. Edit - Don't you want to spend a couple days in Tokyo anyway? Also I'm super jealous if you are going there. I've never made it down to Okinawa but heard great things about it.
  13. I'm sorry I missed this when you posted it. Very nice!! Thanks. SIde note, we just got back from our Puerto Rico trip and it was once again wonderful. It seems to be a great place to go with older kids, as they had a blast. Spent one day snorkeling and boating to an empty island. Also went back to Playa Mar Chiquita which is more of a local spot, but the ocean crashes through a small opening in the rocks and creates a fun wave pool. Worth the drive by far. Here is a cool video of it that someone else made. Lots of stoplights still not operating but I think locals always thought stop signs / lights were just suggestions anyway.
  14. Cycling the credit limit several times per month is asking to be shut down. I dont know if you can convince them you are not a risk or not.
  15. I did a car loan through them. It seems they used FICO 5 for everything.
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