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  1. But your FICO 9 score is 875
  2. Some people said they had to remove add blocker to see it CV. No need to worry CV your 08 is 850 your 09 is 875.
  3. Last increase for me December 2016. I haven't tried for an increase since February when I got shot down for the first time ever from Disco
  4. Interesting... my FICO 09 and 08 are identical at 828
  5. And a trailer park. trailer park is in the parking lot
  6. There have been Amex offers for use with the PRG which I have taken full advantage of... no worries... However, if you haven't closed your Fingerhut card, you may want to do so...
  7. I stay at Hilton's a lot. The Surpass card really racks up points fast, plus the bonus points add up fast depending on the promotion. I'll get at least 12 free nights at decent hotels this year or 3 to 5 at upscale expensive properties depending on how I use the points. I think it's the best hotel card available if you already stay at Hilton properties.
  8. 850... I would like to see it once. I'm solidly in the 820's and with a little more time will be in the 830's to 840's with EQ and EX because I have no inquiries and only 3 new accounts in the last two years... one of which will turnover shortly. If I could make it for another 18 months with nothing new... it's possible.
  9. Don't know how I missed this. Truly stellar. Congratulations!
  10. I have noticed this with Transunion in particular. EQ and EX seem to be more stable and go up and down by nearly exact amounts. TU not so much.
  11. CLI via online request today for $2k. Soft-pull. Limit now $14900. As PotO says... every 6 months like clockwork.
  12. Sweet... enjoy the feeling... and don't go back to the darkside!
  13. there is a difference of between credit and debt blake 10 PS: IIRC Hege has close to $2 million in unsecured CC limits! The art of sarcasm...
  14. Pay it forward if you get the opportunity...
  15. Since I opened the C$R a few months ago... my mailbox is flooded... BOA primarily... but, I have received from NFCU and a couple of others. And... a bevy of offers from SoFI, Discover and PenFed to refi student loans.
  16. FICO is a risk model. Low instances of risky behavior equals higher FICO score under most circumstances. High instances equal a lower FICO score under most circumstances. There are no givens as pertains to an individual score and a change in that score by "X" activity. My credit behavior changes my score differently than the same behavior would change yours. When a lender buys a score they are primarily looking for one thing... what is your risk of defaulting in two years. Past that they use their own models to grant/deny credit. The FICO score is a piece of the puzzle. Figure out each lenders internal model and you'll have something useful. FICO has been picked apart and everyone has a general idea of what will happen if you do something bad or good... within a given period of time. What BW produced should be good enough for anyone to work with.
  17. idk if thats true every job I had over 100k found me I did not find them.. oh the job will find you, but you can't sell unless you go out and find the business. that was the point.
  18. Sales... easiest job to be mediocre in and the hardest to be a top performer... But... you have to really want it... cuz it ain't gonna find you...
  19. I used the Marvel card a lot until the Sapphire Reserve came along...
  20. yes... congrats... I don't post much anymore, but you've had one hell of a ride!
  21. I tried to PC Citi's Simplicity card - they told me they didn't do that. Maybe I got an unknowing CSR? May want to verify that Citi will do a PC. For whatever reason, they told me no. But - it could have been the Simplicity they wouldn't change. I've been told the same thing re: Simplicity... they won't budge
  22. My score of 824 lists "my most recent delinquency is too new or unknown" as a factor in my score. Nice...
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