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  1. after a year, i'm readt to jump back in the fire fight. WhyChat, should I start over from the beginning and pull new reports and all?
  2. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/beware-new-can-you-hear-me-scam/
  3. i'd love your thoughts on the advice given in this interview
  4. stupid paywall. One million US consumers behind on car loan payments Delinquency rate reaches highest level since 2009 https://www.ft.com/content/0f17d002-f3c1-11e6-8758-6876151821a6 8 hours ago by: Alistair Gray in New York More than a million US consumers have fallen at least two months behind on car loan repayments as the delinquency rate reaches its highest level since 2009, in the latest sign of stress in the $1.1tn market.High quality global journalism requires investment. The proportion of soured car loans showed a 13 per cent increase to 1.44 per cent in 2016, according to data published on Thursday by TransUnion, the US credit bureau with an anonymised database of 220m consumers. Delinquencies on credit cards also rose by about the same amount over the period to 1.79 per cent — the highest since 2011. The rise in bad loans comes despite persistently low borrowing costs and unemployment levels — suggesting lenders may be letting consumers take on bigger debt burdens than they can handle. Lending to consumers with weak credit scores has been one of the fastest growing parts of the industry. Still, the increased delinquency levels follow a period of rapid expansion in the car loan and credit card markets and could be a natural consequence of that growth. About 4.3m Americans took out a car lease or loan last year. The car loan delinquency rate also remains lower than for other types of debt. Americans continue to prioritise car loan repayment a sign of the importance they attach to their vehicles. Bankers say overall credit quality remains good. The mortgage delinquency rate is significantly higher than the car loans rate, at 2.28 per cent, although this remains low by the historical standards of the home loan market. Still, regulators have been raising concerns for months about weakening underwriting standards in the car loans sector as Americans borrow larger sums to buy bigger and better vehicles, and take longer to pay off the debt. The average borrower has about $18,400 in debt on their car loan — up about a tenth from three years ago. Nancy Bush, an analyst at NAB Research, said: “Auto lending was so hot for a while. It’s almost inevitable the credit quality would be stretched. “Investors have tended to worry less than they should about banks going out on a limb with credit quality, just because we haven’t seen the evidence up until the last few quarters.” Signs exist that lenders are stepping back from the riskiest parts of the market. Santander Consumer USA, the subprime car-loans division of Spain’s biggest bank, reduced originations by a quarter in the final three months of last year in the face of “heated” competition. Across the industry, subprime car loan originations fell 3 per cent in the third quarter from a year ago. In contrast, so-called prime plus and super prime originations rose. “This is at a period where we, as an industry, should stay disciplined,” Dean Athanasia, co-head of consumer banking at Bank of America, told an investor conference last week. “You got to watch credit. You got to make sure we’re not diving too deep into the lower end,” he added. “That cuts across all products — whether it’s card or auto or home equity. And that would be one area I’d be concerned about as we go into the next year or so.” Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2017. All rights reserved.
  5. https://www.ft.com/content/0f17d002-f3c1-11e6-8758-6876151821a6
  6. wow ca was warned in 2005 to fix the dam. also, not much snow fall in oroville.
  7. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/stores-to-customers-cash-not-welcome-here/
  8. max $5000. must have monthly direct deposit of $500 a month. must have the prepaid card https://www.mangomoney.com/what-is-mango/savings/
  9. i have a barclays an ally savings. both @ 1%. ally also is linked to a checking acct that i use for buyng my nieces and nephew's birthday/christmas experiences.
  10. this has been a rough year for me. have had 2 family deaths a week apart and my MS has made it harder for me to use my limbs. but, i'm getting back to repairing my credit. i dropped the ball on my aetna eombs. it is my intent to dive back into this first thing in the morning.
  11. i'm in la also. i recommend opensky secured visa. openskycc.com. they report to al 3 bureaus and don't run do credit checks. they do have a $39 annual fee. i wish you well.
  12. single ppl can always find love on hook a canuck. there's your sponsor.
  13. I got a visa in January just for this purpose.
  14. millennial here. I've had Chocolate Goodness credit a long time. Just got my first cc in 8 years this past October. I use my debit card at Costco b/c I don't have an AMEX. I got an OpenSky Visa because Costco is moving to Visa at the end of March. Until a week ago paid my bills on my debit card. I think it was NateinVA who showed me the light. All my cards (3 of em) are secured and not rewards cards, but I am learning. But until I got more active on CB, I didn't know these things. It's not like we learn these skills in school. As Donald Rumseld said, "There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know." In this credit game, folks don't know what they don't know.
  15. Absolutely will do. I'll update this post once I receive the EOMB. I didn't get a letter from Medicare, I spoke with a rep on Friday. I'll call back and request a written statement.

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