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  1. Sorry about the delay, I got the CSP. I THOUGHT about the Reserve, but no 100K offer so I passed on to CSP with the annual fee waived for the first year.
  2. Hello all, I was FINALLY approved for a Chase Sapphire Preferred card after being declined in January (5/24 rule) and multiple times before. They were upset about a chargeoff from 9+ years ago and newly opened cards. So first I wanted to say thank you again for helping me out again, and I actually had a question as well: I applied first for the CSP and then maybe an hour or so later, I applied for the freedom for the rotating categories and 10% back using Apply Pay thinking I would get two apps with one pull. They declined the Freedom app. I want some reconsideration, what should I be saying. Seems as though they aren't being helpful on the phone. Thanks!
  3. Thanks once again, this wonderful website has revived my credit twice in my lifetime and I deeply indebted! Back in November 2014 when I could only get a Capital One Credit Steps credit card and no one else approved me, I went with Credit One and got a credit card. My credit score was maybe between 575 - 625. It's now 770 - 790 and I now have a $20K CL with Capital One. My credit limit with Credit One somehow jumped to $1,000+ and they wanted to give me more, but with a $45 annual fee, didn't see it as necessary. Plus, aren't they owned by a collection company? They offered to lower my annual fee to $36 instead of $45 and reasoned that because they are reporting my perfect credit history, it was worth it. I declined. God willing, I'll never had to have their credit card again. Thanks again guys!
  4. Capital One also has a 48 month BT offer @ 5.99%.
  5. Finally got them to look at my paper application. Applied for the cash back card right afterwards, instant approval for $21,300. Highest approval to date.
  6. Did not know this. Should go to Costco today and try this.
  7. I love all of the sharing of information on this site. I can honestly say 100% that my life would be completely different (being able to buy a house, fight off creepy JDBs),without the help of this website. I have been DYING to get into NFCU, and now I can.
  8. I have two Citibank cards already, DC & Simplicity, but 4% back on gas and 3% back on restaurants is tempting!
  9. So, in May of last year I opened up a partially secured $99/$500 BofA CashRewards card. After 9 months, unsecured and my credit score is easily 100+ points higher. I called and asked twice and received two different answers to my questions if I could have the annual fee waived. I was told, Yes, it's unsecured, no annual fee and then was told, Yes, it unsecured, but because you signed on to these original terms, we will NEVER waive this annual fee even though your credit is much better, etc. They suggested that I apply AGAIN to the same card to have it waived. I was a little shocked because every single time I read about this card being unsecured, I read that CSRs gladly unsecured this. My CL is still at $500 , but I still have multiple CLs above $20K with other issuers. Is it worth it to keep this card. I have older closed accounts, but now my oldest active line is a Capital One card from Nov 2014. Any feedback would be appreciative. Thanks!
  10. I need to put another success story myself. I would have never thought I can rebuild my credit again and buy my own home, but I found this place AGAIN about 15 months ago and really started reading and posting again and I have Bank of America, Capital One, American Express, CitiBank and BarclayCard credit cards again. A new home too. Thanks CB!
  11. Finally got this card unsecured after 9 months of being with BofA. My FICO score has increased dramatically +75-100 points or so, but BofA won't give me an increase nor will they waive the annual fee? Is it really worth it to get a new card and get the HP with it to get a higher line and a card with no annual fee? Thoughts? I talked to two credit analyst and they both say no because the annual fee is based on the user, not the card itself. Forgot to add that my CL is STILL at $500! They wonder why I won't consider them for a mortgage. Thanks!
  12. GoEagles997

    Amex Green

    Would not bother with the Amex Green, I would go for the Amex PRG, especially with the 50K MR bonus that you could probably get if you use incognito mode on a browser. Or maybe check the Amex prequalified site for offers first too. Wait till until March when those two collections fall off. Lastly, apply for BCP and PRG on the same day. Only one pull from EX.
  13. Would you happen to have the information of who called you back about the denial? I have a 784 FICO and they still denied me. Had an old Slate charge off like yourself from 6-8 years ago and want to get back in! If you have a number, that would be great. I might give them a call to see what they say.
  14. Just started getting my FICO scores from them. It's TU based and from what I understand, just for PA and GA residents now.
  15. You can only redeem the 1.5% back after you accumulate $50 in rewards. Sounds like a nice card on the surface, but unless this is your one and only card you use to generate lots of rewards it's an odd card. Citi Double Cash might be a better option.

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