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  1. I take it back- link still works in incognito mode, must have to clear cookies. +2k on my other Citi card
  2. Bump for more help- Can you post the date of first delinquency and state?
  3. +1 to both the above I buy a $2 amazon gift card every 3 months or so
  4. So the fax worked! We are going backwards I guess. Partial increase approved to 54k. 36 days total but only 2 weeks since since the fax was sent. 6 months ago was seamless with the online form
  5. +1 to the above financial advice Utilization for installment accounts is not weighted as much as revolving credit utilization, but if you are just trying to maximize your score and must spend 35k... Owing 15k on a 35k loan would be better than owing 15k on a 15k loan. We are only talking a few points here though, maybe 10? And be sure to read the fine print on prepayment. Should be fine except for subprime loans. If you have a high interest rate or fees, it’s probably not worth financing the extra amount.
  6. Not sure why you are seeing that message- the link on the first post doesn't work for me, but I just click through services menu on my account and see the soft pull verbiage. Only other thing to try might be updating income information on your profile? Otherwise Citi has been much more generous with CLI's with a hard pull IME (+20k vs. +2k every 6 months)
  7. Submitted CLI request 2/14, income verification needed. I filled out the 4506-t online immediately. I noticed the form was modified a bit, with a big warning to check the box above signature line (forgot to grab screenshot). Everything looked fine, 15-30 day message. I called in after three weeks and they had no record of receiving my 4506-t. So, I faxed a paper copy 3/7. We’ll see if it worked this time- I haven’t called yet.
  8. Good question- that is entirely possible. This card does not see much use, < 1k/ year. My other Citi card that averages 1k/month has been getting the same 2k CLI. Could just be me.
  9. Nice! +2k for me. Same increase the last four attempts in a row.
  10. Check out the BoA thread for more info: Looks like it doesn't hurt to ask for a big increase; BoA will counter. As CV mentioned above, AmEx and BoA don't seem to care how much of your credit line is used. Chase is usually better to open a new card and combine. Disco I haven't figured out.
  11. Best to order the paper copy so you know you have the complete report. You can go through annualcreditreport.com by phone (877) 322-8228. As I understand this will allow 45 day reponse in the event of a dispute vs. 30 days from a paid report below which is preferred but may cost a small fee for each: Once you have your reports, post a summary of positives/negatives here without any personally identifying information and folks should be along to help Some information in the credit 101 thread if you haven't already read:
  12. Was that credit score from Kredit Karma and 100 points off?
  13. Congrats everyone. Six months later and +2k on both cards here.
  14. They will continue to count towards average age while they remain on your report - for about ten years. You are correct that closed accounts will not count towards your available credit.
  15. Good idea to check your reports for negatives. Those closed cards reporting balances factor into your utilization but at least they are at a low interest rate. The bank line of credit is a better rate than the discover loan, so I would prefer to use that and skip discover. Don’t worry about the wasted inquiry. A big +1 to rebuilding that emergency fund.

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