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  1. What was the DOFD and what state are you in?
  2. They are paid, so that is better than balances sitting out there, and they will hurt less over time.
  3. If everything is reporting correctly, I'd say let them sit and fall off. If you dispute, they will look newer to the algorithm, thus hurting your score.
  4. YMMV: Their explicit rule is 2 cards, but I currently have 3 and have had as many as 4 at one time, however when I tried to get the savor card I was denied. Not sure if it was the too many cards rule or high UTI at the time.
  5. Auto CLI from my local CU cash rewards card $11,000 ---> $12,000 Not earth shattering, but I'll take it. I haven't been getting increases until recently due to having to over utilize my cards (even the opposite with Barclays balance chasing me), but I guess some can see how diligently I have been working to pay everything off
  6. And that might get me back in with Chase
  7. They can be quite entertaining... Seriously though, I do have one lender that uses Vantage. My local CU that I have all the credit I want with them so I have no need to apply for anything else there
  8. Mine was IIB. They made me mad on the banking side a few years before my BK, so it hasn't been a big priority for me to give them any more of my business
  9. Some banks offer FICO scores as perks so that you don't have to pay. If you are intending a big purchase like a house, then yes, paying for the FICO scores that the lenders use is worth it. Scores can go down (weather FICO or FAKO) with disputes as if the disputed item is not removed, it updates the date, making it (for scoring purposes) look newer. That is one of the unintended consequences of disputing thigs. There can be others, which is why we don't advise just disputing for the sake of disputing. We also advise agents online disputes, as they rarely work.
  10. I don't know about prefer, but I do some of my business on my phone that I need apps for... I am running out of memory on the phone. I don't have any apps I don't use (except for the ones that come preinstalled and they won't let you uninstall them), so a new app for everything drives me nuts. Now every restaurant and hair cutting place also expects you to have their app as well.
  11. Credit Karma uses Vantage scores. Lenders don't use these scores so they are useless. Some credit cards also provide you with Vantage scores, so without knowing what cards you are talking about, we don't know. The scores that banks use are FICO. Some cards will give you FICO scores. There are also paid services that you can use to get your FICO scores.
  12. I haven't gotten back with Citi or BofA. It's been over 10 years, but I haven't tried in a while.
  13. I bet we can offer you a refund of your member fee
  14. I hadn't even really intended to apply, but I got a prescreened offer for a 0% introductory APR. I am currently working on paying off debt that I acquired when I was underemployed, so FNBO wasn't even on my radar. My high UTI right now is probably the reason for the low limit.
  15. VintageWillow


  16. FNBO rewards card 1k line. Was hoping to utilize the 0% apr intro to pay off some of my higher interest debt- especially with the interest rate hike, but $1k isn't going to help that much LOL. Pulled EXP 677 FICO
  17. Found that link... approved for a whopping 1k line. At least I'm making a new banking relationship. Are they known to grow?
  18. The app was done on Tuesday with the 10 day notice, and the email came yesterday. The link required an account number, which I don't have yet, so I guess I'll have to wait. I'm just happy it was an approval, as this was my first experience with FNBO, so I didn't realize that the 10-day notice wasn't necessarily a denial like so many other banks
  19. An email telling me that my FNBO app was approved... but not the limit
  20. Welcome to CB. I don't have a lot of advice as far as secured cards are concerned, but I would be careful trying to rebuild while just waiting out the time for your baddies to fall off. Are any of them still within SOL in your state? Some CA's will see an attempt to rebuild as a great time for them to sue and get paid.
  21. That EX.... such a slacker!! 😉 Congratulations!!!
  22. I have had 4 personal cap 1 cards at a time and currently have 3. Is this a newer rule? If so, it explains why they denied me for a savor card when I was shopping for a replacement for the Marvel Mastercard.
  23. Welcome to CB! Don't be so hard on yourself. If we taught this stuff in school, many of us would never have had to seek help here! Most of us have had to learn how credit works the hard way. I'll let the more knowledgeable posters get into the specific advice; I just wanted to tell you to stop kicking yourself. Learn from the experience and make sure not to make the same mistake again!
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