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  1. Thank you so much.. I'm looking for that topic in the pinned section.... Do you know the title?
  2. Yes, since he didn't know it even when to collections until last week when the lenders pulled out credit reports. The only reason he knew that it was due was because he was pulled over when the police ran his tags.... On the credit report it says "closed" though?
  3. Hiii! Small world!! It says INTERCREDCOL Is that what youre asking?
  4. More information: Apparently the county (Forsyth County) has to have the tax paid July 1st. It's always been due in December. He just moved to that county at the beginning of that year, so was not aware it would be due in July. But the question is: how can we approach this to get it off of the credit reports?
  5. Thanks for the replies everyone! Ok, So I asked him and its his car tax that was sent to collections. They said it was due July 2013 and he didn't pay it until Feb 2014. He never received anything in the mail about it. He usually gets the tax notice in the winter... Like this year. There is no balance, was paid off right when he found out about it. Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks for your help!
  6. My husband and I are buying our first house. We are in the lender search stage, our credits were pulled, and to our surprise, his credit was lower that what we expected. (The last time he checked it was in the high 700s- 800s. He was not contacted to renew his registration for his car in 2013, (possibly from moving, and not having the correct address?), it was due in May and he was pulled over by police and informed and payed it that month. The credit report showed it was sent to collections. Can someone help with how to have this taken off of his credit? It has lowered his score by about 75+ points, with no other problems on his credit report. Our interest rates are suffering...Thank you for any help!

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