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  1. 866-243-0226 703-206-2026 Ask for Vivian. I have few other numbers if those are not a success.
  2. You always make me laugh..in a good way of course
  3. Found it..dont know how to put the link her but its titled "Success: BofA GoodWill Letter" Here ya go... http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=533858&hl="success%3A+bofa+goodwill+letter" Thank you! When I can get my brain out of this turbo spin knot (turbo spin knot??? Where'd I get THAT) I will ask you how to do the linking
  4. Found it..dont know how to put the link her but its titled "Success: BofA GoodWill Letter"
  5. Earlier today I read a post related to success with a BofA GW letter! Im gonna go look for it for ya!
  6. Feeling very very very overwhelmed.... Been reading so much..and feel positive while Im seeing the success and progress of others.. Im Having that "I dont know what to do next" but if you saw all the notes Ive taken and the hard copies I have...you would think I was on a roll. All Im seeing is a big paper mess scattered all over this room! I did go buy blue pens today. Sigh.
  7. Wow you've done great! Im sure that light at the end of the tunnel is looking sooooo good! My tunnel has those blackout curtains on em for now..I'll get there...I just know it! So much success here helps me know it!!
  8. INCREDIBLE!!! Im gonna try it too..when I hit that step in my plan that is! One step at a time...and its here at CB that Ive learned each one!!!!!!
  9. VERY COOL!!!! I do believe in the whole "Pay if Forward" and gaining "World Points".....its kindness on both ends!! Makes me happy!
  10. Im havin a hard time wrapping my head around this too...all 3 of my Hard Copies are so different!!!! UUGGHH!!! Looking forward to figuring it out!! Hope you do too!
  11. You did have a successful day today...hmmmmm...maybe wait for a while... Ha Easy for me to say huh!
  12. I have noted this thread on my list of "what to do when you're good at this" ha...Hope the referrals I will be needing will still be available...could be quite a while from now...(sighing but smiling at the same time..kinda hurts though) The whole garden thing...Im thinkin I understand what it means. Im seeing it as a good thing. Im far from that step...I do HOWEVER have a small shovel and rake just waitin for that time to come.
  13. Just wanted to say sorry for your loss and congrats on your strength to move forward. I suffered major loss myself in July 2014 but only finally found the strength very recently. Might sound odd but since joining CB ....Ill tell ya..I feel at peace knowing Im taking a huge step to improve my life and emotional well being!!! Im glad youre reaching out and asking for help..everyones so great here with jumping in and with advice. Im next to start askin questions!!
  14. I cant wait to get to the WhyChat Medical and Judgement removal part of my process! Im waiting to see my results from LexisNexis. Long story short, I was provided a Full Disclosure File, among several reports, from The Consulate when I crossed the border into the US in November 2014. It wasnt until I read here on CB that I even know what these reports are and how they can be used! I have learnd so much! READ READ READ
  15. NICCCCCCCCE and this is why I LOVE to follow threads full of of awesomeness and tools to use. I know I promised to start my thread. Im a bit delayed but when I DO get it going...I hope I have you knowledgable people follow my thread and encourage/assist/ or even laugh. And then when I am able to...you can bet I will share what I have learned as well. I will never be just a taker...Im a giver too!!!!! Last night I felt hopeless in this. Now I feel encouraged. Thank you.

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