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  1. Hello - I'm new to the creditboards forum. I've been doing alot of reading the past few weeks and finally decided to sign up. I recently signed up for both Transunion (645) and Equifax (639) to see where my credit score currently sits. Long story short i was careless with my money a few years back when i was in school and neglected to pay one of my credit cards. It got sent to collections but i ended up paying what i though was the full balance to Presidents Choice back in 2011. On my Transunion report there shows no balance against the the card, whereas Equifax shows a balance below of $322.00. Equifax report below. PRESIDENTS CHOICE MC Phone Number: (866)2467262 High Credit/Credit Limit: $1,000.00 Account Number: XXX...618 Payment Amount: Not Available Association to Account: Individual Balance: $322.00 Type of Account: Revolving Past Due: $322.00 Date Opened: 200609 Date of Last Activity: 201004 Status: Bad debt, collection account or unable to locate Date Reported: 201412 Months Reviewed: Payment History: No payment 30 days late No payment 60 days late No payment 90 days late Prior Paying History: At least 120 days past due ( 201011 ) At least 120 days past due ( 201010 ) At least 120 days past due ( 201009 ) Comments: Writtenoff Closed by credit grantor Now i ended up calling Presidents choice and asking about balance and what it was seeing as i thought i paid off the full balance, i thought wrong. Anyways, i was a little surprised as they havent tried to contact me at all in 4 years since i paid what i though was the balance. Doesnt that seem a little odd? Anyways, i gave them my phone number and they said they would assign it to a collections agency. I'm fully able to pay off the balance with the collections agency, my only concern is that the DOLA is 2010-04, which means it will purge by 2016. If i pay the collections agency will that change my DOLA to 2015-01 and thus push the purging to 2021? Not sure what to do here...Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

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