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  1. You know the Seals and Delta, etc have a training facility up in the mountains there. They were probably coming from Bragg, Pope or Jacksonville. Would be my guess. Although in this day and age who knows. ETA - why would you pay all that $$$ for a few mozzarella sticks? You could've gotten more for less at the grocery.
  2. Nemeweh


    The Physics of little Ponies...
  3. Echo, I do not harbor any hostility towards you, nor did I think you were referring to me. I have called you on your behavior in some recent threads, but that is not harboring hostility. I also have not seen any threads where you, or anyone else, has been bullied. I've seen some threads where some liars were called out, and others where some hard truths were told. That's not bullying. I think I'm just less inclined to call it "bullying" when it's really not. I think he's still buttsore with me. S'ok though "Another Quaalude, and he'll be mine again". As to this thread.
  4. Oh gosh VE, I didnt even see this. Glad he's feeling better.
  5. I murdered a bowl of Bran Flakes this morning. And then? I murdered a banana.
  6. voted again. Did that other girl seriously post "vote for me" on your daughter's page?
  7. Nem...unfortunately, this has been most of my life...my experience as a child living under a constant bombing threat still stays with me..people can think I am loco all they want, when I am out everyone gets the sideye.....people are too complacent here... I guess it really is a matter of prospective. I've honestly been impressed with the fact those Black Ops types have been keeping us safe from it for so long. Even if I don't always agree with their methods. I think Americans forget things like "Luby's cafeteria" or that McDonald's massacre of 1984 - while not done for political purposes, it's still a terroristic attack carried out by a mass murderer. I guess if you've never really lived in a fearful environment, you can't understand? Until that point, when you do. Yep. Just a blanket, across the board statement. And he's been posting that way since Sandy Hook.
  8. Once upon a time when I was a much younger girl and we lived in a far off land, my father would not allow me to go into the only "American" fast food place (a Burger King) in our city. I thought this was very unfair, after all my friends could go and it was across the street from our school. I just knew my friends and fellow students would think I was some kind of “weirdo”, so I would sneak in when I could get away with it. My Dad explained it was a "soft target" with lots of glass that would cause lots of damage to innocent bystanders, with no security to speak of. The perfect killing ground for anyone looking to hurt a bunch of American kids. This was in the late 80's and our small American community lived in the aftermath of the Berlin night club bombing and Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbee . We sometimes were put on lock down and had to be back on American property before midnight and were supposed to stay inside until 6am. (not that we always listened!) It was the way we lived for many years. I think after what happened during yesterday’s Boston Marathon, we all must be vigilant. No matter who did this, the time has come when we all must live with the idea that when we go out into the world, there are people here who want to hurt us. If you go to a sports event, or a music concert, or any sort of instance where many people will gather, making themselves targets, keep your eyes open. Be vigilant. Watch for those things that “don’t belong”. And stop and think about your surroundings. This has been the way of the world in most countries for a long time now. I'm not saying we, as a society should be afraid. I'm not afraid. Like many of you I am pissed off. When I am in a public venue, I guarantee you I am not sitting there looking around thinking "Im so scared someone is going to blow us up!" No no no I am thinking "I will eff a backpack-dropping mofo up!!!!" And so should the rest of you. Echo - seriously dude, are you trying to push my buttons? Because you truly are. And I don't want to have hurt feelers between us,I really don't. You have your opinions and I am ok with that even though I disagree with you. But go ahead and basically call me an salamander again. One more time. I haven't had any red on my warning bar for a long time, but I will max that sucker out if you don't stop calling people names because you haven't the longevity or forethought to think for a hot minute "Omg people who are IN power and have power might do Effed up isht to gain what?!?! More power?!?!?! Omg!"
  9. Bleah. My kid has a mouth like his mother. I just apologize and keep it moving. I know I'm a bad influence in this department and refuse to be a hypocrite. :dntknow: Tell your kid to stop using cuss words until his little butt is old enough to pay his bills. Such is the rule at our house . Good luck with that, and let me know if you find a way to prevent them from talking like that. Who knows, it might even work for my foul mouth too.
  10. Sounds more like a BMW driver to me. If someone is trying to cut me off, and I see its an Audi driver...I speed up..they.are.the.worst. No no no, It's always the Lexus SUV drivers around here. Every. single. time.
  11. In this house we have a saying too. It goes something like this..."I will burn your M-Effen house down" I find it highly effective for keeping the neighbors at arm's length too, fyi.
  12. Oh also saw that the bill was dropped after some kidlet used her stalking powers for good. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/girl-follows-lawmaker-around-tenn-capitol-until-drops-205014334.html

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