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  1. Exactly what is it; that you say?. .Just curious that's all, cause i been sitting here reading and seeing reference to this type of letter and wondering what the '' contents'' entail LOL.. Thanks..
  2. I actually had this a while back on my reports and did not even know it was there until i ordered my EQ report. Anyway; EASY-PEASY removal. I contacted Library and was told if I paid it; to them; they will have entry removed. I paid and it was GONE that same week!; oh and if I'm correct, Unique deals with Library collections only
  3. AMEX might sound nifty, but you need a much better strategy than just getting an AMEX because it sounds nifty, especially if you want to get out of "toy card hell". Your Walmart FICO is TU, which is your clean report. So your EX and EQ will be lower by a decent amount. And AMEX 999/1000 is going to pull EX. I would expect your TU FICO to go up to 700 or higher when your utilization hits 0. Freeze your EX and maybe EQ. As soon as that utilization reports 0, go for soft pull CLI's from Captial One through the EO, Discover, Lowes, WalMart, and Amazon. See what you get out of those...with Capital One and Discover being the important since they are the only real cards you have. Let those CLI's hit your reports, and then go for some TU pullers. Barclays, BofA and you can give Chase a try. Chase might whine about the frozen EX, but they might not. Then you can go for an AMEX before those new accounts hit your reports and drag your scores down. Then close First Premier, Blaze and Credit One accounts. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing advice. I will follow It to a T!! and eventually come back to this thread with an update. ALL of you guys ROCK!!
  4. Thank you All for responding Great advice; and YES; i will get UT down to almost nothing and wait for it to reflex on reports and then reapply... My negatives = an old AT&T being reported by AFINI. / $743.00 DOFD is 2010 but AFINI just started reporting. I DV'd them and they sent a partial statement from 12/2010. They also sent a letter saying due to age of debt they would not sue...They sent a settlement letter too; for 1/2 owed; but I learned here that paying them at this point would not help one bit. I called OC but was told that I was not in their system; as debt was written off in 2011. 2nd negative = Farmers financial; also from 2010. I have heard NOTHING from these folks; which is weird; but they do keep updating monthly and have added on additional fees to the original amount owed. They are a JDB; I think; from what i been told and on my report it say from OC / written off / sold-Debt buyer... I am ashamed to admit that these two negatives = almost 6k combined..
  5. Thank you for responding so quickly!! My utilization is currently''now'' about 18% or less; but at the time of last Walmart FICO update; I was about 36-37%.. I plan on bringing UT down to 1% by June 1st. TU = clean EX and EQ; each showing 2 derog / neg that are almost 5 years old each Other than that; nothing else...
  6. Hope I'm saying this right; I don't wanna waste a HP for nothing; but I WANT an Amex! Not knowing any better and way before finding this place; I mistakenly fallen into the proverbial ''toy card hell',,,,like 2 first premier, 1 blaze, 2 creditone's, 1 capitalone and so on,,,I would love to close these cards,,, On the bright side; I do also have Walmart, JC-penny, Lowes, Amazon store card, Wells-Fargo- visa; CareCredit and Discover IT; all in good standing and no lates ever,,, My walmart FICO is 679 and i did not see anyone with that low of score being approved in the pulls; So other then the pre-paid thing; is there any hope or is it just a wait-and-continue-to-evolve situation? Thanks
  7. THANKS to those who responded!! I feel much better now ...And I must be doing something right, cause I just logged on to Wells-fargo and to my surprise they DOUBLED the limit on my CC. I was at 1500 and now $3,000!! Was not expecting that at all
  8. Reliable? I ask because i am SO confused! CK / fako =719 Capone = 607 ...YIKES!! cause it was 647 last month and nothing changed; except utility / usage did go up ( was helping son with wedding expenses ) and now / today usage is at 36% according to them. Good news is that I , as of yesterday; paid $3300 of the 5500 total owed; so no doubt this has reduced my utility down more than 50% and will be reflected on their next update.. Walmart = 679 Anyway I know CK is useless; but I dunno about the others and now I don't know WHO to believe!! Oh and one derogatory and NO lates; 7 inquiries.. Thanks
  9. Thank you for your responses; I understand freezing much better now. I foolishly thought freezing would prevent folks like JDB or CA; whoever...from having any kind of access to my file. I totally now get the strategic-pulling aspect too!. Anyway; letter mailed earlier to AFNI / copy on file; and I can't call ATT&T till Monday. We actually have a local place here; so i might just do a walk-in and seek assistance. You Guys are the BEST!! I'll post back to this thread; if and when anything transpires...
  10. I been reading and reading and reading...nonetheless;I hope this doesn't sound stupid; but other than concern of fraud; what other reasons are there to place a freeze? I know that opting out prevents solicitations and that I've already done. I ask this question because I now have my TU totally clean and I want it to stay that way! I'm worried now because I just opened the mail and to my surprise there was a letter from AFINI, Its an settlement for less offer. Its also states that they will not sue because of age of debt; so forth and so on... I panicked and pulled EQ and sure enough there is a new account on there. Had I checked my emails; I would have seen the ''Alert' EQ sent too. This collection was certainly not on the EQ hard copy that I received in the mail several weeks ago. The account is AT&T as OC and being reported by AFINI. The last time we had AT&T was almost 6 years ago or even longer. We never heard anything about owing a bill. It could very well be possible tho, and if so; then I wonder why after all this time; they suddenly contacted us? Anyway; I don't want this to pop up on my now clean TU. I just checked that too; and so far it's not on there. I'm going to send a letter today to AFINI requesting verification and support documentation proving we owe this debt. in the meantime; I'm going to also call AT&T to see if they will provide me with details; especially since its been so long ago... ANY advice would be greatly appreciated!!!...Now back to more reading... Thanks
  11. I have a silly question; well more than one; actually... How many inquiries is deemed too many to have?, Once something gets deleted, can it be reinserted?...And PLEASE tell me what FOAD stands for!! I looked and read but cant seem to find it anywhere... Oh; and i am in what i now know ; thanks to being here; ...as ''Toy card hell'....Please help!! Thanks
  12. Thanks; I was actually thinking along the same lines; but afraid of the additional hp's / Inquiries. i have 7 already from over the past year and a half..
  13. All on Transunion; which is now totally clean!!! and i just logged on to CK; (totally FAKO i know,) but nonetheless, my score shot up 33 points within the past 5 weeks, I now sit at 710 and as fake as it is; I am LOVING those numbers....I was 677 with them before finding Credit Boards. So far; I opted out; deleted old addresses and phone numbers Disputed on line ( I now know that's NOT the correct way to do it) Anyway; one judgement removed as obsolete; and an old medical at same time also removed. I had a cable collection to tackle next that we definitely owed from 3 or 4 years ago and that's why I did not bother to dispute it. I called them; fully prepared to pay this; intending on using the ''pay OC' route and was planning on then disputing with the CRA, the collection agency listed and reporting. Well It did not even get that far, because when I called the OC / cable company..... The automated thingy said; ''we-don't-recognize-your-number' -please-'hold-on-for-the-next-representative' Finally;a lady on the other end; asked for my address and phone number; which I readily gave and explained to her that i understand we have an outstanding bill; which I'd like to take care of.. After several minutes of being on hold; she comes back informing me that she can not find any account associated with my address or phone number. I asked if she was sure cause there is a collection agency reporting this on my reports. '' I ask again;about any amount owed showing in their system? Again she says; 'NO'. Now don't ask me what prompted these words to come outta my mouth; but,,,the next thing I heard myself say was....''can i please get something in writing stating this''; and without hesitation, she said 'yes' I got the letter few days later and scanned in and up-loaded to my new online TU dispute....Within a week at best; collection REMOVED...... Looking back now; I think had she asked for my ''former' address or ''previous' phone number; she 'might' have been able to pull it up??; Hmmm; perhaps, perhaps not. cause it was obviously written off, and sold; whatever,..based on the fact that a collection agency is / was reporting it. Now on to deal with EQ and EX...val snail-mail this time... Anyway; THANK YOU thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still a little confused and still learning as I go; but so far; so good and once I get EQ and EX similarly cleaned and my over-all utility down, I should be sitting ''non-FAKO' pretty,,,

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