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  1. This what am saying they seem to drawn a line. I was able to get a jugement off before all this stuff.
  2. Same problem I have. I have one left and it's only on EQ all the other CRAs have removed it. It's only 2 months but I'm right there with ya. Yea I hear you.... Some how 2015 it seems they change there internal rules making things hatder. If they only ease them to give ppl a brake.
  3. Well EQ did not delete my last item will try again in may
  4. So you say that the account(s) is too old to report? But they clearly see that technically, it's not. I have intensions on disputing a few of my items in May. I'm just going to ask them if they can remove these items a few months early. I just don't want to say that "it's too old to report" and I run into the a$$hole that says "no, it's reporting correctly". You know? What is this "retention policy"? That what EQ has as full 7 years before deletion of TL and they have been sticking really hard and fast to this policy. I found one CSR who did not tell me this and I called 7X. I told th
  5. How long did you wait before removal. Congratulations Do you mean in regards to the EQ? I disputed on a Tues, got the email on Thurs. Yes I disputed yesterday after 7X of calling. She never once gave me retension policy accepted my dispute and bam hope it's off in 72 hours.
  6. Use your paper confirmation number it the automated system will ask for that number.
  7. How long did you wait before removal. Congratulations
  8. Good for you, just keep pounding away....... Demolition?? That's a bit much don't you think LOL your right I mean delete but I want this finish so demolition may sound good also.
  9. Well I called EQ 7X and finally got CRS to put in for demolition lets pray and hope now
  10. Medel you have done an amazing job of credit repair. Looking back would you have change a anything.
  11. Do you have to wait 30 days from the original dispute or 30 days after the investigation has completed? It's 30 days from initiation of the dispute, or until the dispute is completed. I had my TU dispute finish before 30 days, I immediately re-disputed one of the accounts that was not deleted. I did not have any problems with TU they even deleted judgements now it seems harder.
  12. I get the retention policy always I guess it just a luck of the draw on who you get.
  13. Can you tell me what you said. I keep getting it's EQ pretension policy and I have even trying to get this last tl off it's due 7/15 and am so frustrated.
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