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  1. So they bumped me up to 7500 but hey that's something . Currently my max is 4K with cap1 so the based it off of that
  2. What's the best way to go about it as far as what should I say to request it
  3. I got approved for the extra points nfl card with 6000 limit I would like to call to recon for a higher limit if I can . When should I do it ? When I get the card or today since I ran the app and got approved today?
  4. You attempted an increase too soon. It needs to be ~181/182 days since last increase. Also, wait until your payment has cleared. can i try again after that time period? its in 4 days .
  5. So i have both a secured capital one card and and quicksilver one card , the secured card has a zero balance and the other card has a 1000 balance with 500 payment pending. It has been about six months since my last CLI i was told by the CSR on chat to hit the CLI increase button but i was denied for having a CLI to recent. Do i have a way to call in to see if they will Recon. I just got the message in my cap1 message center. The last CLI was 2k when my credit was not as good as it is now. I have nothing negative on my Credit file right now.
  6. Currently I have a secured card from capital one which I've had for 4 yrs and a quicksilver one card which I have had for a little over two . I have cleaned my report up completely and I'd like to convert my secured card to a reward card . Is this possible . The people on the phone speak horrible broken English and I can't get a straight answer. How would I handle this with out loosing AOA
  7. Not sure of my actual fico however CK say its 650 which im sure is way off. the only thing hurting me is the utilization. I do have low limits on my CC since I am rebuilding everything. my score was low 500's last year this time now I have nothing bad on any of my reports . unfortunately I live paycheck to paycheck and paying down the CC's quickly really isn't a option. I pay all the bills on time but never seem to it much lower. 100 here 100 there doesn't really make a dent.
  8. Currently I have no more negative items on my credit report thanks to the folks here on CB and im working on trying to get my score up so I can look to get a home soon. I have about 4 thousands in debit among all my credit cards. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to take out a small personal loan either from my credit union or I heard about Lending Club or similar and get a lower interest rate and pay off all my cards and make on payment to the loan. Would this help me or hurt me. I thought this would help by showing low utilization on the cc's and also show a positive trade line
  9. really wont the age of account and positive payment history show on my reports its based off his personal credit not the businesses
  10. So i have been working on my credit for the past year and i have finally got the last collection account off my reports. I am currently working on getting my credit usage down below 30% and im also getting my named added to my father in laws business credit card which is in perfect standing and has been open for as long as i can think 10-20 years at least, so i can show a long AOA and Have another positive trade line.Now i want to protect my self from anything negative and move to increase my score. So what do you suggest i do . I would like to buy a house and a car in the not to distant futu
  11. So my credit score is in the mid to high 600's I have one collection account still on one of my reports which I am currently working in getting it cleaned up. if I get added to a family members credit card account that should help but if they tank there credit does that hurt me in any way?
  12. I have a question if I did a validation letter and the CA sent said the validated it with the credit bureau . Can I try again now that it has been 6 months?
  13. i would really like to know more about this Cap 1 secured card graduating. I have had them for 3+ years now on a secured card which i have used alot. always pay on time sometime multiple times a month along with my quicksilver card . I would like to get my deposit back and have the card a no longer secured version and get some rewards or benefits with out loosing the AoA.
  14. are the charges/fees legitimate i don't know to be honest its been 5 years. I never got any contact regarding this that i can ever remember. im sure if i did i would have paid it then. I was living in fl i have since moved to NC and i think the SOL is 7 years. Nothing on my credit at all. i wouldnt have known about this had i not go on to buy the scarf.
  15. So back many many many years ago i sold and bought items on ebay. i wasnt a big seller or anything just once in a while i would sell my car audio equipment or my old sell phones. I was more of a buyer then anything. Anyway. I haven't been on ebay in sometime now and today i decided i would go and buy a scarf for my wife that she wanted. It was a give away item at a football game this past season and ebay is the only place to get one. * for a ridiculous amount of money i might add* So i logged in and i get a notice that my account is suspended/charged off. Apparently they never took 47.00 dolla
  16. Congrats on your success . I hope this happens to me soon.
  17. So i have a question I recently reached out to capital one yesterday to see when my last credit line increase was and they told me it was back in august of last year so i figured i would wait another month and then request a increase. Well i just got a email saying they gave me a CLI from 2K to 4K. Would it be a good idea to call them tomorrow and request a recon for a higher amount? I use this card as my primary form of payment for mostly everything i purchase and then pay back as much as possible with my paycheck. i dont usually carry a balance if at all possible however with the holidays ju
  18. So it not eligible for a free credit report so what's the best / fastest / cheapest way to get them .
  19. Do you have the Information to the person I should be emailing ? Any suggestions on what it should say in the email?
  20. I can't seem to find the love button or cli button any where.
  21. So this morning i got another small 500.00 CLI from my capital one quicksilver card. I have been paying it off almost every month. I also use it as my primary card to pay all my bills before paying off the balance. My question is can i call them and have them renegotiate a higher limit? I feel 500 dollars will all the usage i put through it would warrant a higher limit. I have never had any late payments/missed payments on any of my capitalone stuff. I pay multiple payments a month to make sure the balance stays low. suggestions??
  22. my issue is i cant go walk into the CU i know longer live in that state anymore. I just got a similar notice from equifax saying it was updated but i don't see any change. i am going to call EQ and EX today to see what exactly they changed and see how they verified this, Is there anything else i could try ?
  23. Yes they won't do anything since the account is paid in full .
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