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  1. Hi Marv! Thanks, I saw that... But it was 9 years ago... Just wondering if anyone had applied lately ...
  2. Hi guys, do we know who they pull?
  3. I only have 10K on one card. I could see if it was in the teens or 20 or 30. I use them as my main bank .. So it would've been nice to have another card but oh well. 2 HP for 24 months is enough of a reminder.... To not apply again to find out.
  4. Excuse me if there is a thread already on this. was planning on buying an iMac and I have been stacking my rewards. Or at least I thought! I have my preferences set up to email me an Apple GC when I reach 2500 points. I get the emails saying I earned the rewards but never got any emails with actual e gift cards. I called them and they're like yeah we've been having a problem with e-GC. They offered to mail them. OMG the whole point of that busted card is for the rewards and Apple financing. Then they can only see the current year (2016). I had rewards from last year that weren't redeemed as well. What if I had never checked?!! The supervisor was able to put in a request to get my 2015 rewards mailed to me. But everyone needs to check, especially if you have them auto converted for e-delivery.
  5. So after checking CK and seeing my TU CK score drop 36 points.... I took a scan through my TU report. TU REINSERTED two baddies that been deleted from my reports for at least 5 years. Where the F did this come from?!! I think I know what happened. The only place these baddies still exist is on my EX report and they were scheduled to be removed October 2016. Wanting a clean file on EX too, these are the only baddies I have left on there, I disputed as obsolete on EX. I figure they wouldn't even do anything because they were previously disputed. But they must have actually notified the creditor and that's why they're reporting fresh to all the bureaus again. What are my options? Find confirmation where this was previously deleted from TU and cite they were supposed to let me know 5 days before reinserting it? Dispute as "not mine"? My address from back then has been removed and I have a different last name. From what I can see; this hasn't appeared on EQ yet, but I'm sure it's coming. I wonder if they reaged it on EX as well. I'm done messing with disputing, hopefully these still fall of EX in October. DOFD was 1/10 so I guess worst case it will be off TU in January... if none of the efforts work. I thought I was done with this part of credit repair. Almost had a panic attack when I saw that this morning.
  6. I have applied twice for another USAA card, since the first one I got 10 years ago. I keep getting maximum credit extended as the decline reason. The one I have has been at an 18% apr and 10K CL for Ten long years with not much usage because I don't get rewards and the apr is not good. For S&G and science, I applied for a CLI on it and was given 8K. I asked them about lowering the APR and the guy laughed and told me that they don't that. I'd have to close the card and reapply. Can you only have 1 card now if you're not military?
  7. OP, I'm sorry to hear this. This has happened to me recently numerous times. With debit cards that I don't even use at NFCU and USAA... So much so that USAA sent me a new debit card and I'm leaving it inactive. I will just use my ATM card if I need to withdraw anything. I'm listening intently to the suggestions too, as I have no doubt my info is prob being sold on one of those sites. I recently subbed to myfico 3b and it sent me an alert yesterday "info detected on black market site" scared the crap out of me.
  8. Does this report to the credit bureau? Or is it just like basic overdraft protection? It just came along when I opened the checking. I don't want a new CL for $500 reporting. Is this something you can request a CLI for or not even bother? Especially with my recent exposure... Trying to stay under the radar. 2nd q... What's up with Penfed funds transfer? Seems like it's taking a while. I funded my checking account and money market and it was debited from my USAA acct on 4/15. It's still not showing in my account.
  9. I'm sorry to hear that. Oh well at least it's just your first decline...lol. You'll get it! You've definitely got your foot in the door!
  10. Baller, thanks so much for taking the time to read and answer my q's. I was approved for the PLOC .. I picked 13K.. Don't ask me why lmao...it's already reporting in my account list. I now have checking, my savings from 2006, money market, thrifty at $500 and a PLOC. I don't need a car right now, but when I do... I will come look at them. Everything has been flawless except getting them to change my name! They want a notarized DL or marriage license. Every notary I've spoken to says they can't do it because they can't certify state or government documents. I sent them another email, I hope they respond. Got all these fine products but won't be able to use anything (legally) if they don't fix it. Awwwwww! Congratulations!!! I think you are safe, I was scared as sh1t to rock the boat with them... But as everyone mentioned it was only one inq.. And I put my reports back in the freezer just to make sure.. Even though now they have PP as a current creditor. Go for it and report back. I'm sure your limit was reduced because they didn't want to be your first big card. It's still a super solid approval that you should proud of and you didn't have to wait a decade lol!
  11. Applied. First it went to under review and now it' says preparing to disburse. Is that promising? Another q is now that I see my card in the list, with available credit. Tried to do a balance transfer and it said 0.00 is available. Do I have to wait to activate the card before transferring a balance? Of course I worked myself into a tizzy reading threads where people said their card was suspended when they received it, or their limit chopped and then had to send in docs for Penfed. I hope that's not my experience!!
  12. Ok, I'm going to do it. I see my Visa in my list of accounts now with 50K.... I feel better. What amount should I ask for?
  13. Thank you! I was considering the PLOC but my research said that Penfed max exposure of 50K .. Is that just for the credit card? Would the PLOC be separate? It says transferred in the app, for some reason online I can only see the application and no status. Hey! Thanks! I totally want to if I'm not at max exposure! Im getting used to seeing "approved" now lol.
  14. Highest single line is NFCU at 30k, I have 2 Ventures @ 20K each and a bunch of cards in the teens. I'm gonna stop saying I can't believe it but I really can't lol. Personal income is high six figures (in case that was the next Q) Oldest account is 21 years old. AAOA is 6.5 years on EQ.

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