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  1. Hello everyone! Its been a few months since I last posted, but I haven't given up on the credit quest. Since I last posted I managed to have all the negative accounts removed from my credit reports using the 1-2 punch. The bad news is that my score has only gone up about 70 points (to 587). Currently, I only have one account, a secured capital one card that I secured with 200$ but now has a 500$ limit. What do I need to do now that all the bad accounts are gone? I figured it would be apply for some credit, but the score is still so low that im sure it would get denied. Do i need to invest in some more secured cards? That;s really the only thing i can think of doing, besides letting my current card age and applying for an increase 4 months at the 1 year mark. Thanks again for any advice you can give!
  2. I would be happy with anything the community wants to do with it. Here is a link http://i.imgur.com/VoJiLUr.jpg?1feel free to post, pin, or any other thing C'mon...you've got a preference, I'm sure. Well, breeze created it, so as long as she gets credit, I really am happy with whatever the community decides. Breeze's original thread has a lot of good discussion included in it too, so that is something to consider.
  3. I would be happy with anything the community wants to do with it. Here is a link http://i.imgur.com/VoJiLUr.jpg?1feel free to post, pin, or any other thing
  4. I'm glad you like it! Its the least I could do, since I've learned so much from this community already.
  5. "You might want to order your Chex Systems report." yeah, i already know that i can't get a bank account. I had to use my girlfriends bank account to get the secured credit card from capital one.
  6. yes, and The check is actually a canceled check from one of my customers. They had paid me 2030$ for a product and then they canceled the check which caused my account to go negative by that amount, and i wasnt able to pay it back. (the business actually failed over the incident)
  7. Oh yeah, sorry guys, I did mean the junk debt when i mentioned the 1-2 punch. the dfas debt was actually mostly covered by my income taxes, all but 500$ this year, so thank you for the link. i will set up a payment arrangement immediately.
  8. "how do you owe the army 2900" I got out early to take care of my daughter after her mom bailed on us, so I had to repay part of my sign on bonus. "That is why you should not pay them." At this point should I do the "1-2 punch" on them?
  9. here are the junk debts, the amount owed and the open date: Acct res corp 85$ 2010 I C SYSTEM INC 55$ 2014 MID CONTINENT CREDIT S 468$ 2013 PROFESSIONAL CR MGMT 90$ 2011 I live in Arkansas.
  10. "Anything current? Still owed to the original creditor rather than a junk debt buyer?" The Arvest bank canceled check is a write off and still owed to the original creditor. It is also the only write off. Everything else is junk debt buyers. I dont have any other legal obligations like child support or alimoney.
  11. "Are there any court judgments against you for the (non-tax, non-fine, non-student loan) debt?" No, no judgements at all. "So definitely, the taxes, the fines, the student loans, should come first." All of those are actually being taken from my income tax return this year, so they will be marked as paid. The only government debt I have remaining is the US Army overpayment of 2900$. I disputed the 1600$ broken lease and experian removed it, but transunion and equifax kept it. With the fines and taxes being paid, what do you think the next step should be?
  12. Of those debts 7 are on my credit reports. those are the only things i have on my credit. i did just get a $200 secured card from capital one to try to raise my credit score (from a very low 500), but it isnt reporting yet.
  13. here is a breakdown of my current debts https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aDorQ3Ndaoyb28KVKSvemCZNI0-2VUznfSA2tzw-k38/edit?usp=sharing The student loans and AR state tax i owe will be taken out of my income tax return this year. What do you think should be the next step? Should I pay off some of those smaller debts first to get them off my credit? Any advice is highly appreciated!
  14. Thanks for your reply! Another factor I forgot to mention is that this loan is not currently on my credit report. I'm not sure why it isn't. I mass "not minded" my reports a few years ago and it seems be one that dropped off. So will paying it or entering into an arrangement put it back on my credit?
  15. My last income tax return is set to be garnished for the amount I owe in defaulted student loans ($1900) but a rep with Great Lakes told me it would be better for my credit if I enter rehabilitation for nine months first and put in a hardship to have the income tax garnishment returned to me. She said that if I pay them now their status would be "default paid" on my credit report, but if I do the rehabilitation first it won't show that I was ever in default. Is this correct? Another question I have is that at the time the loans went into default I was in basic training and thought that I was covered by the scra,but I was still put in default. Is there any way i can fight that? Or should I just leave that part alone?

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