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  1. My new NFCU Visa Sig just reported with a $20K CL. I have an auto loan with PenFed that will report soon. I'd like to get a PLOC from NFCU. How long should I wait. I have 4 EQ inq's and EQ04 score a touch over 700. EX08 and TU08 750+. I've read here that NFCU pulls a hard for everything. Should I give it some time or go for it?
  2. One year lurker here. This board has been invaluable. CL's up to 103K. B* with TU progressing nicely. Currently have two Amex cards (revolvers) that are D* to 1999. Last one received in October. I have three inq's on EX currently. Thinking about apping for PRG, but don't want to do it too soon. EX Fico 758. CL's between 2 Amex cards total 30K. What do you think? I just got NFCU for 20K and it reported a couple days ago. Have new car loan from PenFed going to report soon. Thanks for all the help that the board has provided. Conservatively, I'd say I have 300 hours of reading in... so I guess I'm done lurking. TileGuy
  3. Noob here... I didn't expect my first post to be "banter", but Tileguy votes for vertical...
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