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  1. This forum is just full of arrogant jerks who aren't nearly as smart as they think they are. You can't post anything on this forum without people misinterpreting it, and then having to attack you for it. It's no wonder the site is dead now. I remember years ago it had a lot more traffic.
  2. As the point that AMEX has more defenders and less detractors than others went over yours.
  3. It's crazy how defensive people are over AMEX. You don't even have to say anything bad about AMEX, and all these people still come out of the woodwork to defend them. Get off AMEX's nuts, they are just another lender. They lost their prestige long ago.
  4. Why not? It's not like AMEX is more prime than some of the others that people like to call subprime.
  5. At least nobody was calling AMEX subprime for it.
  6. 😁 I'm not complaining. I just think it's funny how nobody cares when Amex does this, but if it was NFCU, Discover, Penfed, USAA, or Cap1 you'd have people on here saying this is why you shouldn't deal with these subprime lenders.
  7. Some people have to learn the hard way. 😂
  8. It makes no difference as far as FICO is concerned, but you don't want to be one of those fools who has all their cards with one lender, and then is screwed when that lender suddenly gets stupid and decides to close all their accounts.
  9. Someone reported that customer service told them they are doing "right sizing" for accounts with minimal spending.
  10. You have enough credit cards for FICO scoring purposes so there's no point in getting another secured card. I wouldn't apply for another credit card until your score is high enough to get an unsecured card that has a reward structure that's beneficial for you. It always takes longer to go from the mid 600s to the 700s than it does to get out of the 400-500s. I think you just need patience at this point.
  11. There are some who would say this is subprime lender if it was a credit union that did this, or Discover.
  12. They specify landline at the beginning of the article, but later they say landline or mobile gets you a better chance of approval vs skype. I don't think they are actually penalizing people with a cell but no landline. Over the next five years AI is going to complete change the underwriting process, and eliminate a lot of jobs in the field.
  13. They are probably both in the 800 range, so it makes no difference. The article might have been interesting if they gave their actual scores, and what the differences were in their reports.
  14. Just trying to figure why exactly you think Visa will cave on this. Certainly if other chains follow Kroger's lead then Visa will have no choice, but they will win this battle if Kroger is left to fight it alone. JMHO, time will tell who's right.
  15. And you're still not making a coherent point.

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