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  1. Need a private student loan anyone know what report Wells Fargo Education loans uses ?
  2. Whats the lowest score I could have and still get a private student for? Private loan is only option. I am working on fixing the credit report/score.
  3. Looked at several loan packages from various banks....none are doing the no school contact anymore. Reasons...salamanders for one,,,,other reason you may have heard about a banking problem? Credit is tight everywhere. Let us know if you manage to get one without getting it certified by the school.
  4. Guess it depends on when you need the money for school...when does school start? It can be done in only a few days
  5. No..going to apply the stuff here and clean up my credit and apply in a month or two.
  6. Going back to school already have a Bachelors trying to get into nursig program. Since I have a degree most 99% fiancial aid is not available to me...only loans. Stafford loan will be maxed out and I need addtional loan forliving expenses so I dont have to work while getting nursing degree, which is almost imposible while working. Working on getting credit fixed, anyone know what I need to get my score up to and who is has easier credit for student loans, yeah I know no one has easy credit. Oh yeah I am 40 so the parent loan wont work. I might be able to find a cosigner but not 100% poss
  7. Lots of CC dont qualify because Federal loans are only for 4 year degrees and many of the CC programs are either certificate or two year programs.
  8. I am in the same boat almost...trying to get into nursing school already have a bachelors degree. Once you have a bachelors degree you do not qualify for grants....sucks big time. Some...very few scholarships are out there. Loans are about the only option. Lots of the 2 year nursing programs dont qualify for some of the loans and scholarship programs which sucks as well.
  9. Have a hearing for a judgment in small claims in Indiana. A collection agency has filed suit over a dental bill. The agency does not have a license in the state, and gave the wrong license number on the request for information to validate. Have a letter from the secretary of states offices stating they do not have license. Do I have to file a motion and what is the proper term or terms for getting this knocked out?
  10. Ok long story of it, dentist bill went to collections then went to court where I got a continuation for filing a motion for improper venue as they put it in the county of the collection agency. The judge said she would agree to change of venue but not a dismissal. I am going to try to get it kicked out on the basis that the Collection agency gave me a bogus collection license #. Also I want to try to get the original dentist a way to be prevented from issuing anymore info to the collection agency. So I am wondering what the correct way is to revoke the permission to give info. Any
  11. What are type of contract is a cable bill or a phone bill? Also what would a car insurance bill or a check that bounced be?
  12. Regarding my state, Indiana, the SOL for an open account is 6 years. What exactly is open account? Written Contract for payment of money: 6 years same thing what is written contract for money? Written Contract (other than payment of money): 10years, what is is how is it different? and also Written Contract for sale of goods: 4 years. What is written contract for goods vs any of the others above? How can I determine which these are on my credit report?
  13. I have a judgment from 4/2004 that was several items bundled up by a collection agency. My Credit report shows the judgment and at least some of these items. Should they be there still? If not what process should i use to remove them?
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