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  1. I don't remember my password as I logged in maybe once
  2. Send them a FOAD letter. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=278917
  3. I would start with goodwill letters to the lender to see if they will just report ND for those months. With a lot on there it is a long shot, but if you can get them removed, it becomes a positive TL rather than deleting it all together. The best goodwill letters are personal. They will tell the story of why you fell behind and ask for them to remove the late(s). You can send as many GW letters as you want. If the answer is "no", send one to someone else. All it takes is one sympathetic ear (or eye as the case may be).
  4. Allowing a $2 balance to report on one account is better than $0 balances reporting across the board if I understand it correctly. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=544017
  5. Welcome to CB. A good place to start is to read all of PsychDoc's seminars: https://creditboards.com/forums/?showtopic=142032 Read them then triage your reports. Make sure you are working from paper reports ordered from the CRAs as the online reports often have formatting issues that make the information not look the same. Once you have triaged your reports, if you have specific questions, feel free to start your own thread for help. You've come to the right place
  6. Yes, we did I rode through Monument Valley, Arches, and Canyonlands (along with Cap. Reef, Bryce, and Zion) on the motorcycle back in '08, and the DW has been wanting to go ever since...so I took her this year Man, the DW keeps trying to get me to buy in to the Disney Vacation Club and/or the Hilton club. I keep saying "Hell no!", but she keeps asking anyway. Ugh. I didn't even realize that they had such a thing until we got there this time, and got to talking to a lady that was there from Oregon. She's the one that filled us in on it, and mentioned that this week there
  7. I think the point was that if a smaller merchant is forced to pay the bank for your fraudulently charged CC, and they don't have the assets, they will have to raise prices, so all consumers will be footing the bill, not the banks as before. I can imagine that could eventually turn into a snow ball effect of more and more smaller stores closing, causing less competition and prices increasing overall. But that is a the sky is falling type scenario.
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