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  1. Their current interest rate on one of the loans is in the double digits and the other one isn't far from it so what they are losing in an extra month or two is several thousands. They didn't quite realize how high the interest was and what they could get based on their credit. When they originally got the loan they were led to believe their credit was bad and they assumed so until a couple weeks ago. They had given me their credit reports to see what was bad and how to improve. So long story short I seen how much they were paying and they told me their interest rates, I then recommended refinancing. So for them a quicker process I think is important but at the same time to get a great rate. I'm just not sure which lender(s) are best to deal with. Who did you end up using after PenFed?
  2. I have some family looking to refinance their current mortgages. They have a 1st mortgage of $450k and a 2nd mortgage of $130k on the same home. The home's appraisal value is $690k their payoff for both is at $580k. They are looking to get a lender that will have a competitive rate and hopefully no PMI for 85%LTV. Their fico scores are both in the mid-700's. No Collection accounts, No Public Judgements. They have 2 credit cards (one w/ $1k limit & $0 balance and another w/ $30k limit & $0 balance) Current home mortgages payments are over 10 years. They did have a stretch of about 9 months of lates up to 90 days back in 2012 trying for loan modification thru Wells Fargo that didn't workout. But they ended up pulling thru and making timely payments from then until now. They have good income from jobs and rental income from properties that are paid off. They are not veterans. This home is their primary residence and it is single family. What they are looking for is a lender (that works with Wisconsin Residents) that offers good rates on preferably a 15 year note, that can also do it rather quickly. They were considering PenFed as they already have an auto loan and credit card with them, but have read they can take a long time. They are looking more so for a smooth and quick process than to save .25% or such. So I am posting on here to see which lenders are recommended.
  3. How are you guys getting these? I've tried and have some real nice biz credit lines with no pg. SAMs mc 10k, Costco 8k, Home Depot 10k, Amazon 5k, Sears 5k, etc Is there a backdoor number or someone I should ask for?
  4. Can you list any others? Even some that don't report may help. Thanks
  5. The CPO Mercedes have unlimited mile warranty that's advertised but I haven't read the fine print on it. I know for a fact they did some unlimited mileage leases for 5 years no buyout and had to sign agreement to not export the vehicle. My cousin leased a 2014 c300 4matic but the old body style and got that deal. It's really only worth it for someone that puts a lot of miles as his payments were $500 a month.
  6. I'm trying to find out how some people get a Mercedes lease with unlimited miles and warranty. I have been searching but no luck. My best assumption is I have to find a new 2014 model that a dealer really wants to move in order to get it.
  7. Called and spoke to the OC they were no help. They did have a lot of incorrect information. They also had an amount due that was more than the CA is stating. They sent stuff to wrong address and were no help. They said I can make payment but they will not have it removed from CR and will only mark it paid. Which doesn't really help me.
  8. When I called they had a final date after that I was calling to get service at new address as they took forever and paid the balance owed. The CSR said that was all I owed. But she was mistaken as it did not include the final reading. I will call the OC and see what they say.
  9. Should I 1-2 punch them first? Then if that doesn't work try the pay OC method?
  10. So I just got on my credit report a collection account from Credit Protection Association for a North Shore Gas Acct. Back story to original acct: -For business at a unit I leased and lease ended Jan 31, 2015. -I moved into a new unit few blocks away and still use North Shore Gas -New account is under corporation since for some odd reason I had personal on other acct. -When I did transfer I gave them new address to send bill and I never received a final bill (I also supposedly paid it in full) -Now its on my personal credit report, it is $188. I don't mind paying it but the biggest thing is getting it off the reports. What method would be best and quickest?
  11. I don't think Chase even offers a secured card. They call it a debit. I can use my debit card online - it's a visa / check card - never had any problem It can be a problem for car rentals and hotels. Debit cards also don't have the same protections under the law that CCs do, and you expose your bank accounts to potential problems. He's obviously made it through life so far without credit, so there's no point in trying to get him to build a solid credit profile. If he is just going to use it for small things, he might try Cap1. Even if he is approved for a card with an AF, it is easy to get it waived through the EO or PC to a no AF card later. Exactly! I will have him try capital one first and see what happens.

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