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  1. I'm looking for input on what cards to app for. My bk7 is off of my EQ and EX, and should be off TU any day now. I'm trying to accomplish several things with this app spree. 1. Maximize my rewards on my spending. 2. Establish/reestablish positive relationships with lenders that may be of benefit me in the future. 3. Broaden my base of cards so that, once these are aged, getting a new card here or there will have little to no impact on my AAoA. I am planning to nearly double my current number of credit cards(10). This will hurt my scores significantly in the short term, but should make my credit more solid over time. Cards I currently have: Fidelity Rewards Chase Freedom Discover IT USAA Rewards Amex Wells Fargo Cash Back NFCU Platinum Barclay Rewards Penfed Platinum Rewards State Department Platinum Rewards Quicksilver My list of cards that I am considering, with purposes in parentheses: Citi Double Cash (reestablish a relationship with Citi while giving me another 2% option) US Bank Cash+ (5% categories) Amex BCE (3% at supermarkets) BOA Cash Rewards (3% category) Amazon Prime Rewards Visa (5% at Amazon) Capital One Savor One (3% on dining and entertainment) (I am already getting 3% on dining with my USAA Rewards Amex, so this one may not be worth my interest) State Department Cashback Rewards Plus (another 2% card with no redemption hoops, plus cell phone protection, extended warranty, CDW, trip cancellation) USAA Cashback Rewards Plus Amex (5% cashback on gas) Chase Freedom Unlimited (Considering this one only for the $150 bonus and to get another Chase card before I go over the 5/24. I really don't see any use for it otherwise. The Freedom Card which I already have is their only card that seems particularly useful to me) ETA: Looking at the Chase Ink Business Cash (5% categories +$500 bonus) I'm just wondering what potential issues there are with using a business card for personal expenses? I would appreciate any suggestions of other cards that may be useful, or input on the usefulness of cards I am already considering.
  2. ccn3

    Upcoming App Spree: Seeking input

    It's definitely the Ink Cash that's approved, because the automated line is now telling me my APR is 0% for one year. Interesting data point, my credit limit is exactly 10% of my annual revenue, which is not a nice round number like 0 or 5, so probably not a coincidence.
  3. I got a small personal loan from a local bank.
  4. Too many "men" these days don't take responsibility for anything. I see women all the time on Facebook looking for a job for their boyfriends or husbands.😂I would never hire someone who can't look for their own job.
  5. ccn3

    Upcoming App Spree: Seeking input

    I noticed Chase doubled the limit on my Freedom while they were at it. Still a toy limit, but I guess they liked what they saw while going over my app.
  6. ccn3

    Approved for Citi Rewards 11yrs post BK7

    Well that stinks. They do have good rewards, so it's worth it to keep trying since there's no hp.
  7. ccn3

    Upcoming App Spree: Seeking input

    The status changed to approved on the Chase Amazon, but the Chase Ink is still giving the two week message. US Bank apparently denied my recon. I'll try again a year after my utilzation is down. Edit: Maybe Chase has my applications backwards, because I haven't received my gift card funds on Amazon yet. I think that's supposed to be immediate once you're approved for the Amazon card.
  8. ccn3

    Approved for Citi Rewards 11yrs post BK7

    Nice. I hope they'll let me back in one day. I tried after the bk was removed, and I was blacklisted. I will try again after ten years from discharge. I burned them for over 15k, so I am not optimistic. Then again, it would be nice to have the backdated credit history, but they were by far the worst creditor to deal with before I filed bk. The threats were unrelenting. The most pleasant to deal with was actually Capital One. I can't say anything bad about them except that they flat out refuse to give me a decent limit.
  9. Exactly why you should have a separate account for that.
  10. ccn3

    Approved for Citi Rewards 11yrs post BK7

    The only one who won't let you back in is American Express, and even they do sometimes. Everyone else I went BK on let me back in, Capital One almost immediately. Citi was the longest wait for me, and every creditor I had was for thousands or tens of thousands.
  11. ccn3

    Approved for Citi Rewards 11yrs post BK7

    They aren't BK friendly at all. They will usually let you back in after ten years though. Congratulations on the approval!
  12. "Legal tender for all debts public and private".
  13. ccn3

    Does Discover have any prestige?

    Was Discover ever actually hard to get? These days it's almost as easy as Capital One.
  14. ccn3

    What Is a VantageScore Used For?

    It's used for giving people false expectations.
  15. ccn3

    Credit score hasn't changed over 6 months

    There's no way your FICO scores could be that low without negatives information on your reports.
  16. You made it the full 8 minutes? You probably lost at least that many IQ points.
  17. ccn3

    Upcoming App Spree: Seeking input

    US Bank denied for amount of revolving balances. I called recon, and explained that my balances are at zero interest, and will be paid in full when that ends. They said they would reconsider, and to call back on the 13th for an answer. I checked the automated system today, and it says not approved. I don't know if that's the recon or the original application. BoA denied me due to a previous delinquent account(IIB), and credit utilization (32%) I'm still getting the two week message from Chase. Pulled the trigger on the Chase Amazon card, and getting the same message for both cards. At least I'm back in with Citi, and I have a 5% gas card now. I can't imagine I'll be denied by Chase as I have a good relationship with them with multiple accounts. My FICO was 719 when USAA pulled it.
  18. https://www.usaa.com/inet/wc/credit-monitoring-id-protection?akredirect=true
  19. Best to get a secured card that will graduate, like Discover or BOA.
  20. ccn3

    How Long Before Asking Again For Cap1 CLI?

    That's odd, they recently denied my CLI for "Recent use of this account's existing credit line has been too low". I have had mine for almost ten years. I had a measly $500 limit for five years, and was able to get a small increase by writing EO. I have been trying the luv button maybe every six months for years with no luck.
  21. Another win for DISCOVER!!! ☝️💪👏😋😎
  22. ccn3

    Upcoming App Spree: Seeking input

    Approved for Citi and USAA, waiting to hear on the others. I held off on the Amazon card.
  23. ccn3

    Upcoming App Spree: Seeking input

    As expected I appear to be blacklisted from Amex. Instant denial, no hard pull.
  24. ccn3

    The Master Why We Complain About Discover Thread

    I haven't seen anything that couldn't be said about any other card except for limited acceptance, but who cares unless it's your only card.

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