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  1. Alright, thank you for your advice. I am in the process of removing old addresses from all my reports. What should the dispute letter loo like? I'm till reading PsychDoc's seminars and I have no idea what a dispute letter looks like. Should I just call EQ to dispute it?
  2. Hi guys, My mother and I have the same first name and last name. I checked my EQ CR and there is a negative account on the report for Verizon. It says in comments " Collection Account, Account closed by credit grantor" There is no collection agency listed on the EQ CR. Now, I don't remember signing up for Verizon and this could be my mothers'. How do I go about disputing this? Should I send a validation letter to Verizon or to EQ telling them that account is not mine?
  3. They were hard pulls, at least they were categorized under "requests viewed by others" and so yes, they were both hard pulls.SOL in my state is 4 years. So by now, the SOL has expired because it's been 6 years since I stopped going going to that school. I also believe they were trying to track me. From what I have read on the CB forums, they may have not put it in collections because they don't believe I have the means to pay it yet and they are just waiting till I have the means. Also if they have a permissible reason, will putting it on ice do anything? They will still be able to pull it whe
  4. Hi CameraSnaps, My case is slightly unusual. I was going to a private school as an international student and my parents had issues paying my tuition during the recession. So I was owing the school about 17,000 directly. It was not a loan. On the debt getting referred to collections it increased by 33.5%. I did not have a SSN when I was going to that school, but now I have one. There is no derogatory mark on the two CR I have pulled (EX and EQ) that refers to this debt, so I'm confused as to why they are pulling my CR without actually specifying I owe them a debt on my CR.
  5. Hi Guys, I pulled my Experian credit report and I saw that a law office has been pulling my credit once a year for the past two years. It's to collect a debt I owe from 2009/2010. How can I stop them from doing this? Is there a way I can find out how much time is left on the SOL on the debt? Also, when I got this debt, I was not a legal resident in the United States but I am now.Can this help in making the validity of this debt slightly illegal? Does this change anything? I also pulled my Equifax credit report but it does not have this information on it. Is this normal?
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