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  1. It depends on the situation. Read around the boards a little bit and/or give some additional information about your situation. Welcome to CB!
  2. So were we. I was lucky and was able to go through school without student loans thanks to some scholarships and grants.
  3. Welcome to CB! Giving your post a little bump for the more experienced peeps to weigh in
  4. Yes, making your payments every month, but I'd also say put everything you can towards that closed account to get it payed off. Welcome to CB
  5. Some scammers/phishers tried to use this press to their advantage and sent me an email saying my account was frozen. The email address it was sent from wasn't even close to anything paypal would have used.
  6. In addition to what Marv asked, are you getting inquiries on your credit report when you apply for them?
  7. Welcome to CB! There are sooooo many things that goes into the factor of the score that only knowing about 1 account won't be enough to figure this out. Also, the late payments will continue to report for 7 years legally, but that is not the only thing factoring into your score, and it will also hurt your score less over time. What other accounts do you have? What is your UTI/credit limits? How old are your accounts? What else might have happened (such as an older closed account aging off your report)? What score are you looking at? (Is it a FICO score or a Vantage skore)? I'm sure others will think of other things to ask, but that is a start.
  8. Follow the guides: http://www.whychat.5.../GUIDEBOOK.html http://www.whychat.5...AA PROGRAM.html
  9. Good job! It is often hard to remember the long term picture when seeing short term gains, but you're making great progress! I too recently returned from a long break. Welcome back!
  10. Waiting until after the BK will have a higher interest rate, but it will help you start to rebuild your credit.
  11. Hi all. Returning after a LOOOONG hiatus. How's everyone doing?
  12. I don't remember my password as I logged in maybe once
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