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  1. it's probably past the SOL for your state, and if it was closed in 2009, should be off your reports - FCRA has a 7 year reporting limit if the OC isn't on your reports anymore, just send CACH and intend to sue letter about reaging and reporting a debt past the SOL and FCRA is a FDCPA violation, and each month they continue to report is a continuing violation. Don't pay them a dime. I appreciate the advice...thanks! Sent from my VS987 using Tapatalk
  2. Bumping... Sent from my VS987 using Tapatalk
  3. Good Afternoon All! It's been a while, but I couldn't think of anywhere else to come ask this question. I'm fortunate I remembered my login information. In any case, I did read through a few different threads and did not find what I was looking for and thought I'd start a new one. That said, I was looking over my reports today and there is exactly one collection showing up and it is with Cach LLC on my TU report. It's an old B of A card from like 2008, that would have been closed in 2009 or 2010. According to the report, Cach LLC updated in 2013. I'm simply curious what my options are with this collection. Should I contact them and offer a settlement, should I just ask the CRA to remove it? I'm not sure what to do with this one. Btw, I live in Georgia. Thanks!
  4. Stone Mountain
  5. Got a nRewards secured with NFCU...1G
  6. Exactly what I was looking for..thanks! I guess I need to call around and ask what the cut-off days are. We only have the two right now: Cap1 and 1st Prem.
  7. Regarding utilization, do I want to have a balance between 1 and 30% or available credit when the issuer reports, or should I use that percentage and pay it off at any point in the month?
  8. Yeah, I'll try again. Cap1 did approve us for a $250 CLI, however. I guess that's some good out of this. I'm debating whether I should request one from First Premier, but I'm thinking not. They charge a fee and I recall being told here that that is a card we should close once we can get some others established. I did set up an account with NFCU. I'm thinking I'll wait a month or so and see about applying for a card from them. I have some other payments being made and GW letters out. I want to see what impact those may have.
  9. Heard back from Capital One today. It appears that they read my goodwill letter as a dispute. Their response was essentially "we checked our records and you were late in June 2010. If you have something the proves otherwise, send it to us."
  10. Great news! At least I think it is great news. I just figured out that I do have an in with navy federal. It turns out that my brother, a former marine, has an active account with them. I didn't think he had an account at all but decided to ask him anyway. I'm glad that I did. I'm going to try and set up an account with them tonight.
  11. Just bumping so the thread isn't lost in the shuffle. I haven't heard anything yet regarding those goodwill letters, nor have I seen any change in my reports/scores that would reflect anything. Is there a time period that I should wait out before moving on to next steps?
  12. Cool. I'll continue with the regular mail for now. I haven't started any actual disputes yet.
  13. Got it. That makes so much sense that I feel somewhat salamanderic for asking what it meant in the first place. Thanks! I did mail off some goodwill letters, then thought, "how will I know they were received?" I didn't see anything on the forum addressing that and wanted to ask. Will I get a correspondence from the creditors saying "yay or nay?" Should I do something else to follow up after a few weeks?
  14. Thanks GonnaGetEm... I was checking the Credit Pulls and saw several that showed a higher credit limit after "recon." What is recon? I didn't see it in the acronym list.
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