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  1. 10/15 - Opened WF Biz checking for $300 bonus. WF Biz card for $500 is in pending until December. WF has been good for $1600 in bonuses this year between me and DW. 11/5 - Approved for NFCU rewards for $500 sign up bonus. $24,000 credit limit. I also did around $10k with the om/of promotion across 3 cards, and maxed the $1000 staples Amex promo with close to no-fee MGC, glad I waited.
  2. Give them what they want in order to get your MOs. Structuring is real, but you aren't doing it. Just keep your receipts and know how to show your deposits. There's nothing wrong with them asking for your ID to track that you are moving cash around if that's what it takes to play the game.
  3. In general, I try to keep purchases under half my credit limit in a particular month. So, I'm sure to get the CL high enough at the start. For Amex cards, I always pre-authorize the spending in the mobile app before I make a $k++ purchase. Which means I never cycle the CL, a big no-no from everything I have heard. Exception was the WF cards when the bonuses were unlimited, WF truly doesn't care right now, they only want to show wall street that they aren't losing customers.
  4. Got new Chase Southwest cards, personal and biz, and got the companion pass along with 120,000 points. Did the same with DW, so 2 companion passes, 230k or so points for a little MS. My Chevron limit dropped significantly... it served its purpose though. Also applied for the WF Biz card for the $500 cash signup bonus Citi DC +$8000(!) to $31,600 Chevron -$23,976 (!) to $1,024 New Chase SW Plus (6/18): +$15,200 New Chase SW Biz (5/18): +$5000 New Wells Fargo Plat Biz (8/18): +$10,000 $51,600 Discover (5/13) ($0) $50,000 NFCU Cash (1/12) ($2300)
  5. Everything is normal for existing OBCs used in moderation.
  6. Down to 2/24, now planning to build up some travel points for future family travel even though there's not much on the radar yet. Chase first of course, SW Business for 60k points. Apped on 5/2 and went to pending, just sat on it and received approved email this morning. Not sure of limit yet. Citi DC +3000 on 2/12 CapitalOne +400 on 4/10 Amex SPG Biz +$4,700 unsolicited. $51,600 Discover (5/13) ($0) $50,000 NFCU Cash (1/12) ($0) $27,500 BBVA NBA Amex (1/16) ($0) $25,000 Amex EveryDay (1/15) -> (1/91) ($120) $25,000 Chevron (12/12) $22,000 Chase CSP (9/17) $18,000 Amex OBC (4/
  7. Feel like I leveled up my M$ game as of late.... The OD I visited twice/day ran out of DE cards on the rack, so I smoothly opened it up, found a package, took them out of the plastic and put he remainder on rack. Took about 15 seconds. Next visit they were gone again, so I opened the rack again, took 4 out of a new package, and just left the package inside the rack this time. For me, they never ran out again for the rest of the promotion Also found the grocery stores that just auto drain these so I don't have to say I'm doing $200/time, or anything, just ask for one total and manage i
  8. The annual night for $95 seems like a decent enough reason to me if used wisely.
  9. ...off to check for this offer. thanks for the heads up. I need some NFL stuff. http://www.nflshop.com/Alejandro_Villanueva_Pittsburgh_Steelers_Jerseys Very popular right now.
  10. After falling to 4/24, applied for the Chase CSP. Approved with a $22,000 limit. $51,600 Discover (5/13) ($0) $50,000 NFCU Cash (1/12) ($0) $27,500 BBVA NBA Amex (1/16) ($0) $25,000 Amex EveryDay (1/15) -> (1/91) ($120) $25,000 Chevron (12/12) $22,000 Chase CSP (9/17) $18,000 Amex OBC (4/16) $15,000 NASA FCU (1/15) ($0) $20,600 Citi DC (8/15) ($0) $20,000 Wells Fargo 5% (1/17) ($0) $6,500 Sallie Mae (1/15) ($0) $6,200 Capital One QS (9/11) ($0) $3,500 Chase Freedom (1/15) ($0) $3,050 Victoria's Secret (4/13) ($0) ------------ $291,950 Business cards... $12,000 Amex Sta
  11. I got a VC card when my reports were terrible, it helped then. Now I have fantastic scores (knock on wood) and no credit blemishes at all, and I'm still glad I have that card as it is one of my oldest active ones even though it has my lowest limit. I don't ever plan to close it. Since it is > 24 months old and I have other cards with $25k+ limits, there are no downsides at all to having it.
  12. I'm sure that has a part in it but the main issue is they are not doing proper due diligence. See the 2011... docket number in the image I posted? The Withdraw of Federal Tax Lien form has that number on it as well as the original recording Book/Page numbers. If they didn't believe I sent them an authentic copy they could have verified it on the court's website in under 5 minutes. Well I was responding to OP and a few others about why EQ wasn't quick to the draw, with an explanation about why it could happen. I don't know anything about your credit reports or doc numbers, sorry. Th
  13. I had an EQ lien issue. The problem was mismatched record numbers. The doc/case number that EQ listed was actually an update related to the original doc number. Thus, when the IRS withdrew the liens, EQ did not follow the trail and kept it listed. Only EQ did this. If this is your case, you should collect your docs and your proof, dispute again while uploading the attachments, and call after a few days (Google "gethuman Equifax"). CRAs are required to have a human being take a look now, and someone will listen and review your docs with you the phone if you call. For me, I had to tell the c
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