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  1. I can't think of anyone more suitable for DCU board than @cv91915
  2. Were the information they had accurate... w.r.t. to salary? I would worry that this type of information is never likely to be reported accurately. Keep us informed on how the freezing went... I may want to do the same.
  3. Usually, if a product change results in a new card number, then it would report as a new card with a new open date. If it doesn't result in a new card number, then it doesn't reset anything. You can ask them at the time of product change, if that is the case.
  4. Ok, found a source for Equifax Bankcard Score 8. Citi offers it (at least they do for my Citi Premier) and matches the score from MyFICO. Though it appears that the scores are delayed by about a month before they appear on Citi, but accurately tracks my score history from MyFICO for Bankcard 8 and also states that it is indeed Equifax Bankcard Score 8 in the fine print.
  5. I read that as "Go sue for each spouse" 👍
  6. Since 2014 I have been throwing money away at MyFico for no reason for two people 🙄 Thought I should change that starting next year. Experian FICO 8 - Experian mobile app. Thanks @cv91915 Trans Union FICO 8 - Barclays Personal CC website Equifax FICO 9 - NFCU What about Equifax FICO 8? I have DCU but planning to close that as part of trimming useless accounts (it's not useful for the FICO scores as I'm not sure who even uses that score model).
  7. Chase: 888-245-0625 (Credit Analyst - Recons) Number no longer in use.
  8. Sofi, Lightstream or Earnest are known to issue 100K loans. In general, you will have a high likelihood of qualifying for a 100K loan, if ALL of the following are true: Your debt-to-income ratio after the loan is issued supports a 100K loan You don't seem to have been applying for new credit recently (accounts with open dates or just credit inquiries within last 6 months are bound to disqualify you by these specific issuers, but other issuers with lower loan limits may overlook it) Your overall and/or individual account utilization rates are below 30% (may be 50% tops)
  9. I'm not sure if a card like City National Bank Visa Infinite fits your goals but CNB does have branches in CA, so you'd be eligible to apply for it if that card and its benefits are right for you.
  10. This incident is from over 3 years ago... I think someone switched date on the blog post. accidentally or not.
  11. Not sure where you live but if you can swing it, CNB Visa Infinite might do the trick as it covers a large number of merchant codes at 3x. Earn 3 Points per $1 spent on gasoline, grocery, airline, hotel, taxi (including Uber and Lyft), limousine, rental car, train, bus, restaurant, fast food, and takeout food dining purchases It sucks cause you have high spend in both travel and general... that's a hard to optimize for with 1 card. My money is on CSR at this point.
  12. Hey CV, I got the Aviator Biz last month (w/ LLC though) while still holding the personal. 6 new personal accounts on my credit report in last 6 months alone and but only 1 inquiry on TU. Got pending message after application. I didn't call specifically because I could always call reconsideration after denial. Last year when I asked for CLI on my personal Aviator, they said I have sufficient credit (despite it not making up a large percentage of my income). Probably because I rarely put any spending on it. So I didn't call to avoid poking the bear. But anyhow, about wee
  13. Hey CV, I know you took the offer, but before you did what was your thinking around resetting the clock for a future SUB? I'm asking in light of the new Marriott rules for both Amex and Chase and not being able to open any Marriott cards if you basically have cards with the other bank. Were you also planning to close Amex's? I have: - Amex SPG - Amex Biz SPG - Amex SPG Luxury - Chase Marriott (recently upgraded to Premier) - Chase Ritz I will be closing the Amex SPG Lux after the first year, only got it for the sub. I like the custom
  14. Ahh I didn't know of Marvel card. Good to know. All I knew was Citi Prestige and Citi TY Premier at 2x on entertainment.
  15. In your case, 105k points is a significant enough amount, I would wait till I transfer them out before I push the limits a bit. As far as rats go, I don't think I have heard of many permanents bans, just specific incidences directly tied to abuse or pushing limits. I don't think I heard anything around not being able to get approved around it. Like you, I'm still trying to figure out where Starwood lands in my miles/points usage. Majority of my chain hotel stays are at IHG or Marriotts, so Starwood definitely have a place there, just hard to figure out how useful it is value wise. Annual f
  16. Which credit card do you all put entertainment spend on? I spend a good amount of money on Ticketmaster, Stubhub, AXS and the equivalents in Europe and it's a shame to have those go un-bonused. Currently they all go to SPG.
  17. Amex Platinum $450 annual fee (2017) - $200 airline credit - $0 uber credits (am boycotting Uber, Lyft + Juno only for me) - $some FHR benefits (didn't add up but I know I got at least 1 night free this year that was greater than annual fee) - $+ some lounge visits but I just think of that as a bonus and don't attach a $ value to them as I probably won't pay for them unless I'm extremely tired - $566 points earned (37.7K @ 0.015) = $-316 I'm not going to have too much airline spend or FHR spend in 2018 (going to focus on spending more points this year), so
  18. I have read http://www.whychat.5u.com/GUIDE%20HIPAA%20PROGRAM.html, but just wanted to verify whether this process applies for my situation. I have a single medical debt collection that appeared on all 3 CRAs last month. This medical incident occurred in 2013, and my insurance took its time in paying it as there was some confusion as to whether it was really me or not because it happened out of state and the hospital either messed up my name or my social security number when submitting for insurance claim. It was resolved and paid by my insurance about 12 months later. But I think the hosp
  19. I'm missing the story behind this joke. I remember the guy though.
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