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  1. Yes I think that I am over thinking and I am being paranoid I think I LOVE YOU. At the beginning I was so worried as I did not know that I had so much debt, then I started to read, talked with friends in US and they all told me "there is no way out, you should pay, that's it" I noticed that I have read more then them about the credit, they did not know anything about the 7 years fall off, ect ect therefore, I started reading a lot. Then shared my experience with you all, learned new credit vocabulary (sure I am a foreign), then got some answers from nice people like you and I have more knowledge about the credit history now then ever, and I will continue to read about it as I want to have a fresh and solid start while coming back. Thank you for the shared experience. Thank you all!
  2. Thank you for your reply and link provided As I was reading throught "Collection Sore" I understood that when somebody tries to clean up the reports, the info ends up on that report and is given to anyone that subscribes. I see that some collections agencies checked my score in 2013, 2014, and 2015. In the report I got from CRA's I see that: Midland Credit checked my credit on 01/12/2015. Discover Fincl checked my credit on 02/02/2015 while I checked in 01/27/2015 and 02/06/2015 via Karma this means that while I checked my credit in 01/27/2015, Discover Fincl got a notice (maybe). These "free and friendly" website like Karma and more, certainly works hand to hand with CA. The CA are still reviewing this old debt, and they can see that PUSHI is active in Karma. Should I just stop checking my credit? I see that nothing is so private and anyone who wishes can have access and get updates from this "personal accounts" and while that CA see me active this will activate their activity too, and I don't want this to happen. I did not try to clean any report, but the info still ends up on that report and is given to anyone that subscribes. I am afraid that the last activities, will keep the CA awake and vigilant. Isn't that so?
  3. Yes the clock got stopped I know. I have no judgement in courts (checked online) If the debt falls off , will my credit score get better? Off course I know that I still should work on that, with secured credit cards ect ect, but just wanted to know if I start requesting credit cards, can debt collector track that I am "back" The reason I am asking that is that I understand that 7 years will be passed but how debt collectors can track peoples existence? They are eager to collect money and want to know how to not be taken in advantage of (it may sound unclear/ strange questions but want to know more about that)
  4. I would not worry about SOL and collection activity at this point. The 7 years is only for how long things can stay on your credit report. SOL is a separate issue, different for each state, and has to do with collection activity, and when collectors can sue you for a debt. Technically, the SOL may have been "tolled", or paused when you left the country, but I would not worry about this. I highly doubt any collectors will come after you after 7 years. If you do come to the US, and they do come after you, people here will be able to help you and offer advice. Good luck! Thank you a lot
  5. Are all your old debts from 2008? If so, they will all fall off your reports this year. They can only stay on your reports for 7 years. TU will usually delete them 6 months early if you dispute as "obsolete" or "too old to report" at that time. Unless your potential employer mentioned specific credit requirements, I doubt they will be too concerned with 6 to 7 years old debts on your reports. My understanding is that is it is usually banks, some high security jobs, and jobs where you have the potential to embezzle money, where the employer would be overly concerned about seeing old debts on your credit report. Thank you Yes all my debt are from 2008, therefore everything will fall off this year. How about SOL? Will SOL be taken in consideration when 7 years has passed? That is the only issue I am not understanding well for now.
  6. Hi All, I received free credit reports from TU and Equifax. Estimate dates of possible removal are around 9/2015 period. I know what does it mean, but I am not sure if there are exceptions to this rule and if the debt is collectible after this period. Please let me know if you have experience with this. I have noticed that there are mistakes in these reports. Like for example a debt shows 1- as part of the collections agency but also 2) as part of the Original Creditor Another mistake is the opening dates. October 2008 I was outside the country and there it shows like I opened a new credit card. I would love to hear some real solutions. What would you do if you were in my place? I don't want to initiate any contact yet, I don't want to wake up the monster and this for multiple reasons: I am not sure of all transactions done with my credit card. I am sure, because the total I see is not what I left, THAT IS FOR SURE. Therefore I am not intending to repair my credit by start paying for it, as not all debt there is mine. When I left US I was sick and the only thing I wanted to do was to just go back to my own country. I left my cards to my ex and asked him to close everything down. I had trust that nothing wrong would had happened as he/she was the one helping me building credit....but apparently thinking that I would never go back, my CC have not been closed and I see a lot of more debt then I knowledge left when leaving US. This is the whole story. I would love some real answers please. Thanks
  7. Thank you for your replies I need help to understand and link everything I read together so after that I can finally figure out the solutions. I will send a request letter for a free credit report from the 3 CRAs and I will be back again in a few days. Thank you for the suggestions @ chi - I left the country with no debt, but the debt started after I lefts (If this is what you needed to know with this question???: Were the accounts past SOL (statute of limitations) before you left the country?)
  8. No. They're very different. And CK's score means nothing. You need to start with paper reports received through the mail. That form (mail form) requires an address similar to US addresses (with zip code etc) and these field are required and I can't provide, as some countries don't use zip codes.
  9. Dear Members, I am an international citizen who used to live in Florida for about 4 years and left the country in October 2008. I left US in a very difficult moment. I had a very hard time after my surgery, not just financially but also emotionally. Moreover, and as a foreign students I did not understand a lot of things, therefore when I left the country leaving some unpaid debt. I checked my credit at CreditKarma.com and I see that I have about $7000 in collection agencies and under "other debt" I read a larger amount but for sure that is not mine. Recently, I have this work opportunity to move to US,(Michigan) therefore, I want to have a clean credit before coming there. I am aware of all measures one should take to clean the credit: 1- make a settlement with collection agencies (not sure how easy is that) 2- pay a credit agency to do the work for you (I am not reading good reviews about them) or lawyers (very expensive) 3- open a secure credit card. However, I can't afford to pay any amount, not during the first month in US, considering the fact that even a small payment restarts the clock of status of limitation. I am reading a lot, however, each case is special therefore, I signed up here to have some directions/suggestions from anyone that is more comfortable with different laws (credit card or state laws) Your help is kindly appreciated. Please do not hesitate to ask more questions. I really need some real answers. One last thing, I have a hard time understanding abbreviations, even Google sometimes does not recognize most of the abbreviations people use , therefore please the easier the better for me. Thank you p.s Elements to consider: 1-I've checked Florida's public records and there are no judgment under my name. 2- I can not have access to a free credit report from free credit.com as I leave abroad, and I would like to start clearing things up before I move to US 3- Credit Karma gets information from TransUnion, Equifax and my scores are about the same in both,(2 points of difference) which makes me think that there will be no much differences in results with a report from the three CRA's

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