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  1. http://www.timesdispatch.com/servlet/Satel...s=1045855934842
  2. House committee OKs bill on payday lending Measure includes no caps on interest rates, limits loans held to 3 BY TYLER WHITLEY TIMES-DISPATCH STAFF WRITER Jan 31, 2007 With a room full of lobbyists and payday-lending supporters looking on, a House of Delegates committee easily approved a payday-lending bill sought by the industry. The 16-6 vote by the House Privileges and Elections Committee surprised the bill's lobbyists, who had expected a closer vote. But several supporters warned that if payday-lending abuses continue, they will seek to repeal the legislation. The measure includes no caps on interest rates, which can go as high as 780 percent a year, according to opponents. It prohibits the payday industry from making more than three loans to an individual at the same time. Now, there is no limit. The State Corporation Commission would be required to set up a database of borrowers, so the industry could monitor the loans. But borrowers would pay 50 cents each time the industry accesses the database. The measure appears headed for easy passage. It already has passed the Senate by a 35-2 vote. The industry marshaled a huge lobbying effort to oppose stiffer laws. Lobbyists include two former Cabinet secretaries in the administration of Gov. Mark R. Warner, a former campaign manager to Republican gubernatorial candidate Jerry W. Kilgore and a former chief counsel to Kilgore, then attorney general. For yesterday's vote, the industry bused in supporters who helped fill a meeting room in the General Assembly Building. Asked to explain the bill, a counsel to the committee said, "The language was produced by the industry." The efforts paid off. In December, a motion to repeal the law allowing payday lending failed in the same committee by a much narrower 10-8 vote. According to the State Corporation Commission, almost 446,000 Virginians took out 3.3 million payday loans in 2005. The industry had $1.1 billion in revenues. A total of 91,000 borrowers took out 12 payday loans each, a debt cycle that proponents said the three-loan per person limit would curb. The industry said the large number of loans showed that it serves a useful purpose. The committee endorsed a proposal that would require the industry to post in its places of business signs stating alternative sources of money for the would-be borrower. The Senate rejected a similar proposal. During the 2½ hour meeting, Helen O'Beirne, representing a coalition of church groups and others opposing the measure, called the industry's practices blatant usury. She likened the industry to prostitution and loan sharking. This brought a groan from some supporters in the audience.
  3. http://www.varbusiness.com/sections/news/b...cleId=193500991 CEO of MSP Provider Compulinx Under Arrest By Chris Gonsalves, VARBusiness 0:00 PM EST Wed. Nov. 01, 2006 Federal law enforcement officials Tuesday arrested the well-known CEO of White Plains, N.Y.-based MSP provider Compulinx on charges of stealing the identities of his employees in order to secure fraudulent loans, lines of credit and credit cards, according to an eight-count indictment unsealed by the U.S. Attorney's office in White Plains. Terrence D. Chalk, 44, of White Plains was arraigned in federal court in White Plains, along with his nephew, Damon T. Chalk, 35, after an FBI investigation turned up the curious lending and spending habits. The pair are charged with submitting some $1 million worth of credit applications using the names and personal information -- names, addresses and social security numbers -- of some of Compulinx's 50 employees. According to federal prosecutors, the employees' information was used without their knowledge; the Chalks falsely represented to the lending institutions, in writing and in face-to-face meetings, that the employees were actually officers of the company. Terrence Chalk is also charged with racking up more than $100,000 in unauthorized credit card charges. If convicted, he faces 165 years in prison and $5.5 million in fines, prosecutors say. Damon faces a maximum sentence of 35 years imprisonment and $1.25 million in fines. No one was answering the phones at Compulinx Wednesday morning, and the company's Web site was not responding. Terrence Chalk, a member of Westchester County Business Council's Hall of Fame, is well known in the channel as an early adopter of the managed services model and innovator of the "coopetition" model, which helped bring other service providers into the MSP space. "We've seen a lot of different companies in the channel try to get into managed services, and a lot of them want to partner with us to reach some of those opportunities," Chalk told VARBusiness last year. "Having a network of partners expands your prospects." Compulinx was known as Computek until 2004, when it acquired Linx Logic, formerly part of Ernst & Young Technologies. The company developed its own proprietary software platform for hosting customers' networks, dubbed Manage:Now, and moved on to launch its own partner program that allows other resellers to team on managed-services projects. Compulinx also manages a massive IT infrastructure, which includes four data centers, more than 300 servers and a whopping 40 TB of storage. Any disruption to Compulinx's operations would seemingly be troubling for the company's partners and customers, but as of Wednesday morning, few were commenting. Compulinx was among the seminal members of Ingram Micro's VentureTech Network (VTN) organization, which bolsters the profile of some 300 SMB solution providers nationwide. A spokesperson for Ingram Micro Wednesday said Compulinx was "moved out of VTN well over a year ago" and was also no longer listed with the Ingram Micro Services Network as of January 2005. Ingram wasn't alone in giving Compulinx a seal of approval over the years. CMP Technology's own Institute for Partner Education & Development (IPED), in conjunction with Babson College, named Compulinx a Channel Elite member last year. Chalk's attorney, Mayo Bartlett of White Plains, said Wednesday afternoon that he hadn't spoken to his client about the potential technology fallout for Compulinx' clients. Bartlett added that he hoped the Compulinx business could continue uninterrupted despite the CEO's legal woes.
  4. or try & #39; remove the space between the ampersand and hash mark. http://www.tedmontgomery.com/tutorial/HTMLchrc.html
  5. i loved all of the above
  6. Well this does happen, it is a clerical error somewhere. Your SSN has been included in the SSA Death Master File. ALL THE CRA's use this file as a fraud prevention tool. This way you don't apply for credit pretending to be your deceased brother for example. Simply contact the SSA on Monday and inform them that the reports of your demise have been greatly exaggerated and that you need to have your SSN removed from their Death Master File! Glad your still alive and posting on CB! The OP can search here to check if they are on the Social Security Death Index: http://ssdi.rootsweb.com/?o_xid=0028727949...9&o_xt=40890898 Hey Shawnee... Didn't Crap One insist you were deceased? Unreal. The "information world" can, indeed, be scary. Sounds almost like some sort of Twilight Zone episode. shawnee's name came to mind also when i thought about who this happened to before.
  7. cool.......hope all goes well
  8. What kind of job? i know what kind of job.....ever see the terminal w/ tom hanks...........Transportation Liaison
  9. that is the only toolbar i have installed on my systems. i use the spell check feature often.
  10. BooM

    Crap 1

    was it sold to MCB? my acct was sold to them. if you dispute the TL there is a good chance it could delete. when i called crap1 to see if i could pay them and close the acct, they said they couldnt even access my acct and i had to contact MCB.
  11. If you owe money....they have a PP for a pull. The hard and soft thing was invented by the CRA's. The CRA's allow the hard pull becasue they make more money off CA's than they do off of you.....CA's win. Yah except that if the debt's out of stat, it's legally unenforcable. As in...it doesnt' exist. As in...no PP. Can I have some of that crack you are smoking.... SOL or not a debt is a debt. The debt is indeed valid...FOREVER. So yea... they have a PP dude. ::puff:: Tom, are you perchance from the OTHER SIDE? Like Tee said
  12. i also have the invision favicon.
  13. i uninstalled it a while back. i mostly play counter strike source.
  14. BooM


    Credit Glossary - what all those terms mean http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=32

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