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  1. +2k every six months for me What are the reasons given in your denial letter? Maybe they don’t like your profile for some reason other than current score.
  2. Bump for anyone that has experience with this situation. Are you a US citizen? This would open up your options quite a bit. US employer? If not, you should be able to get a loan with a US address and US bank account if your scores are still decent, 660 plus. Lending Club comes to mind.
  3. In my experience Chase has consistently updated $0 balance after PIF. They may not advertise it since they don’t have to do this. It takes about 2 business days for me but ymmv. Not sure what your options are if your timeline is that short though. May be possible to refinance after score goes up if you can’t delay until next week.
  4. Bump for advice on Cap 1 default judgement hearing. I would want to avoid the judgement if I had the funds but someone with experience may chime in. It doesn’t sound like BK is necessary in your situation, but it’s impossible to give advice without knowing income and asset side of equation. You mention that you are capable of paying off all cc plus $1700 but you have lates from last month. Does not compute but if you already have a budget and are ready to turn your credit around...Paying off the cards and not paying another dime in interest or fees to those bottom feeders sounds like a good start. You should be able to bounce back faster without the bk if you can climb out of the hole.
  5. Immediate impact: about 100 points. Rough estimate after 1 year is 40 points compared to someone without lates. You get a lot of points back after 1 year. Probably another 15 points after 2 years but it depends on your profile. Good luck with the GW. Vantage scores can vary widely from FICO. You can also get scores from discover at creditscorecard dot com or EX (free version of identityworks not premium) monthly at freecreditscore dot com You’ll probably want to check mortgage scores too before starting refi.
  6. Nice! 2k for me but this card doesn’t see much usage.
  7. If you aren’t applying for anything then score shouldn’t matter... but I’m guessing somewhere around 90 points for a clean profile. Recent lates and the utilization hit is not as drastic. But if it saves you money, better to ignore score for awhile and pay off as fast as possible. I don’t know your current score situation but it could help to have higher limits or a fee-free BT card in this case. Not sure if that is possible for you but something to consider before BT to existing cards.
  8. As far as I know, this utilization you describe is used in EX FICO score 02 but not 08 (or 04 or 09) Charge card balance is included in reason code 01 amounts owed (on cc and non-mortgage loans is too high) They are also included in # of accounts with balances.
  9. None- I thought Cap 1 stopped allowing combos? It is possible they may allow in the future but I wouldn’t count on it. Better to work on your score and apply for something useful.
  10. The impact should be minimal on your profile. It’s not your oldest account, and 137 vs 140k won’t change utilization much at all. Closed positive accounts continue to report for about 10 years. I’m guessing you have more than 5 other cards. I bet your score doesn’t change at all.
  11. Congrats! Jk but seriously could be worse. You get a free metal card to sock drawer
  12. Yes! You don’t need the available credit, and the age will report for another ten years.
  13. I have a US Bank story to share, and thought this might be a good place. I was caught up in a fraud team "glitch." I called to activate my Cash Plus card, but the rep said my account was already closed. Call the Fraud team. Gave me the number. Fraud/Verifications team said there was an issue with implementation of new automated fraud system and it flagged a bunch of accounts it shouldn't have. They were able to reverse the account closure. Call back to main line and activate my card. Woohoo! A few days later, I received a letter from the "CUSTOMER VALIDATION DEPT" saying my account has been cancelled due to "UNVERIFIABLE INFORMATION and VIOLATION OF CARDMEMBER AGREEMENT." The letter was dated before I received the card. "No further use of your card will be permitted, please destroy any cards you have in your possession immediately" etc. I had since activated the card and started using it so I never called. Then another week goes by and I receive another letter. Same date as the first, two days after application. From the "Verifications Department", "We have reason to believe that a credit card has been opened with your name and personal information. It was opened on XX/XX/XXX via Internet. The address on the application was: XX We are concerned that the information on the app may not be accurate or you did not apply for this credit card. It is imperative that you contact us immediately. The address was correct and hasn't changed for a year. The only thing I can think of is my IP may have shown up as out of state. After two 8 minute plus waits on hold, I was able to speak to a rep. They said you can disregard that letter it must have been lost in the mail. My initial call to verify was enough. I checked and although the name was different on the first letter, the phone number was the same. Great!
  14. Ah, I should have read the rules first! DU is not co branded but offers 5% cash back at any sporting good store.
  15. US Skank Cash + 14.5k First Bankcard Ducks Unlimited/Deer Pee 15k BoA Cash Rewards 60k -> 80k

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