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  1. What's the easiest citi bank card to get approved for
  2. I had a citibank card maybe 20 years ago and had a balance of maybe $1000 I never paid, after 7 years it fell off, I was wondering if I should even bother. Applying for one again?
  3. What are you looking for from a card? No annual fee and a card that will match or exceed my highest limit
  4. And thank you, any ideas on who I could hit up next, with my eq 720?
  5. I said some things which I apologized for a very long time ago under a different account, not to mention I wasn't even warned first, I believe it is time to move on from this, everyone deserves a second chance.
  6. First I would like to thank everyone on this forum for their help even though so said I would never have real credit again, with defaulted student loans, a foreclosure, a judgment and 34 negative accounts and zero good ones and a score in the low 400's less than a year and a half ago. my equifax Fico as of today is 720, clean report, no negatives and was just approved for US bank signature rewards card $6000 limit. So here what I got going on now. US Bank Signature $6000 Discover it $6000 Capital One Platnium $5000 Capital One Classic $1000 Fingerhut $2000 Marathon gas Card $500 US bank Visa $500 First premier $300 I have been canceling the cards I don't want one at a time, first premier is next, I also have 9 inquiries in the last 2 years and a Fico of 720 from myfico, which card should apply for next using my Equifax report of course? TU vantage faco is 801 out of 990 with 5 baddies falling off this year, and EX Fico from my Fico is 667 with 6 or 7 baddies most also falling off within the next year, both are on ice with very few inquiries, 3 on TU and 1 on EX Also can someone take me out of CB jail please! I believe I have served my time lol
  7. Yea I'll have to check with my Fico and get my latest score I'm just guessing but my Fico for TU is 671 and 692 for equifax buy experian is my worst report
  8. Hello everybody today I got an invitation to apply for Amex everyday, but I know they pulp experian and experian is my worst report, but I have been seeing am ex soft pulling my credit every week for years now, so not sure if I should apply, my score is probably around 650, I have a thick file, 8 paid off home mortgages, 9 current credit cards all paid on time, only 1 inquiry, but I have 7 negative items most 6+ years old, 3 closed accounts for small amounts, 2 collection accounts for student loans all 6+ years old! a paid off verizon wireless bill for $120 and 2 collection accounts for the same $1500 bill from 2013, 10+ year AAOA, so you think I should opbother applying?
  9. Not having taxable income as a means to not pay student loans is counter intuitive (there's quite a few low cost repayment plans now). But if you have turned things around since you carpartboy days, congrats and good luck to you Thank you good fine kind sir, and yes I'm trying to turn this thing around
  10. Fingerhut doesn't really bother me they keep giving me credit line increases and there isn't any annual fee just helps out my utilization
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