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  1. I closed First Premier and my Experian score drooped 21pts. I guess I will see a nice boost when my 1 30DL from 2016 gets removed
  2. Thanks Burdell and Centex!
  3. Just got a letter today from DCU stating that they will be removing my 30 late that was reported to the credit bureaus August 2016 from all 3 CRA's courtesy of my good will letter!!!
  4. Thanks Lander!! Keep up the good work on yours aswell
  5. I'm closing the FP card now!
  6. Thanks CV91915, but I'm not concerned about the account age that much.But also I don't anyone to add me as a AU on to there account so that's okay with me.I will still get rid of Merrick and first Premier junk cards and see what happens from there.
  7. That makes sense DPB.But im definitely not looking for any cards and the moment
  8. Hey Shifter, So your saying even tho FP card is my oldest card I still should close it? What are your suggestions? Thanks
  9. Thanks CV91915, Yeah those cards are not reporting zero balances maybe like $7 or $10 on each..So at this point I shouldn't app for another card? And also I see ypu said that you would close Merrick and first Premier with being my oldest? I would have to sock drawer first Premier
  10. Actually I can pay the car loan off completely or pay it down to whatever amount. I will find the thread for the good will request letter.
  11. EQ713 (fico8) TU 734 (fico8) EX 744 (fico8) Open Accounts *Student loan balance $20,661 *DCU Auto loan$5,000 loan *Chase Freedom $2,000 limit (just denied 2 days ago for CLI) $0 balance *Lowe’s $17,000 limit (Just got $7,000 CLI) $10,000 to $17,000 $0 balance *Barclays Apple Rewards $5,000 limit ( CLI from $2500 to $5,000 $0 balance *BOFA $2,000 limit $0 balance ( Asked for a CLI they told me they would get back to me 7-10 days) *Merrick bank $1,800 limit $0 balance *First Premier $1500 limit $0 balance. THIS IS THE OLDEST ACCOUNT 10yrs,4 months. NEWEST ACCOUNT 6 months Average age 4 yrs 5 months 2 Late payments reported 1-30 day late reported August 2016 1-30 day late reported October 2013 *6 Credit Cards total *Student loan *1 Auto loan No new CC accounts opened in the last 2 years. Just the student loan Closed Accounts All with $0 Balances *Capital One *Lending club *Walmart *Credit union of New Jersey
  12. Thanks Burdell, so what if should I provide so people know where I stand and give there advice? I got my scores from myfico.com
  13. Thanks Hegemony!! I know you have some big tips for me lol

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